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  • I got asked by a coworker if I ate all the donuts. Yes I ate all two dozen donuts just because I'm pregnant. Ugh, I so wanted to go off but she's the kind that runs straight to the boss. 
  • @mamaelle27 My 16 month old uses a camelbak water bottle that has a straw. It's great. If you aren't picky about the design, they are in Amazon for around $10.
    @Heliumgirl717 If you normally trust your pediatrician, I would call them again asking for their referral before going on your own or asking for a referral to a specific place. My dad is a pediatrician, and i know he has one allergist group in the area that he would never advise a patient to go to due to bad care his patients have received there in the past, but people who don't need referrals go there all the time without asking for recommendations or referrals first and then they have bad experiences. If people ask, he sends them to a practice he knows is much better. I'm sure your ped knows your local options, so if you trust them in general I'd ask their advice on which allergist is good even if your insurance doesn't require a referral.
  • Guys, I'm pretty worried about @sls. I see she logged in 2/13, which was after the time @JAGinMI tagged her. What can we do?
  • @Stankonia2014 I saw that too - I have no idea. Has anyone PM'd her? 

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  •  @Stankonia2014 is she mobile? On mobile I never see that I have been tagged. Is there a reason you are worried? TBH I haven told been around much lately because the site isn't working right on my iPad, which is how I primarily use the bump. 
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  • Does anybody know her in real life?? 
  • @hopeful808, she was super active with our board and May (or maybe July), she had a bad u/s (as in the tech rushed through it) and then just went MIA. She's logged on since then, but hasn't been around. I'm just curious and hope nothing is wrong. Then again, if something was wrong, I'm sure she wouldn't want to come back here.   :(

  • @Stankonia2014 that makes sense. Hopefully, everything is alright. 
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  • Thanks @devow27 ! I messaged my dr and they said as long as I don't have a fever or shortness of breath I shouldn't worry about myself. And I'm pretty sure the specific baby I was worried about spreading it to is already sick :( I just told her parents maybe to take her to the dr earlier than they normally would since she is only 7 months old. I would feel so sad if I got her sick and she ended up with a bad case of it!
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  • @devow27, I love your puppy pictures. I got a black lab when I was 19 too. I had that sweet girl for 15 years. I know how connected you feel when you have them your whole adult life. 
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  • @Stankonia2014 I've been checking her activity periodically too... makes me a little worried.  I know she has a daughter (right?) so maybe life just got a little hectic?  I'm hoping for the best, I guess being a twin mom myself I've felt oddly invested in some of our regs that are having multiples... speaking of, where has @halfthetree been?
  • I am assuming something must have went awry with @sls since it's been so long since she has participated, I just wish she would update us so we could send her all our thoughts and prayers. I was just wondering about @halfthetree, as well, looks like it's been 11 days now since she was on. :(

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