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  • @Dannylion24 I was going to take a pic when I was doing my test, but there were a lot of people in the tiny room so I felt awkward.

    Got my results back and I passed! It showed by count to be 54! NO wonder I felt horrible that morning. 
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  • Haha @Magheeta at first I thought I wasn't going to be able to get a pic either bc the technician was standing right over me, but then she disappeared around a corner so I figured, what the heck! Congrats on the pass - what do the numbers actually mean? I don't think I've ever been told.
  • My test result said the reference range is 65-139 for the one-hour test. I was nervous when I read it because my value was flagged for being low, however the end result was "normal." Sooo yeah, I don't really know either. :)
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  • I failed! Boo, hiss.  I'm going in tomorrow for the 3-hour fasting Glucose Test.  I didn't get the numbers but hopefully these come back normal.
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  • I don't understand all of these different hour tests.  I'm going Saturday and mine is a 2 hour one. 

  • @aboxofchocolates The 2-hour test is diagnostic so if you fail, you will be diagnosed with GD. No further testing would be needed at that point. The 1-hour test is just a screening, so failing that one doesn't necessarily mean you have GD, hence the need for the 3- or 2-hour test afterwards. I think going straight to the 2-hour test makes a lot of sense, honestly. At least you know for sure you only need to take the test once!
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  • @Blueberry85  Thanks for the info.  Fingers crossed I go in the morning, I don't know why all doctors wouldn't do the two hour one because it seems like many women must go back in if they fail. 

  • @aboxofchocolates No prob, Bob. I think that most practices start with the 1-hour in an effort to catch more borderline cases. Undiagnosed GD could potentially be very bad for mum and babe, so in that regard, I understand. But yeah, the 2-hour test would be much more convenient overall rather than the 1-hour plus 2- or 3-hour.

    Good luck!
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  • Just got back from my 2 hour test.  The place was a zoo.  Now I just wait and hope it all comes back clear.  The drink wasn't that bad I had the lemon lime one and I was able to keep it down.  Just starving from the fasting.

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    I'm sitting at the lab right now waiting for my 1hr blood draw. I got fruit punch. Honestly it wasn't awful, just overly sweet. Fingers crossed for a passing score! I've been anxious about this one for some reason. 
  • WooHoo, I passed!  So happy to not have to do that again.

    @BabyBlake.04.2017, mine was fruit punch, too, and it was cold (thank God!).  I thought it just tasted like over-sweetened Hawaiian Punch.  Good luck!
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  • I took the one-hour test with sweet flat Orange Crush and just heard back that I failed. I am not sure what scale is used in different places but here the upper limit for normal is 7.8 and I scored 8.2. So next week I am headed back for the longer 3-hour test. Crossing my fingers.
  • Yay! That must feel good @super_sam03!!
  • my glucose test was ordered yesterday and I was told that I could take it any time between now and 28 weeks (I'm 25 right now). I'm trying to figure out when to do this but I forgot to ask my midwife what time of day I should go in to do it. Do you ladies have any suggestions? 

    I am going to email her later though. 

    I am so worried about this test I feel like I already am going to fail it.
  • @RachelGreene I guess it would depend on their requirements for the test in regards to fasting or not. I do not have to fast for mine, just can't go in after eating a big meal. I'm going to go in next Saturday morning. I plan on eating a piece of toast or something light and going as soon as the labs open. Then hopefully by the time I get home, DH will have a big, wonderful breakfast ready for me! 
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    @RachelGreene mine was non fasting, but my doctor still suggested going in the morning so you don't have to worry about what you eat all day long. My doctor said have a high protein breakfast - her recommendation was 2 scrambled eggs no juice or carbs. I was also super worried about mine, but got a 98 with a limit of 140. Good luck!! 
  • I had my test this morning. I forgot how sleepy it makes me! I was about ready to pass out waiting for my midwife. Drank the fruit punch one, which was definitely better than the orange. They said I'd get the results in a couple days, so, early next week, I guess. Keeping my fingers crossed for a passing result.
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  • @blueberry85 I have heard a little rumor that getting sleepy from the drink is a good sign because it means your sugar levels are dropping (major sugar crash). I was really sleepy too. Lets hope that the theory rings true for you!!
  • @BabyBlake042017 Interesting. Hopefully that is the case! 
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  • Well.. I'm gonna take a shower and then will be going in to take my 1 hour glucose test. My midwife said it wasn't a fasting test and to make sure to eat something with lots of protein before going in and to avoid anythig high in carbs/sugars as it may throw my numbers off. I'm going in this morning since I have the day off from work (government employee - woot!) and didn't want to take another half day to get it done. 

    I had had a bacon, spinach, mushroom omelette, two hash browns and some cottage cheese with two Persian cucumbers... hopefully it's enough/not overdoing it. 

    Hopefully I'm just freaking out for no reason. 
  • Waiting for the nurse to call back.  Pretty sure I failed the second 2 hr test.  Lame.
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  • Appointment in the morning and I should get my results then.  I am going to assume I passed because it would be really messed up if I didn't and they let me wait a week to find out. 

  • I found out today via the Quest app that I failed the one hour. I haven't heard from the doctor yet regarding the three hour (results were posted after office was closed) but I am curious what the suggested time frame is for getting the three hour? I took the one hour at 27+4 and am currently 28+3. Those of you who had to go back for the three hour-how soon did they want you back in?
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  • Well no phone call Monday or today, and no mention of it when I called the nurse (I forgot to ask) so I'm guessing that means I passed. On my online portal it shows 129, but I don't know what my office's cutoff is exactly. I'm assuming it must be above that. 
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  • @HGRich Your office may be different but at mine the normal range is 70 -140.
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