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  • @PerraSucia I hope your blood pressure settles itself! I'm sure that the news you received was certainly not fun. Fingers crossed for you!

    i've got two appointments this week, one tomorrow with my midwife and then another on Friday with an OBGYN. The OB appointment is a precaution on my midwife's point because I am epileptic and we want to make sure I'm on the right track. I haven't had a seizure in three years but you can never be too careful. I was supposed to have an ultra sound this week, but they had no times available by the time the my got a requisition from my midwife. Try again next week I suppose:/

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  • Had my growth scan yesterday. Bub looks good, though his head is still pretty big (80-90th percentile), and his femurs are slightly below average. Now, I know short femurs is a soft marker for Downs Syndrome, and I asked the OB whether this was a concern. He said my measurements were not a cause for alarm - the femurs were in the 40th percentile, I want to say? And it's really only if the femurs are under the 5th percentile that the likelihood of DS increases. Of course, my anxiety took hold last night and now I keep worrying, despite the doc's reassurances. Obviously I love this baby no matter what, but my anxiety is kind of overwhelming - I don't want him to have any struggles in life. The odds that he has DS are still something like 1 in 1,000, so it's completely irrational to worry, but ugh.

    Aside from that, amniotic fluid levels are on track, and he weighed 5lb 7oz (somewhere around the 60th percentile). OB complimented me on how well I'm controlling my blood sugar, said I'm obviously being very diligent with it (which is true). Glad to know bub's growth is on track!
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  • My transfer appt with the new Midwife/OB practice is Thursday! Just shy of 35 weeks, and I think I go weekly after that. 

    I finally got a call back from previous OB, and basically I could already have this baby before they'll process my refund. Maybe. So glad you guys insist on full prepayment by 28 weeks, but can't refund me for ages. So, while it's entirely on us for just deciding to transfer, I couldn't believe it when they told me I might have a check in 6-8 weeks. Which is really 8-10 from when they stopped being my doctors.
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  • @WinchesterGirl my OB is the same. I'll have my 36 week appointment on Thursday, but all she said she was doing was the heartbeat and GBS swab. I haven't had any growth scans after the anatomy scan. It feels weird compared to everyone else. Lol
  • @foxrosy I only had the growth scan because I was diagnosed with GD. I think most people don't have any ultrasounds after the anatomy scan unless there is a specific reason - like you're not measuring on track, you have GD, or there's an issue with your placenta or something. With GD, they want to make sure your baby is not getting too big, since babies born to women with GD can have a lot of excess body fat (which can lead to birth injuries and other complications).

    At my normal MW appointments, all they do is check fundal height and heartbeat, and ask how much the baby is moving. They don't even have us do official kick counts, though I do it anyway. I have my GBS swab next appointment, but I do that myself unless I WANT the MW to do it for me. Someone in my Centering Pregnancy group asked about cervical checks, and the MW's only do that upon request or if they need to induce you. 
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  • @poetryandoceans hope all goes well & you progress quickly yourself! 
    I was 1cm today too so hoping for something similar! :blush:
  • Oh another thing too... my last appointment she said "measuring ok" instead of her usual go to which was measuring right on money" and this time she said measuring ok again, then said I'm measuring small. She said it's probably because he's down so low.... but has anyone else suddenly started measuring small? If so what did they tell you about it?
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  • @tishb YES have all the ice cream. I got a candy bar after that appointment.
    This week I had my first non-stress test, and she passed with flying colors (though she moved so much that she kept ducking the monitor and they had to move it a bunch of times). She still hasn't flipped, and my placenta is still low-lying. We discussed trying a version, but after conversations with DH, my mom and her bff the doula/RN, I think we're going to schedule a C at 39 weeks. Between the chance that the version will trigger labor or not work (thus necessitating a C anyway) and the risk of bleeding during vaginal delivery, it seems this is the most rational option. 
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  • lfrank12 said:
    @kswiger06 I went from measuring on track to measuring 2 weeks behind my last two appointments. However, LO is head down now so my MW wasn't concerned at all and said that +/-2 weeks is normal. They said it's only an issue when you start to fall more the two weeks behind for multiple weeks in a row
    I went from measuring on the money to 2 weeks behind too. My MW didn't seem concerned but now of course I am. 
  • homemake said:
    lfrank12 said:
    @kswiger06 I went from measuring on track to measuring 2 weeks behind my last two appointments. However, LO is head down now so my MW wasn't concerned at all and said that +/-2 weeks is normal. They said it's only an issue when you start to fall more the two weeks behind for multiple weeks in a row
    I went from measuring on the money to 2 weeks behind too. My MW didn't seem concerned but now of course I am
    That's how I feel lol 
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  • @poetryandoceans thanks girl, that made me feel better. I am still anxious for next weeks appointment but I won't continue on with all the stressful scenarios in my head lol. 
  • @krob I would be taking that as a prescription from my doc that I must follow!!!!!

  • @krob that sounds pretty fantastic

    @Gretchypoo what a PITA, but such kudos to you for handling it. 

    35 weeks! Car broke down on the way to appt today. Hitched a ride while husband took care of it. Boo. Babies are back to both head down (B has flipped back and forth, who knows). Dilated to a three. 
    You hitched a ride to your appointment alone?? Yikes! But head down is good... are they letting you keep going as long as possible or has there been a set induction or C/S? Question... do you have names already picked out for A and B like your A is already named or will you decide who gets what name once they are born?
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  • @HeatSparks not as much of a PITA as your car breaking down while 35 wks prego!! Glad u made it to the appt ok and that babies are doing well. Yay 35 wks!!!!!!! Glad they are head down too. 

    Is your car gonna b ok?

    PS- Your HDBD pic was really cute. Those twins look good on you, lady!
  • Had my 37 week appointment yesterday afternoon. I had to wait an hour because he was in a CS but everything was good. He said I'm a finger tip and soft (2 weeks ago my cervix was completely closed) so I guess everything I'm doing is helping some. The next time I go in we'll be getting the plan for induction (but I'm still hoping she comes on her own) :|
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  • Just had my 36 week appointment. Dr. had a hard time measuring the baby, but estimated her to be around 7lbs. Got my GBS test. She also informed me that in this practice they retest for HIV at this stage of pregnancy, so got that done as well. 
  • @FerForShort You deserve to have a moment but I hope and believe all will be well. Ultrasound is notoriously bad at estimating weight. I was having level 2 ultrasounds weekly and they were still off by several ounces when I delivered. Good luck at your appointment.
  • @FerForShort That is weird but don't panic! lemieuxk is right -- ultrasounds can be up to 2 lbs off. So take it with a grain of salt. When is your follow up ultrasound?
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