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  • So I went back for my BP taking schedule. I guess my BP is some word I can't remember which means it's all over the place so I have to take it three times a day. No one thinks I will make it to 2/2 but now I'm like back to being like a surprise game of when I'm having a baby. 
  • Sorry @PerraSucia. That sucks. You seem in good spirits, and hopefully it stays down. 

  • @jab3 man have any of your fluid levels been low? That sounds pretty bullshit. 
  • @perrasucia, nope. Every time I hear, "fluid levels look great as does everything else!" I mean, it's nice I will get to see the baby, but this just seems so excessive. I really think she's just super grossed out by my weight. The sad part is, I've gained only half of what I did during my first two pregnancies. My H said if she says anything next week when he's there with me, she's going to hear about it from him. 
  • @PerraSucia I'm sorry to hear about your BP issues! Hopefully with some rest you'll be able to manage it a little longer. I know if I even just sit upright my bp skyrockets, but as soon as I lay back down, it goes back to normal ranges.
  • @Jab3 I'm sorry your doctor is being rude! That's really uncalled for.

    Just throwing this out there, I have GD and my doctor has not done another U/S since the anatomy scan :( He only did a handheld for a few seconds to see if she was head down. I have no idea how big she is either...

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  • Had my 34 week appointment yesterday after having to reschedule from Wednesday. Because of the contractions I've been having he did a cervical check and I'm not dialated any. This is good since I still need to make it about another month or so. All the pain I've been having in my lower pelvic area is from a UTI. I've never had one so I never would of thought that would be causing me so much pain. Got some antibiotics and hopefully it clears up and the pain goes away quickly.  I'll have my GBS test in 2 weeks and then start my every week appointments. 
  • We're in super busy mode at work, so I haven't been around for the last few weeks.  At 35 weeks last week, baby's estimated weight was about 5.5 lbs and I was about fingertip dilated.  At my 36 week appt yesterday I was about 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced.  :#  

    Everything has been checking out well, but I had a really bad swelling day yesterday which has my Dr. concerned.  I go back Monday for my 37 week appt and she said if I'm dilated to 4+ or if my swelling is still bad, she'll be sending me to the hospital.

  • LOL @PerraSucia!! You should see H's head! It is massive. But you're right, baby's head should be fine. it is her belly that is big!
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    @Gretchypoo @PerraSucia My baby has a huge head, just like is dad - head is in the 90th percentile, weight in the 66th. Hopefully once the head squeezes through the rest will be a breeze :)
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  • In not baby related appointments I'm about to go get waxed. T&P I don't cry. 
  • @perrasucia my thoughts are with you!  Actually after like my fifth month, waxing started to not hurt as much... Like back to normal pain level instead of the crazy ridiculous pain level it was during the 1st tri.
  • @PerraSucia You are a hero for getting waxed at this point. I was pretty embarrassed by my grooming habits by the time I made it to the big show. 
  • @Gretchypoo i hear you on the concerns about the birth you would like cause of a giant child! Fingers crossed for ultrasounds being out!
  • Omg I normally sugar and did hot wax this time and it felt lIke lava on my vageen. 

    But I had stopped at like 24 weeks because it was hurting so much and just using trimmers but figured theyre going to shave me anyway so I should just wax to not have the extra itch :p
  • @Gretchypoo fat squishes big ass heads do not :p
    @PerraSucia This is why we love you...  :D :D Also, you are a brave woman getting waxed at this point! 
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  • @WinchesterGirl I'm happy that you are having such a positive experience with your midwives!! My first 2 kids I had awful experiences with the groups and hospitals. This time seems better so far, and I'm a lot more relaxed (minus the pump crap). Oh and with guessing baby parts, I was shocked at my 28 week ultrasound to hear that his butt is way up at my rib cage and his belly/back is by my belly button. The tech moved the wand over all the baby parts and told me what was where so now I feel like I can get better guesses. Like when I feel a small knobby on my lower left side, I'm guessing it's his elbow. And the big bump at my belly button is his back or belly which is funny because since I though it was his butt I'd poke it to get him to move, but now I feel bad that I was potentially jabbing his belly lol
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  • @Gretchypoo fat squishes big ass heads do not :p
    So much this. Haha @gretchypoo, don't feel bad, mine was predicted around the same size when I hit 34 weeks. What Perra said really is true though, it's more about the head circumference than anything lol
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