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Appointments: Week of January 9

Poked, prodded, weighed, and measured this week? Talk about it here!

Re: Appointments: Week of January 9

  • I have one today at 35 weeks so curious if they will just start doing weekly now or if I'll be able to skip next week and wait til 37 weeks. We shall see. 
  • I had an OB appointment this morning. My first of them being weekly. All looks good!
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  • I have my 36 week appointment Wednesday. I won't be thrilled about the strep B test so I plan on pushing the issue of why I can't get the prescription for a pump now, rather than wait until I deliver. I also need to find out if I'm supposed to do anything if I go into labor. With my other kids I just showed up at the hospital, but I'm wondering if I'm supposed to call in to someone first.
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  • I hope you get the strep B test over with quick @kswiger06! I know you're dreading it and I don't blame you. I think it's dumb too how we have to wait to get a pump until after the babies are born than to be able to get one ahead of time. 
  • I have my 37 week appointment Wednesday afternoon. I'll get to enjoy another lovely cervix check *major sarcasm* but I've been doing all the things so hopefully we've made at least some progress.

    @kswiger06 I got my gbs test 2 weeks ago and it was done so fast it really wasn't bad at all. And it was just a vaginal swab, no rectum swabbing. I would definitely push about getting the pump too. I don't understand why insurance companies do things so differently, I got my pump at like 4 months.

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  • Just had my 36 week with GBS test. It wasn't bad-they had me swab myself in privacy. The rectum part was tricky though. I hope I did it right! I continue to be boring in all other ways-a very good thing. No cervical checks with my practice, so we just stay the course until next week!

  • I have a gd clinic appointment tomorrow so the usual variation of docs & midwives, pokes, prods & scans. The OB consultant mentioned last week about doing a sweep tomorrow aswell which im not looking forward to so we'll see if it happens & how it goes!
  • About to head to an appointment with the hematologist to discuss my plan of care closer to delivery. I'm 99% sure the plan is to move me from once per day blood thinner injections to 3x per day. Bluuuuhh. Then 36 week appointment Thursday for group b, cervical check and schedule induction.  
  • 36 week appt tomorrow... group B strep test  :s They forewarned that it would be a rectal swab. Next week is my surgical consult for my c-section!
  • Am having my 37 weeks appointment tomorrow and i can't help it but worry, as i have been on bedrest due to High blood pressure. I don't know what to expect and i pray that they don't introduce the idea of getting my baby out early. I wish for things to go natural and at least to let my baby cook more for atleast one more week. But hey i have been praying i should have faith so am hoping for the best. 
  • 34 week checkup today followed by a growth scan! Excited to see the little guy again...

    @kswiger06 that's really stupid about the pump. I ordered mine last week, and it's supposed to be here in the next few days. I was actually surprised at how quick and easy it was.
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  • I have an appointment Wednesday with a nutritionist for GD followed by my 34 week checkup with my MW.  I'll be getting an u/s to see if baby has flipped yet.  
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  • @lfrank12 yay! So glad to hear that her heart looks good!
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  • @becbec28 and @madamerwin I'm just confused about the pump because it's not my insurance company. When I talked to the insurance company, they told me I can get a prescription anytime, and order the pump of my choice. When I asked for a prescription (I told the nurse I wanted a prescription, and she's the one who told me the following, not my actual dr) I was told that "they" make us wait until after we deliver to get the prescription, and then there's a deal with a company directly from the hospital. Then she said "I don't know why they make us wait." So I don't know who they are or why I have to wait if my insurance doesn't care. So I'll skip the nurse this time and just ask my Dr directly.
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  • I had an appointment with pediatric nephrology today. I have a whole day the hospital friday. Ultrasound, NST, OB appointment and I have to get an echo of my heart done.

  • @kswiger06 that's so strange! Also, that they try to make you deal with a company directly from the hospital? I hope you can get a prescription, it seems ridiculous to make people wait until after they deliver!

    My MW had said that some insurance companies won't send them until you deliver, but I've never heard of a doc refusing to write a prescription until after...
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  • NST and check in with Dr this week and I think I get a growth ultrasound too!
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    Got a fairly full schedule of appointments this week.  Tomorrow I meet with the GD provider for a check in.  Then I have my (now) weekly regular appointment on Thursday (which will include the strep b test and a stress test), then we have an u/s on Saturday to check on size due to GD.

  • Bpp and nst and reg ob appt on Thursday 
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  • @kswiger06 does your insurance have to have the prescription in hand before they will send breast pump out? Mine said I needed a prescription, which I finally called my doctor for last week, but the company had already sent my pump out that morning. They just had to
    wait until 30 days from due date.
  • Had my 36 weeks appointment today, they did the GBS test today and it wasn't awful but wasn't comfortable lol. They did a cervix check and said I'm closed but really soft so I'm hoping that here soon I can start dilating
  • I have my 34 week appt Wednesday. My dr has a normal practice of doing growth ultrasounds so I'm not sure if it will be this visit or at the next when I'm 36 weeks. 
  • @kswiger06 I agree that the nurse's comments make absolutely no sense.  She wouldn't just know off the top of her head what your insurance company's policy is - that's not even part of her job.  And what would your insurance company dealing with some company that has a deal with the hospital have anything to do with whether or not the doctor can write the prescription?  It sounds like she's completely making this up off the top of her head.  I haven't heard of a single insurance company that makes you wait until after delivery to order your pump.  I think you're right to take your question directly to the doctor.  I bet your doc writes the prescription with no questions asked.
  • @NiceyMeany my insurance makes me wait until i have the baby to order my pump. I'll be using the hospital pump if i need to.
  • @Gretchypoo I stand corrected, but that still doesn't explain why the doctor wouldn't write the prescription.
  • 37 weeks on Thursday, and an OB checkup the same day (will get my swab done). That's assuming I can actually lift myself up onto the table...
  • @Gretchypoo I stand corrected, but that still doesn't explain why the doctor wouldn't write the prescription.
    100% agreed, she should check!
  • tishb said:
    @kswiger06 does your insurance have to have the prescription in hand before they will send breast pump out? Mine said I needed a prescription, which I finally called my doctor for last week, but the company had already sent my pump out that morning. They just had to
    wait until 30 days from due date.
    The insurance company said that how far along I was didn't matter, but I needed to obtain a prescription first.

    @NiceyMeany I'm glad you agree that it sounded odd especially coming from the nurse without actually checking my insurance information. At the time I was confused and didn't want to feel rude by immediately asking my dr, but I figure this time I won't even mention it to the nurse and just ask my Dr directly. To me, if the insurance company doesn't need me to deliver, I feel there's no reason I can't get it done now. 
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  • Glad you went in @jlellis603
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  • @kswiger06 yeah it's not even a nurse's job to know that kind of stuff.  That's what the billing department is for.  And, hey, sometimes they screw stuff up, too!  I'm currently disputing a $150 charge because the billing department at my OB's office accidentally coded my Rhogam shot as an IF treatment (huh?). IMO it's even a bit odd for the nurse to make commentary on what the doctor will and will not write prescriptions for.  I feel like nurses are usually better than people in any other profession about staying in their lane.  Anyway, I think you're right that just going straight to the doctor is your best bet.  I hope it works out!!
  • @NiceyMeany I hope they get that billing mix-up taken care of easily... it seems unfair how we have to do all the work to correct somebody else's mistake. 
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  • Oh man @PerraSucia I'm not sure how you're feeling about your appointment and news today. I'm sorry you are having blood pressure issues, and the c/s could be moved up, but at the same time I'm happy that you are at 36 weeks and still able to let your new LO get more time in there.  <3
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  • @PerraSucia whoa, hoping your BP gets its shit together! Keep us updated though, be thinking of you.
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  • @PerraSucia whoa! fx your bp stays down!
  • @PerraSucia thinking positive thoughts for you and keeping fingers crossed!
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