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  • My husband and I and everyone else has been feeling that I'm having a boy the whole time, but at my NT scan on Monday it really looked like a girl in there! We have another ultrasound booked on New Years Eve morning to verify then we'll be announcing it on live video on Facebook once the ball drops  :) I can't wait!
  • We are having a healthy baby girl. 
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    Momofboys said:
    We are having a healthy baby girl. 
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    *Removed for TOU violation*
  • Said the one bothered by my post. Thanks for posting, I was on pins and needles!
  • What a surprise, the troll who apparently demanded that the admins completely delete the posts she got called out on for being ridiculous is getting what she wants!  Where have I seen this before....

    ...oh that's right, every troll on TTGP that asks if they're pregnant, gets called out, and then miraculously gets a BFP the next day.  That's where I've seen it before.
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  • You know you're right, her post was just facts and could have been a rampage about shoving the fact that her baby is lacking a Y chromosome down people's throats, like her last post implied she'd like to do, so this could have been worse.  Hopefully there is some growth here.

    But I will say that in a community you have to give support to get it.  When all you've ever done is start threads about yourself and your unrelenting desire to have a female child, all while ignoring community norms like using established threads for similar topics rather than starting your own, support can be hard to come by.
    Me: 37 DH: 37
    Married 5-31-14
    DD1 born 6-21-15
    DD2 born 6-11-17
    DS born 9-5-18

  • You're absolutely right, @sarahannexvi. Childish move on my part. I'm sorry. (not sarcasm)
  • So many girls in June!!!  Eek!
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  • Poppy2014 said:
    Just found out we are having a baby girl via US.  Still waiting for the Amnio results which should be on Tuesday.  Keeping my fingers crossed everything is ok.
    Hi!! Congrats on your baby girl!! What prompted you to get an amniocentesis? 
  • @Knottie42089123 well now I need details.

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    Okay ladies I need help they say girl but others say seems like boy what do you think 
  • @StefaniMarie25   (1) Go with what the professionals say. (2) You might want to crop some of your personal information out of your US photos before posting.  

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  • @StefaniMarie25  three little lines mean girl  :)
  • @kahlan82 ughhhh I just tried typing out this telenovela 4x and TB gods kept refreshing the page due to "page error"

    Basically major drama beforehand, many peeps involved, cancelled vacations, but it all came together, blue balloons went flying, and most of us were shocked 

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