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Baby(ies) sex

i thought I'd start a thread for those finding out the sex! @BumpAdmin can you pin this?

we took the harmony test and got the results back today. We are having a GIRL!!! So excited and just makes it so much more real. We have a daughter who just turned a year old. 
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Re: Baby(ies) sex

  • I'm thinking about doing g harmony test, just not sure if my insurance will cover it. Otherwise we're going to a early determination place. Congrats to the both you tho! 
  • I went with the same title that May 2017 moms used for announcing the sex. @lizerspitz @jennas312

  • Lots of girls!! Team green here but I love watching and hearing reveals. 
  • We're waiting until the baby arrives, too. We're so excited for the surprise, but know that it will drive our friends and families crazy!
  • Super old school too  B)
  • What's the harmony test? Have read it on here many times just never seen it before. 

    We are probably going to find out at the anatomy scan just so if it's a boy we can prepare as we already have most things if it's a girl dd1 was born in July.  
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  • Team old school ovah herrrre as well.  I've already had two friends ask if I can have the midwife send the anatomy scan results directly to their houses.  ;)  Can't wait to see what everyone else is having though!
  • Power to you ladies who have the willpower to hold off on finding out the sex until birth! I found out the sex of my daughter when I went in for her NT scan at 12w5d and this time my scan will be at 13w1d, but I almost don't trust believing the sex so early now. So it looks like I'm waiting until the anatomy scan! 
  • What is team green??
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  • @jennas312 Team green is when the parents choose not to find out the sex until the baby is born. 
  • I give props to all you ladies that are going Team Green! I could never do it! We will be finding out the sex of our little peanut, whether it be through the NIPT testing, or the anatomy scan! Lol 
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  • We have an u/s scheduled for 12/17 that we can take our family to and all find out together! 
  • Team Green here too. Did it last time and it was amazing! We hesitated finding out to see what it felt like this time, but decided that the anticipation and feeling we felt in the delivery room is something we wanted again. 

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  • Just had my blood draw today for genetic testing.  The Mr and I are going are going to find out the gender then announce the pregnancy and gender to family at Christmas.  Our parents already know about the baby but they'll have to wait til Christmas to find out the gender, my mom will be on pins and needles!!!
  • Our genetic test is the 30th. We had to wait until the anatomy scan with DS. Neither sets of grandparents know we can find out the gender so early, so it will be a nice Christmas well as the clean bill of health I am hoping we get.

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  • Yay Marissa!!!!!!!!!!! Your girls will be the best big sisters to him :)
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  • Yay Marissa!!!!!!!!!!! Your girls will be the best big sisters to him :)
    We might have two 'Beaus' in M14!  
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