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Baby names!

Anyone have baby name ideas already?
My husband has names he likes but they're not going to get approved by me. He wants Xavier for a boy, which I may be able to get behind, but his girl name isn't gonna happen. He wants Genesis for a girl after the Sega Genesis. No way that one's happening! I'm clueless on names for now - good thing we have a while!
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Re: Baby names!

  • Haha DH would probably like Zelda. 
    My current likes are Ethan for a boy and Abigail for a girl.
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  • For a boy: Jonah Ryan
    For a girl: Norah Grace

    Names have been picked out for over a year....both have meanings for us. 
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  • For a boy, we chose Killian George. But literally not even a clue for a girl  :o
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    We have Catherine Ann picked out for a girl and Joshua Michael picked out so far for a boy.  We will discuss again at a later date I am sure.

    @Nxy I am partial to Brianna (Bre ah nuh) because that is DD2's name.  
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  • @erindippity I was thinking of using the name Killian too if we're having a boy! But I don't think it goes well with our other sons names. 

    H has a son from another relationship named Sayden. We have Sylas, so if we end up with a gril we were thinking Saylor to keep the "s" "y" thing going.. it could go a totally different direction's still early.
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  • DS is Henry James after both of his grandpas.  If this is a girl, she will be Eliza Kate. My Granny's name was Elizabeth and it's also my middle name.  DH'S great grandma was Kate.  If we have another boy, I have no idea what we'll name him.
  • I don't think we'll really discuss names until we know the sex of the baby. It's doubtful we'll have one picked out and nailed down before the birth. Maybe there will be a list of favorites, but I think I'd want to meet the baby first before deciding on a name. 

    We have casually talked about it in the past though, so both of us have an idea of the types of names we like. 

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    Clearly we like to rush along at lightning speed...

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  • I love talking baby names! I have two girls - one with my mother's name as mn and one with MIL's name as middle name. My nephew is named after my father so that leaves us with honoring my FIL for this baby. His is from Italy and is named Claudio. His mother was Cornelia, but called "Nellie". I like Cornelia, but have a harder time with Claudio (as first or middle).  I can't wait to find out the gender and begin the real debate!

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  • Too early. I have to get a feel of my child first. Our favorite thing with DD was that we didn't share the name we picked. We loved surprising everyone.
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  • We plan to not find the gender of our baby. Me and my husband's plan is that we each pick 5 boy names and 5 girl names and just decide then. 

    I like Jacob Daniel for a boy. Also like Ethan that was already mentioned. 

    Girls....Hmmm I like Audrey, Hannah, and Abigail.
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    Isabella Kathryne or Joshua Charles :smile: middle names are family names and first names are special to us! 

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  • We have had names for both genders picked for awhile. We are also planning on being surprised for the gender at birth :) we like Lucas William for a boy and Frances Madeline for a girl (we'd call her Frankie, after my Dad)
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    DH wants to name a boy the third of his name, as DH is the second Richard Dale. However EDD is right around DH's bday, so I'm concerned about identity issues for a possible son. 
  • We are team green again. We will use the same girls name we had picked out the first time... Hailey Rose.  Our son is Landon William. We don't have a boys name picked out yet for this one. I love Dylan or Connor, but we won't finalize a boys name until later on.

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  • DH & I have had a "top 3 list" for both genders since we started trying! I feel like I need one, first know boy/girl which we'll be finding out before the birth and then see which name feels like the right fit :) DH really thinks it's a girl for some reason!
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  • Girl - Audrey Jean
    Boy - Deacon Clarke
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  • We have a son named Nolan. 

    Girl- Maren/Maryn

    and we don't agree on any boy names. We didn't agree on Nolan either lol we changed is name three days after he was born. We could have 15 daughters and agree on all their names but boy names throw us for a loop! 
  • I have a lot of names that I love but probably won't use. I love classic Anglicized Irish names but so does everyone else and their mother in my circle...

    Rowan, Eleanor, Nora, Owen, Finnegan, Liam 

    Maybe one of those could be worked into a middle name? 
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  • We already have a Ansleigh Brianne and Avery Grace. I'd like to keep the "A" going. But hubby gets to pick the boy name if it's a boy this time. We have agreed on these....
    Girl: Adeline Rose or Alice Kate
    Boy: Anderson James ( AJ) or Bennett David
  • We are thinking Kennasyn Joy for a girl and Bryton Guthrie for a boy. 
  • Emery for girl. 
    Wesley for boy.
    Not too big on the boy name but it's the only one we can agree on so far!
  • For a boy, we are set on Steven Paul. It's the reversal of my late FIL's name and means a lot to us. 
    For a girl, I'm 90% sure we'll go with Natalie. Natalie Agnes (in honor of my late grandmother) or Natalie Maureen for my mom.

    still undecided if we will tell others our choices
  • We only have a girl name, if we have a boy he will most likely be born without a name  :D

    Girl name - Haven Brooke 
  • @brookedeyo Emery is so cute! I mentioned Everly to DH and he said no  :|
  • @BlackNYellow I love ALL of those, especially Nora!
  • We had a girl name picked out three days after we found out that I'm pregnant. A girl would be Emma Grace. For a boy, we're thinking Owen or Emmett. Emmett Scott or Owen Scott probably so my husband & son would share a middle name. 
  • I like Rowan for a boy and Sibyl for a girl. But it is something we pick as we get to know the baby.
  • We already know our names... If it's a girl Edyn Makenzie and if it's a boy Samuel David
  • We were team green last time so we picked out a boy and girl name and we'll probably keep the girl name for this time. Our son's name is Wyatt John-Philip. 

    The girl name we are going with is Emersyn Harper. We haven't talked about a new boy name yet. 
  • I feel your pain.  Our second son's name is Logan and he has always called him Weapon X i.e. Hugh Jackman = Logan aka Weapon X from X-men.  Then he told me if we have a third boy he likes the name Parker i.e. Peter Parker = Spiderman.  No way in hell is it happening.
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  • We are pretty set on Margaret Theresa (both grandmothers) for a girl and John Anthony (both fathers who have passed) for a boy.. very traditional I know.. 
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  • We have already picked our names. Just need to work a little more on middle names. 
    Boy - Micah
    Girl - Ryen
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    Kade Wayne born July 23, 2015
    MC in February 2017
    MC in November 2017
    Oliver Dean (Ollie) due December 17, 2018

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    For boy we are thinking Christian for after my mom who passed (Christine) 
    For a girl Lucia Christine (pronounced Lu-see-a) nickname Lucy, or Camilla Christine 
    My DS name is Nikolas (Niko)
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