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  • @Vamason89 I have two middle names! I love them so much that I made sure to keep them when I got remarried even though all the other women in my family used our maiden name as their middle names after marriage.

    I'm such a weirdo. I never share my baby names. I don't even have weird, off-the-wall, "original" names. Though they will probably be the only ones with these names since everyone else is trying to out-weird one another lol. I just don't like sharing until they're here, even to strangers who could likely care less.
  • middy411 said:
    @Vamason89 I have two middle names! I love them so much that I made sure to keep them when I got remarried even though all the other women in my family used our maiden name as their middle names after marriage.

    I'm such a weirdo. I never share my baby names. I don't even have weird, off-the-wall, "original" names. Though they will probably be the only ones with these names since everyone else is trying to out-weird one another lol. I just don't like sharing until they're here, even to strangers who could likely care less.
    I have two, too! My daughter's name is a derivative of my middle names. Amberly -- Amber Lynn. 
  • ca17ra said:
    My husband, for no reason whatsoever, is obsessed with the name Cal if it's a boy.  I feel like it sounds like "cow" unless you pronounce it slowly.  I like the names Abel Everett and Eleanor Everly. Apparently, I really like names that start with the letter E.
    We named my cat Cal.  I originally threw it out there after the character in East of Eden, but my husband jumped on it because of Cal Naughton, Jr.  It could be a nickname for Calvin or Caleb.  ;)

  • We have always had our girl name picked since one of our first dates.  Eleanor, middle name to be determined but I'm really pushing for Ray. It is my grandpa's name and Eleanor means light, so it seems fitting.  

    I have had a weird preminition that we were having twins and since that was confirmed, I can't get the sibset Eleanor and Charlotte out of my head. I think Nora and Charlie as nn.  Still undecided on a second middle name. I'd love to honor my Nana, but her names were out there. 

    If we end up with 1 or 2 boys, we are really going to be in trouble. We have nothing. When trying to name our son, we each went through the top 2000 names from social security and compared our picks to find we agreed on just 2!  We agreed to Dylan for my son and the second name was Miles which I'm no longer crazy about. I do love the name Elliott, but if we end up with B/G I think Elliott and Eleanor will be too cutesy for my taste. 


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    Not into super cutsie names for twins as I am an identical twin and my sister and I have rhyming names.  While cute, I don't not think it is too cutsie.  I love Eleanor and Elliott for B/G twins.  I think it could work for G/G twins as well.
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  • @middy411 ; was it hard having 2 middle names growing up? When I got married, I kept both my middle and maiden name so I now have 4 names and sometimes filling out forms can be a pain, like which middle name do I use? I'm asking because we were planning on naming our little girl Blakely Marie.  Marie is a family name on both of my sides, as well as my middle name. But the day we found out we were pregnant is the same day one of our best friends committed suicide.  Her name is Melissa, so we decided to change Marie to Melissa.  DH really wants to do Blakely Melissa Marie, but I'm scared that 4 names may be too much!
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  • @NatSprat0703 Not a double middle name person (yet...probably will be when I get married), but I'd go ahead and do four names if you want.  Blakely at least can always put the middle initial M when there's only one middle initial space.
  • dinofreak said:
    Being a teacher, I have too many names that I like, but don't want to use or I'm naming my baby "after" that kid. Or I really didn't like the kid so the name is ruined for me. So "original" names are what I've been looking at. Or names that haven't been popular in decades. This site gives you a graph of when a name was in style!
    My MIL had the same problem.  We didn't come up with a name for DS until right before he was born, so names were always a popular topic.  She was constantly going, "No, that was a horrible kid.  And no, that one was a terror."  We never asked for opinions to begin with, but I told DH his mom's experience with kids would have no bearing on a name if we loved it.
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  • For a boy, SO and I are pretty settled on Lucca Jay. At first I hated it, but the more I thought about him being my son it grew on me. DD is Elena Jane and I have no idea what we would name another girl. The only reason we named her that is because the night before we found out she was a girl I had a dream that she was indeed a girl and that's what we named her. So it just felt right. 

    I love the name Audrey Kathleen. Audrey after my grandmother and Kathleen from my MIL (who is also my best friend) but I can't seem to get SO on board. 
  • Its still so early and things might change, but for a boy I like Jonathan Wilde and for a girl Norah Anne. 
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  • @NatSprat0703 Having 4 names has never been a problem for me. If there's not enough room I just fit what I can. Most forms just ask for a middle initial so I just use the initial from my first middle name which is a K. My first and middles are Sarah Kirsten Rose (pronounced Kiersten). The other day I was changing my info at a place and he said he could only put one name on the account so I said just put "Kirsten". It's never bothered me if I can only use one of them and there's never been any confusion or difficulty with legal documents. My passport, drivers license, official docs all accommodate my 4 names. It's usually less sophisticated (or important) things that don't have enough room or only allow one name.
  • My husband chose the girl name which would be Elliana. As soon as he said it I fell in love. If we have another boy it will be Preston. We have our DD name as Liam Grant following his fathers middle name. His babies middle name will be Silan after my grandfathers fathers last name. It means a lot to him so we can't wait to tell him over skype! I was shocked to see someone else had eliana! I have never heard of it since my husband said it! Love it! 
  • For me boys names are so hard to choose! I think we may have one down though I love Logan now for a boys and Lilly for a girl...middle names are still undecided though :)
  • I thought DH and I had the perfect girl name... but then we couldn't agree on spelling. We're back to the drawing board. Eh, 25 more weeks to figure that out...! 

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  • We're going with Spencer either way. 
    Spencer Ann for a girl but not sure on the middle name for a boy. I've also thrown around the name Charlie for a girl...short for Charlotte❤ We shall see US is only 7 weeks away!!! 
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    @brekhan4 that is my daughters name and we thought the same. The meaning is "My God has answered" which is perefect

    We have a boys name picked out only and if we do have a boy his name will be Ezra Isaac. I like Ezra and DH chose Isaac because that was his dad's name and also it is my little brothers name. 
  • We're going with Spencer either way. 
    Spencer Ann for a girl but not sure on the middle name for a boy. I've also thrown around the name Charlie for a girl...short for Charlotte❤ We shall see US is only 7 weeks away!!! 
    I love the name Spencer as gender neutral too. I would have considered it for my own kid except it still reminds me of "Speidi"- Heidi and Spencer... from The Hills. << cringes >> But! Spencer Hastings on Pretty Little Liars is awesome, so she balances that out. 

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  • I love the gender neutral names. We are having a girl and Riley, Spencer are my favs. My DH had been on board with this then last night he pulls out Hazel. I was like, um...what? Not a name I love, I just feel it is a little old, and the nn are not great. Haze? I mean, no thanks. So it's still back to the board. People say when you know, you know....
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  • @smallbutmighty77 I like gender neutral names as well, especially for girls. Or use to be "boy" names that have started transitioning to girl names. Our daughter is Peyton, which took awhile for my husband to get on board with. I think if this baby is a girl as well I'm going to have a hard time getting him to agree on another gender neutral name. So far he's vetoed a lot of my favorites but I don't consider it a done deal till we know what we are having, then sit down and have the serious name talk. He changed his mind about Peyton so I'm hoping for a repeat. 
  • DH has LOVED the name Austin for forever - he has two daughters, though, and isn't keen on it as a girl's name.  I think it could go both ways and I love the Blake Shelton song 'Austin' I want to keep it as a frontrunner for either.  

    Boy - I would want to be Austin Eric - death *TW* - Eric was my fiancé and quite a bit of the reason I moved to AZ.  He was hit and killed by a drunk driver in Nov 2010....I actually met DH through him and the guys were very close.  Eric is still talked about often within our friends and we both would like to honor that. *end TW*  I also like Christopher Aaron - SD1 and SD2 are both 'A' names, so we want to either keep with the 'A's' or do a 'C' to give me some alphabet matching in there.

    Girl - Again I really like Austin as a girls name as well, but other than that, I've got nothing yet.  Middle name I want to be Ruth - haven't talked much to DH about it, but I think he'd be ok with that.  death *TW* Ruth was his grandma that just passed away from cancer in January - she was an amazing woman and someone I look up to greatly - we tried to tell her we were pregnant, but as heartbreaking as it was, we're not sure she really understood at that point.  *end TW*

    I do feel a bit morbid with all the death within the names, but I feel it's such a touching way to remember family and friends who have passed on - no matter what we go with for names, they're all people I want to tell LO about.  
    I haven't done much other searching, waiting for the AS in 5 days to really get down to it. :smile:

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  • @caity024 Until I had a coworker with a daughter named Austyn I would have never considered it a girls name. But now just "knowing" someone with that name I think Austin is adorable for either boy or girl! Good luck getting DH on board. Took me 2 years (loved it before we were even thinking about trying) to get my husband to come around to Peyton as a girls name, until we knew we were actually having a girl then he all the sudden loved it.
  • @JCPSand2B my niece is Peyton, so that one was already off my list. Charlie, Dylan and Drew also belong to others in the family or people we see on a regular basis. :-( Apparently I needed to have a kid sooner to have more name options. Oh well, I'm sure we will find something we love. I'm still loving Riley but it has become so popular. 
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  • We still don't know what we are having. We are leaning towards Maverick (nn Mav) for a boy. Girls names are hard for us. 
  • We still don't know what we are having. We are leaning towards Maverick (nn Mav) for a boy. Girls names are hard for us. 
    Maverick was the boy name we chose last pregnancy. We had a girl, but love that name! 
  • We still don't know what we are having. We are leaning towards Maverick (nn Mav) for a boy. Girls names are hard for us. 
    I was just wondering if you found out the sex yet! Stupid panorama test not working.

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    Clearly we like to rush along at lightning speed...

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    I also like unisex names. I went back and saw my original comment and the name is the same. Emery Claire. I don't even care if the bump doesnt like it. It's adorable to me.
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    How did I miss this thread all this time?!

    I now know I'm having a girl. The plan was always to name my first girl after my grandmother, Esperanza. However, it really doesn't flow well with my 9 letter (3 syllable) German-ish married name, so I have decided to go with the English version: Hope. I'd love to incorporate a Spanish/Mexican middle name but not finding very many I love. Names are hard.
  • @brookedeyo oh I love the name Emery! Can't remember if I've brought it up to DH yet, going to have to see what he thinks. 
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    DH likes Gage, I like Rowan and until he comes home he won't talk to me about it at all. This poor little man is never going to have a name.
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  • This little boy will be Samuel Patrick (family name). We will call him Sam. 
  • I'm dying to find out the sex of our baby. 2 weeks from tomorrow is the anatomy scan. 

    Our son is Henry James after mine and DH'S dads.  If this one is a girl, she'll be Eliza Kate. Elizabeth was my Granny's name and is mine and my niece's middle name. Kate was DH's great grandmother. If it's a boy, he'll be Eli (our male version of Elizabeth) and we're leaning towards Ward for the middle name. Ward was my Granny's maiden name and we both have/had grandpas named Howard, so I feel like Ward is part of that, even if it's a bit of a stretch. 
  • @caity024 I get ya about the death and names thing. Our girl's middle name is going to be Melissa after our good friend who committed suicide the day we found out I was pregnant. I  was always going to have a girl's middle name as Marie because it's a family name on both sides, but I felt that Melissa was so fitting this time and a great way to honor a great friend, who like you said, my child will know about regardless of her name.  But my mom is always trying to guilt me back into Marie saying Melissa is a bad omen or really pisses me off!
    @JCPSand2B ; I love love love the name Peyton for a girl.  One of my good friends wants to name her daughter Peyton, and one of my best friends wants to name her son that.  Guess it'll be a who gets pregnant first thing now haha.
    @brookedeyo ; My friend named her little girl Emery and I absoutley love it!!
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    when I had my son in 2014 I knew right away what I wanted and my husband loved the names I thought of and was 100% behind it. We named him Landon Grayson.

    Now we are having a baby girl and we can't decide or even hone down on names LOL....and we wanted a girl first but now we're like...UHHHH.

    Options - Olivia Kate or Averie Kate or Averie Olivia. I like Olivia, he likes Averie. BUT I really want Kate as the middle name bec I'm Diana (lol get it? Diana and Kate). We have months to decide, guess we'll have to see when she comes out. LOL
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  • @dma0389 there was weekly random thread back in February where you talked about the bad morning sickness you were having, I was tracking it down because I mentioned how I did too with my first (a girl), I just found out I'm having a boy which I suspected because symptoms have been so light in comparison. Anyways, I think it's interesting that you did end up having a girl this time! so maybe there's some truth to the link between having real bad symptoms and having a girl :) lol

    good luck with your pregnancy and with the baby name! Averie Kate sounds beautiful btw :)
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    I'm having a really hard time coming up with names. We have had 2 boy names ready to go since before we were even married. So naturally, we haven't had any boys yet lol. I at least had a name I liked for DD1 and was able to get hubby on board by tweaking it a little. Now that we are pregnant with another girl, I am at a total loss. I tried to manipulate one of our boy names to be a girl name but I don't think It's working. I'm biracial and DH is black and a name that spans cultures is important to us. No, we are not thinking of traditional African names or traditional "European" names. I guess we want something that *sounds* like no ethnicity. Which of course means something different to everyone. Our names and our family members' names are incredibly boring to us. Mostly biblical, basic, there's-at-least-1-other-person-in-the-room-with-the-same-name kind of names. I think we are overthinking... girl names are just hard for us!

    ETA: Having a name nobody else has isn't so important to us. I just really want something feminine that sound beautiful as it rolls off the tongue.
  • Since we found out that we are for sure having a boy, we've tabled the only girl name that we can agree on again, and settled on Beckett Davidson (Davidson will be his middle name, it's not our last name). Beckett has special meaning behind it for me and my family, and Davidson is a family name on my husband's side. I know that Beckett is a little bit unique, but honestly that's what I prefer- a little bit different but not crazy. I didn't want to walk into kindergarten and have 3 other kids with the same name (total personal preference more power to you if that's your style). 
  • Our female pediatrician's name was Austine (pronounced like Aus-tin, not Aus-teen).  I thought it was really pretty.

    We're having a boy & can't decide.  I think John will be the middle name, after my father.  I like Logan John.  DH isn't sold.  I also like Elliott and Everett.  DH likes Aidan, but I'm afraid it's too overdone.
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  • I keep putting off name talks.  My husband has a habit of saying no to everything, no matter what.  So I'm letting him burn up all his name suggestions and saving mine for when he runs out.  My secret is that I like the name Luly.  And this is the one I don't want him to say no to.  I haven't told anyone this name and won't.  I also made DH agree to keeping any names a secret until we have the baby.
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