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  • @leslie1331 - Thank you! I totally agree...and yes an all glass conference room...who wants to host a private meeting with people walking by looking in and where people attending can just stare out of the room lol. He is just a big idiot
  • @BlondePeanut such BS!!! I'm sorry this is all happening. I'm with @kswiger06 for trying to see the positive. I hope this all works out in your favor!
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  • Ugh @BlondePeanut. That completely sucks. I'm so sorry. 

  • I'm so sorry!! That CEO sounds like a jerk!!

  • It's garbage @BlondePeanut, I'm so sorry this happened!! I feel like you work for Mr Burns (Simpsons) and it's not fair at all. Big (((hugs)))
  • @yogadevil - great comparison! that gave me a laugh, thanks :)
  • @BlondePeanut I'm so sorry! I hope your severance was really good & something works out for your family.

    Your boss is obviously awful. But I'm shocked though that any woman would want to be wife #7! I can understand not getting it right the first time or people changing with life experiences, whatever. But 7 times?? Ick!
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  • @FreshBakedBrownies - thank you, it was decent so it is what it is. Better than nothing. Exactly, ick is right. And he has 15 kids.....spread out among the 7 wives....and he isn't even handsome on the outside so I have no idea what these 7 crazy women were thinking

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    @BlondePeanut they were probably thinking "cha ching!" And "I believe him when he says I'm really the one." Vom.
  • @BlondePeanut, I am so sorry,  what a jerk!  I hope your husband gets a great position and you can find a way to stay home more with your daughter. 

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  • @Gretchypoo I had the same "soda can" thought!!!  :D
  • @BlondePeanut,  I know things are very tough right now but keep holding your head up high.  You worked for that ass face for 8 years,  it was time for you to move on. Hopefully,  your husband will get a great job very soon and you can then start working for the most adorable boss ever,  your baby!! Keeping you in my prayers!

  • @Partyof6? - thank you!
    @AfKash - thank you! I hope so. DH said the same thing....8 years of hard work for an asshole so time for a change to go with the life change of our baby girl coming. 
    @Gretchypoo - he is totally rocking a soda can, if not a 2 liter bottle, lol!

  • @BlondePeanut, I am so sorry this is happening to you right now with the job and especially how that asshole treated all of you and how he handled it makes it so much worse. What a piece of shit. I admire your positive attitude about it though and it really does seem like it might be for the best. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that your H gets a great new job and that you do too if that's what you want. I feel for you guys right now, my H just lost his job about a week and a half ago and we're still reeling from the shock of it because all we had was his income. But all we can do is keep moving forward and hopefully it's somehow a blessing in disguise. I will be thinking of you guys and hoping for the best for you. 
  • @scifichick09 I'm so sorry! I hope the vet is able to see your dog soon and make him feel better asap! 
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  • @scifichick09, oh man the poor thing! And your poor wallet! Wtf is wrong with the vet staff? What are you supposed to do, just let him sit there and suffer until they can "fit him in?" Well, I hope he's okay and good luck with your glucose test next week anyway. And yes, it's so true when it rains, it pours. 

    Right around the time my H lost his job a week or so ago, some punk little kid who rides the bus with my son started harassing him everyday to the point where my son started having trouble going to sleep at night and telling us his stomach hurt because he was so worried about what would happen with this kid the following day. It was the worst feeling ever sending him off to school (and he loves school so much.) Even worse, my DS told us this kid also picks on another kid on the bus with them who is nonverbal. Lovely.

    It started with verbal taunting and teasing and then started getting physical, like hitting and kicking at my son. He ripped my son's sunglasses off his head one day and broke them in half. My H and I raised hell with the school principal and the transportation company and so far the solution has been to rearrange the seating so this kid has to sit as far from our son as possible. I really hope it's resolved now and not sure why it took what it did to have even that one minor change made. It's in my son's IEP that he should get transportation, but the kid was already starting with him so bad when we put him on a few days ago that my H took him right back off and just drove him in. Ridiculous.
  • @Jab3 omg, that is horrible! Kids can be so mean. I hope you guys are able to get something worked out with the school so your hubby doesn't have to keep driving him. And that poor nonverbal kid...I hope he has someone at home fighting for him too.

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  • @Jab3 thats awful, your poor son! Surely that isnt a reasonable solution. The other childs parents should be brought in to discuss it aswell. I hope you get it sorted soon!
  • Thursday bitchfest: I just bought a pair of jeans four sizes bigger than my pre-pregnancy jeans. I know I shouldn't complain because I'm healthy and pregnant, but I won't lie, I did cry a little.
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  • @LivingLaVidaGinger why do you not justnbuy maternity pants?
  • @PerraSucia they're all too big, they fall and sag around my butt too much.
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  • Okay, so this is a Wednesday BF. But I just found out that my SIL apparently mailed out invites to my baby shower in two batches. My in-laws all received their invites a good month+ out. So they're all making arrangements to come. These are people I'm not super close with, my husband has a friendly but mostly arms-length approach to them. The group of people in the town I live in? The dear friends whom I wanted very badly to come? The invites are trickling in now, and the shower is 2 weeks away. Half of them are too busy, they can't arrange childcare without more notice. 

    I'm so mad at my SIL. I didn't even want a shower to begin with, and now it's looking like it's going to be populated almost exclusively by people who I have a strained and lukewarm relationship with. Especially since My SIL is co-organizing the shower with someone else, and they both really really wanted to do the shower invites. My SIL insisted she handle the invites. 
    Same thing happened with my shower invites.  My cousins really wanted to handle the invites but it was so disorganized. She ended up not sending them out until 2 weeks before the shower and she put the wrong address on there. None of my friends were able to show up because of the short  notice.  And then after the shower,  one of my friends called me to ask what happened with the shower.  turns out, my cousin told my friend she would get back to her with the full iinvite and information but never did.  and I don't know if my cousin really did do this or if my friend is being a flake and making up shit. 

  • @AfKash Aww I'm so sorry the same thing happened to you! It's so hard to know who to believe, hey? My SIL is insisting that she mailed them all at the same time, and for some strange reason EVERY SINGLE invite in this city somehow was delayed by 3 weeks. A total mystery, right?

  • Ya, 3 weeks my ass . 

  • Thanks @scifichick09 and @janefelicity. Sadly, the other kids parents don't really care which is probably a big reason why he is the way he is. The teacher really shouldn't have been disclosing that to me IMO, but I think she was was trying to get us to sympathize with the other child because of his tough home life. I truly feel for the kid, but it's like don't fuck with my son.
  • @jab3 i get that some children have an extremely tough ride in life but i dont accept that as an excuse for them to be allowed to lash out & abuse anyone else. Yes it is extremely crap that their parents dont care but no It is not ok to make anyone else feel bad just because they are having a tough time.
  • @janefelicity, yes exactly. Couldn't have said it better myself! 
  • So I was busy all weekend. Like out of town, barely got sleep, barely checked my phone busy. Then, last night right before bed I notice a fing flea on my dog! So I check them both out and found 14 within like 3 minutes. (Weird thing is they got their flea meds like 3 weeks ago and they weren't really itching.) anywho, got about 3 hours of sleep then. I would wake up to them itching and flip them over and find fleas. Then had to run to Walmart at 6:30 to get Capstar. Then had the most insane day at work. Then got to come home and clean my house and sheets/rugs all night. Totally took a Unisom and am crashing in 10 minutes and plan on being comatose for 9 hours!! Ok, bitching over :) 
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