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  • I've or probably  taken like 10. Not even kidding, it was the only thing that eased my anxiety. I had to do it or else I thought about it all day. 
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  • I took one test, as I had this feeling I was pregnant. Took it 3 days after my missed period.  We have out Dr. Appointment tomorrow.
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  • I only took 1 test as it was a left over from last time I was pregnant.  Last week I noticed the super power smell had made its return but brushed it off thinking I was crazy.  When I was pregnant with my son I was certain I wasn't, I had major cramping and thought my period was on its way for sure.  This time I took the test because my period was due the next day and I had zero signs of it coming.  The shock still hasnt worn off.  2 under 2 is scary!!
    I'll be making a Dr's apt in a few weeks when I am back from visiting my parents up north!
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  • I took 9 because I had them available just sitting in my bathroom but I cut myself off after that and talked myself out of buying more. I think my husband doesn't understand the obsession
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  • MrsN092714 , 2 under 2 does sound a bit overwhelming...I'll be with 2 under 3 and that doesn't sound much be honest, 2 of any age seems like a bit of a handful right now. Wondering what I got myself into! :-) 
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  • I'm a one test and done kinda girl. Did it w first now second. I called to make an appointment her computer "froze" and she didn't know when it would be back and because they closed in 20 mins to have me call back on Tuesday. ...
  • I've taken two Dollar Store and 1 digital. I will probably take more, because I'm slightly obsessed with tests (and at a dollar a pop, what's the harm?!). 
  • @Kipperoo  You are so right!  2 at all seems scary!  Mine will be 18 months apart.  We definitely wanted them close in age but the reality of it is setting in a bit more.  My son is so busy.  I am so thankful I did a lot of nursing in my wrap with him.  I'm sure I'll have it mastered quick with the next one as well!  It's hard to imagine it not being just me and him any more and there is a peice of me that's sad about it but it'll be so worth it.  I hope they are best friends.  I was an only child and am so happy to give him a sibling!
    Baby N-Born:10/29/15
    Our Angel: EDD: 05/11/17. MC at 6 weeks
    Baby #2- EDD: 07/18/17

  • How did you all find your OB or midwife? I know I should call one soon to get on their schedule, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I also haven't taken a test at a doctor's office, just my hpt. Is that okay? 
  • @allowachick ;

    First, yes an HPT at this point is fine. I don't see my doctor until 8 weeks. Some other ladies might be going in earlier because they know they need progesterone supplements or their betas are being monitored. 

    Now, finding a doctor. Do you know if you want to do a midwife 's OB? Look up reviews online. There are also some local boards you might be able to ask. Do you have friends that have recently given birth? Or do you have a current gynecologist? 

  • @allowachick: I'd recommend that you find groups of moms online (FB, The Bump) and ask for recommendations. Remember that personalities often drive people's preferences about their providers, as do health status and access to care. I like the March of Dimes explanation of your options:

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  • I don't know why calling a provider sends so scary
  • I don't know why calling a provider sends so scary
    Is it the "I need to make an appt because I'm pregnant" that is scary...because I feel awkward about this in the until I start noticeable showing its odd to say I'm pregnant. 

  • @allowachick
    I called my PCP's office after I got my BFP thinking they would have me come in for confirmation but they just gave me the number to the OB office they're affiliated with and I called them to schedule a prenatal visit. You could try seeing if your PCP refers to a particular office. Mine is all in network so they can see all the visits in the computer system which is convenient so my PCP knows what's going on. Good luck! It does feel weird to be pregnant but not have anything confirmed healthcare professional yet -- I feel like people are going to think I'm making it up! 
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  • I took 4 that were positive. The line was faint at first, so I just had to double, tripple, and quadruple check. It's a pretty solid line now. 

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