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Randoms 8.15-8.21

At the halfway mark of our birth month! 

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Re: Randoms 8.15-8.21

  • Any opinions on Membrane sweeps? I'm going to my 40 week appt... and my doula wants me to hold out to 41 weeks for a sweep... but I don't want to be 41 weeks :(
  • @katm89 I'm requesting one tomorrow at 39 weeks. Hoping my doctor will be open to it since I'm 3cm. I didn't have one with my first so I really don't know what to expect. If you are pretty confident in your due date, I don't see why trying one now at 40 weeks would be an issue. I'm a week behind you and am all for it!
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  • Pretty sure I had one done at 38 weeks (already dilated to 4), and that was on a Thursday. Had contractions for couple days, but nothing timeable or too strong. My water broke early Saturday morning. Not sure the sweep had anything to do with that though
  • The Amazon commercial with the golden retriever and baby makes me tear up each time!!!
    I'm Hoping our baby and golden doodle love each other. 
  • @LCW1112 My midwife is fine doing it... but my doula is afraid my water will break but then contractions won't start... I am dead sure on when I conceived... because I was tracking temperature.
  • @texasmama2014 Still pregnant and still here! I'm 38 weeks so it could be two more weeks (or more) for me. The board is definitely transitioning to more baby topics and I can't wait to make the switch myself! 
  • @Fremdschamen That is one of my biggest fears! The worst is when you get a group email and then want to reply to one person. I triple check I don't hit "reply all". I'm always scared I'm going to send it to the wrong person. 
  • I'm usually pretty careful, but I guess pregnancy brain got the better of me!  Oh well-- nothing I can do about it now. 

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  • i am due today and no baby girl yet, so impatient at this point my dad said i would probably have her on his birthday next week dont plan on it though
  • @Fremdschamen Well like your boss said, maybe it's good he saw it? You could always play it off that you did it on purpose. I've been apart of emails where a few people were involved so that everyone was on the same page. Hopefully you are about to go on maternity leave so they won't even remember by the time you get back. :)
  • I'm still here too ladies! I think those of us still pregnant maybe just feel like we have nothing to say besides UGHHHHH.

     I'm due Wed and plan to ask for a sweep @katm89. I never had one with my first even though I went to 41w2d but probably bc I was never dilated. This time I'm at 1cm (yay?) so hopefully she will. I will be scheduling an induction and I'm hoping she won't make me go to 41w again since I have a history of a big baby and had 3rd degree tears with him. FX for this weekend at the latest!!

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  • I'm not due until the 27th and I'm still holding out. Feel like I'm getting closer by the day but it still seems so far away. About sweeps, I was going to request one after 40 weeks but they won't since I tested positive for GBS on the off chance that they accidentally break my water (rare but happens). Only 12 days until due date but the thought of possibly going over and not having her until September is making me miserable.
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  • Do the membrane sweeps hurt? My cervical checks have not been. I haven't even brought it up at my appointments because I've been hoping to naturally go into labor, but at my 40w this Friday it might be time for
    a discussion about it. 
  • Yes, I think the sweeps hurt a bit-- mostly discomfort and pressure, in my experience.  And nothing compared to labour or the first few weeks of breastfeeding.

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  • My doula was very.... "do your own research, but she wouldn't entertain the idea of a sweep until well after 41 weeks" ugh... DH is all for whatever I want to do.. but now my fears of the sweep being a bad call are making me do nothing... she recommended massage and acupuncture... but I tried to book a massage with her.. and she couldn't take me because I work. ugh!
  • @JournoGrl23 i feel the same way i feel at this point i been pregnant forever and I will be last to have baby girl, i am jealous about mommies and babies that are out wish she be here the wait is just crazy at this point :neutral: I am still working on my darn due date but glad i stayed home today because boss is going crazy without me in the office even though I am working at home lol
  • @JournoGrl23 & @emmeline714 ;  its nice to know that you both are due today and atleast I'm not alone... as much as I am rooting for you both to have your babies... its just nice knowing I'm not alone
  • @justaudrey good luck tomorrow! Very excited that you will meet baby!
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  • I second what @Bookhousegirl said. 
    I know I enjoyed reading/lurking on July 2016 to read their PP and baby threads before my LO came. 

    But I understand the frustration when ladies are getting close and feeling done. 

    To all the August mommas waiting: I can't wait to read your birth stories and see those LOs!!! Bring it on! 
    I also lurked on July board after baby A & it has helped a lot (esp. reading breastfeeding & PPD/PPA thread). I think it's only natural for topics to reoccur as we are all on different stages of our mommyhood.
  • It's kind of funny, there was a total baby boom at the beginning of the month. I feel like once all of us left have ours there are gonna be a lot of the same topics popping back up that have already been discussed.
  • @justaudrey yay! Will be thinking of you tomorrow! I was thoroughly surprised at how different and smooth this CS was compared to my first.
  • Good luck @justaudrey!! So exciting that you get to meet your LO tomorrow!

  • I have my RCS on Thursday. I have to be at the hospital at 5am!!! YIKES. I keep reminding Dh that once we're home I'm going to need A LOT of his help!!! We have 2 other children (3yrs and almost 5yrs) and I'm a SAHM so I don't think he realizes what he's in for since I've been doing almost everything for so long. I better stock up on freezer dinners - I know he can use the oven! LOL

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