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Going home outfit?

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Has anyone purchased a special going home outfit for their LO? I just did the other day and can't wait for it to get here! The name is Sloane not Lucia (which is still cute!) but here's what I ordered from Etsy. Sorry in advance for size, I'm mobile :) 

Re: Going home outfit?

  • We picked up a few newborn outfits from Carters, one of which will be the coming home outfit - it's not a huge thing for me, but want it to be cute as we will save it.  Emmett came home in a teal doggy footy pajama, so I think Cooper will also wear one of the doggie outfits we picked up. Similar, but not the same.  I will also look at the colors to make sure it'll look good in his nursery in a shadow box :)
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  • @annas930 Ooh, I hadn't thought about making sure it matches the nursery. Good call!
  • OBMommy said:
    @annas930 Ooh, I hadn't thought about making sure it matches the nursery. Good call!
    Haha - it would probably look cute regardless. For Emmett his outfit ended up being a teal color, a few shades darker than his walls.  His nursery is elephants and the PJ was puppies, so really not a complete match, but we had so associated that color with the coming baby because of the nursery that it just made sense at the time!
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  • @OBMommy That is super cute! I bought a froggy outfit from Carters that I think I will use for her going home outfit. Nothing too fancy, but the hat is a frog's head, which I am obsessed.
  • We'll just put baby in "whatever".  We aren't that big on what they wear home from the hospital.  Whatever fits and is comfortable for baby is fine by me.  I probably should care or put more thought into it, but ultimately it wasn't a big deal for the other two kids and won't be for this one either.  

    I'd rather dress them up when we go home for the first time, or when people come to visit. 
  • Lo came home in a little sweat suit I thought was cute. This baby will come home in a sleeper or something. I'll save it in a box, so I want to like it, but it doesn't have to be amazing... ;) I love seeing what others do though!

  • @Tippy05 same. If it's a girl, the sleep-n-play that my daughter wore home. If it's a boy, then whatever cute neutral sleep-n-play I pull from my daughter's newborn clothes (if I ever get them washed and organized).

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  • Cute outfit @OBMommy! DS and DD's coming home outfits were blue onsies with a picture of a snail on them that said "Worth the wait..." (it took 3.5 years to conceive). Honestly, I might use the same thing for these two. Otherwise we have some onsies that are similar that were a gift from our RE when we found out we were pregnant this time around. I guess I'm ok with keeping it simple. 
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  • ab920ab920
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    I have a white onesie with an eyelet collar with her monogram in light pink letters. Then we have light pink socks and a cap.  <3
  • My first wore home a bodysuit dress and cardigan from Carters (or maybe Target's Carters brand... can't remember which). Dress was white with a tiny gold heart pattern and a small aqua bow at the neckline. The cardigan matched the bow. I want to do something similar for DD2, but haven't found anything that I like enough to be her coming home outfit yet.

  • @AmMcc12 love it! I got the same one and loved it so much I bought it in two sizes 
  • I know our little one will go home in a sleep n play type outfit I think they looks so cute and cozy in sleep n plays :) Now just to decide if we want to bring two outfits one for a boy and one for a girl, or just stick with a gender neutral one! I'm kinda leaning towards gender neutral, but I'm not 100% decided. 
  • @tippy05 For me, since I'll deliver where I work, I feel like there's added pressure to have cute outfits on her in the hospital. Previously, I've not really cared unless we're going someplace special. 

    I do do love seeing and hearing about all the cute outfits though! 
  • ajn092ajn092
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    I'll be packing a few different outfits.  I'll pack 1 each of preemie, newborn, and 0-3 months.  Not sure if he'll be a whooper baby or tiny like his sister.  DD ended up needing preemie clothes for almost 3 weeks.  She was a shortie :)
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  • We haven't decided yet, but I also don't know how big she will be when she arrives so I'm waiting until closer to. My MIL also mentioned wanting to buy a going home outfit...but I suspect the majority of the clothing she will have will be out of my control (unless I return things I get) so maybe I will get something I want for leaving the hospital. Not sure yet.

    Love your pics so far ladies! This makes me even more excited to see the upcoming announcements! Yay!
  • @AlwaysAuntNeverMom I really like that outfit, more unique than other sleep n play varieties! Newborn sizing up to 7lbs is hard!
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  • @AnnaS930 yeah, I loved it! Burt's Bees' Baby has a lot like that but it's been hard finding NB sized pieces that I like. I don't really want something frilly or over the top, just something cute, different, and comfy. I need to get out and keep looking!
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  • @SarahDarah333 my DS had that same outfit - adorable!!!!!!
  • Thanks ladies :)

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  • @frogdog06, I really love the kimono onsie you picked out, where is it from?  I'm having a boy and have registered for a few kimonos but they're all they side snaps, I like the cross front!

    @sarahdarah333, I picked out almost the same set from Carters.  It's a fox set, super cute, but the patterns are different and the hat is the same.  I don't know if that's what we'll bring him home in but he'll definitely be making a few appearances in it while it fits! 

    My MIL took it upon herself to buy a coming home outfit for us when I was like 12 weeks pregnant.  It was a nice gesture but it's super ugly.  It's like this brown/grey color sleep sack with this brown/grey color hat.  Not like stripes or anything, just this really ugly color.  The poor little guy would look like a very sad piece of poop covered up in that color.  It's really soft which is why I think she got it but you can't wear a sleep sack in the infant carrier like that either!  He won't be wearing it....lol

  • @RN1stBae I'm LOL'ing. We need a pic of MIL's outfit, haha.

    I received the L'ovedbaby Organic Kimono off our registry. Organic cottons do shrink after washing, so I think the 0-3m will be a good fit for coming home. There are some other cute kimonos on Amazon too.
  • I was going through clothes and found a onsie identical to the one DD1 wore but a different base color. DD1s onsie was white with a victorian rose patern. The one DD2 is pink. We had a doll made for DD1 and the onsie was used to make the dress as a special way to preserve it.
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  • @RN1stBae right?! Super cute prints for the boys.
  • Ok...I wasn't going to worry about the going home outfit much but looking at your picture...that outfit will be mine!
  • @RN1stBae hahaha dying laughing at your beautiful brown outfit....at least you have the excuse that he can't wear the sleepsack in the carseat in case she asks! 
  • ElcaBElcaB
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    I really don't have strong feelings regarding a going home outfit for baby. All I know is it will be something comfortable. 
  • I have the same fox outfit! I posted about it on Fridays ticker change. 
    It's so so darling
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  • I do not have my outfit picked out for TODAY. I definitely do not have my child's outfit picked out for three months from now.

    Probably I will pick up a boy and girl outfit at target like two months from now.
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  • We'll do a sleeper, just like the other 3 had. I like the look in the shadow box with a sleeper too :)
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  • I have a few outfits in the running. 
  • I'm looking at getting a personalized onesie like this and pairing it with a cute NB size tutu I already have. I had to peel myself away from the 40 dollar outfits on etsy. 
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