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  • @Karenin Seriously! Mine is already at a -1 station so she doesn't (didn't? It's been a week since my last appt and my next one isn't until Friday) have far to go. Maybe she's just pissed that her head is stuck down in my pelvis, it frankly doesn't sound very comfy to me! Just come out, little girl, and you can do whatever you want with your body, I promise to let you flail around as much as you want!

    My 2 siblings and I were all a week late (and my sister and I were both induced to finally make us come out), so I'm very nervous about having to deal with this for possibly another 2 weeks. My doctor was predicting she'd come by her due date on Friday based on my last appointment (she's low, 80% effaced, 1-2cm dilated) but so far I haven't even felt a single contraction, which is really needed to get this party started!

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  • Come on 1/29 girls, we're waiting for you out here! Any day now is good, no need to wait till Friday! I am so worried about going overdue, because I don't think my sanity can take it. I'm praying I've dilated or something by my appointment tomorrow. @CaraBoonieMy mom's first was way overdue and my sister's was overdue and then induced as well, so I'm not that hopeful I'll have a January baby. @KareninBetter to have no contractions than false ones, I think! Hopefully once your baby drops you'll start getting them and LO will arrive! 
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  • 39w3d today. Had a great appt today!

    2cm dialated (had been a 1 for the past 2 appts). Cervix was good to go and baby is very low. Doctor says we could go at any minute and doesn't think we'll make it to next week, win!

    My doctor is on call this week but she is super sick :( I feel so bad. She has a bad respiratory thing going on. She was telling she was going to try and take tomorrow off to get better. Although I'm hoping baby comes tonight!

    My mom is leaving on Thursday for a trip and is currently buying a plane ticket for every day to come back, lol.
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    @ByeByeSpotts I had a similar positive appt yesterday as well! I'm 39.3 as well and went from high/ballotable 50% and a FT last week to 80%/2-3/and his words were "well he's def not ballotable anymore." He stripped my membranes as well which all that's done is make me a smidge more crampy. No spotting or anything. My OB before he left literally said though, "now I don't want to jinx you and say this, but it will probably be by the weekend." ......seriously. So even though I made pretty decent change in just a week, I'm still not totally convinced that it isn't still gonna be another week and half....
  • Due 1/31 and I had another disappointing appointment - still not dilated at ALL, and baby still hasn't dropped.  My doctor reminded me that things can change on a dime and I could go into labor tonight, so I'm trying to keep in good spirits.  However, she did schedule an induction for 41 weeks, just to put it on the books.  If nothing happens between now and next Sunday, Feb 7th (Superbowl Sunday!) I'll go in that night for cervadil and spend the night, pitocin to be started gently the next morning, if needed.  As much as I'd love to avoid an induction, it's nice to think that there's an end in sight at some point, because, since I've had NO signs of anything happening other than some contractions a few nights ago that turned into nothing, I'm beginning to feel like I'm never going to give birth.  Like, she's just going to stay in there til March or something.  (Which I know isn't possible and would never happen, but that's how my brain feels lately!  Haha.)

    In fantastic news, my sciatic nerve pain has finally been subsiding and I may be able to be cane-less by labor, which would be AMAZING.  

    Anyway, good luck late Jan ladies!  I know we're all in the home stretch and hoping for labor asap!  I hope we have a weekend filled with baby announcements!  :)
  • 40+2 today and no sign of baby, I have to call my doctor on Thursday if I'm still pregnant and she will schedule my induction for next week so at least there's an end in sight I was really hoping to avoid being induced though. It's so weird to sit around hoping for the most painful experience you'll ever have to come faster!
  • @maureenmce Oh gosh, that's disappointing. I'm afraid of having another bad appointment tomorrow where baby is still high and I'm not dilated. I went to the chiropractor today to adjust my pelvis, so hopefully LO has a little more room to drop down and will do so. I don't think my induction will get scheduled till my 41 week appointment, so I think there's another week of not knowing, worst case scenario. :(
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  • I keep hearing all about how glorious pineapple is so today's dinner was pineapple pizza and a glass of pineapple juice. I'm all pineappled up, gimme my baby!!

    Oh and now I have the stupidest song in the universe stuck in my head.

    OHHHHHHH, who lives in a pineapple under the sea...

  • 39+3, 4 cm dilated, thin and soft with waters that are slightly bulging. Had bloody show the last 2 days, contractions that are stronger (but fizzle and never stick around) but still no baby! Going crazy over here googling every possible symptom I get to see if it means labor will come and this is my 3rd lol hang in there ladies, the end is in sight, even if it doesn't feel like it.
  • This baby is never coming. I'm 40+2 and have no sign of her arrival. I see a midwife so I don't know if I'm dilated. I'm having a random hard contraction every now and then, but that's it. Other than that, I feel like I have to poop constantly (but it's usually a false alarm), so that's new.
  • 39+5 today - and really hoping for some good news at my dr's appt tomorrow. My dr's are very chill though, and tend not to give much extra info if they don't feel it means much (read: they did the first cervical check last week and then just described it as, "still closed for business!") Though she did say she could feel his head.

    LO is somehow pushing on what feels like the top/inside of my hip... Not sure what that's about, but it hurrtss.

    Next person to text me is going to get an update on my mucus plug and bowel movements...
  • Another morning that I'm still pregnant, sigh, lol. I think I'm expecting to go into labor in the middle of the night, so every time I wake up in the middle of the night to pee or in the morning it's a bit of a disappointment that it hasn't happened yet. I'm just really ready and keep feeling like today is the day, but each day that's obviously not true. It's such a mind game.
    So much this. 
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  • Have had non stop brown mucus discharge and just wet every time I wipe since 7 am. Has anyone else had this? I lost my plug last Thursday. 
  • @ByeByeSpotts I would probably call the doctor to be safe but maybe you're on your way!
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  • Well, it's my due date... *crickets* My husband told me this morning about a "story" he wrote in preschool, age 4, on his baby sister's due date: "Today is having a baby day. Even if we don't have a baby today, that's still what day it is." Thought that was pretty cute. Apparently she turned up two days later. 

    I hear you on the middle-of-the-night disappointments, @CaraBoonie and @claireloSC. Somehow I've decided I'll go into labor at night, so I feel like I've already written off the day once the alarm rings. Little dude has been at -2 station for weeks, but I feel like he's moving EVEN LOWER. Enough with the constant headbutting, man. There's plenty of room for thrashing around on the outside.  
  • @CaraBoonie @claireloSC and klbh I, too, have it in my head it will happen at night! Probably because with both of my other two I woke up during the night in labor- midnight with DS and 3:30am with DD. It's awful b/c every time I wake up to go to the bathroom (about 3-4 times per night) I lay in bed for a minute being like "Was that a contraction??" and then I'm exhausted in the morning from poor sleep. I also spend the day in fear though because even though my water has never broken until I was set up in labor in delivery and had my epidural (I never even noticed it happened) I have a fear that my water will break at work or in my car- gross either way and awkward as hell at work! so I just need to get home this evening and I can breathe a sigh of relief until my nighttime freak outs begin again. ;)

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  • It's just the not knowing that is driving me nuts. I'm very bad at things that are unplanned, and so these last days are hell for me, I am NOT easy going about waiting! And about not knowing how it will go down. I thought I'd be okay because I'm not in horrible pain or anything, but it doesn't make the emotional component of waiting any easier!

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  • @Karenin I've been cool with no alcohol for 9 months and haven't missed it at all...except this past week, I really could use a drink!

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  • My due date came and past this week 1/25. I can relate to the going crazy feeling and waking up in the morning is so hard because in my mind that means its not today. I've also noticed that I'll have some action one day (cramping/soreness) and my body must get a amped up because the next day my partner and I are completely exhausted and depressed all day. Its been going like this every other day here for a week! I'm also with the mammas who are not in too much pain so its just an emotional rollercoaster. 
  • Went for my acupuncture appointment today. I didn't have one specifically for labor induction but it was so relaxing and LO was definitely going crazy. Had a couple light contractions while I was there and a couple more since I've been home. Hopefully our baby boy will come soon. The wait and the PUPPP rash are driving me nuts!
  • @klbh Totally! Hope your LO shows up soon. My due date is Friday. Sigh.
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  • @paigeyferd I've seen that one! Here's another I like
  • CaraBoonieCaraBoonie member
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    @mrscammack Haha, I had to use every ounce of effort to not bite off my MIL's head today when she texted to ask if I had any signs yet, as if her son wouldn't tell his own mother if we were headed to the hospital, lol

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  • @CaraBoonie my MIL is the same she calls DH every night to ask if we had the baby, like he wouldn't tell her, and always ends the call by reminding us to "let me know as soon as my grand baby gets here!" as if we need a constant reminder that people wanna know when baby arrives! So frustrating lol
  • 39wk6d FTM here & I am going crazy! Last 2 appts I've been 2cm dilated & about 50% effaced. Been having some intense BH over the past few days & started having some brownish discharge yesterday.

    Woke up this AM feeling like I haven't felt in months...awesome. No back pain, no BH. Nothing. Was even able to take my dog out for a nice walk.

    Hoping that those few hours of peace was the calm before the storm. Got some cramps starting back up that are starting to hurt.

    Hoping that LO decides to get a move on & come tomorrow on his/her due date....bc it's my birthday too!!!!
  • Ughhh can't sleep :'( been up since 2 am. My
    Poor husband has been having trouble sleeping too.

    We went to bed early (1030, ha) and it seems 4 hrs is my maximum for sleep. I can nap during the day but I suck at napping. Just want a good night's sleep. I think I'm just anxious for labor to start and my mom gets on a plane at 6am for a trip with her friends and won't be back until Sunday (our due date is Saturday)
  • I'm up too @ByeByeSpotts. Last couple of nights contractions woke me up, now I'm just awake for no reason. Lovely. Hope you get some rest!
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  • Tomorrow is her due date and she has 26 hours until my OB appt to get her act together and evacuate, lol. The past couple of days I've been falling asleep fine, and only waking up once during the night to pee, BUT I keep waking up when my husband goes to work and not being able to fall back asleep like I usually do, so I end up awake for good at 7-730am, which is FAR too early to be awake when you don't have anywhere you need to be all day. 

    My dad just left for a one day business trip to Baltimore (which is, with no traffic, about 4-5 hours from me...I went to school down there so I know the drive well), so I'm hoping the fact that it's inconvenient for him to have to turn around and drive back will be enough to make her come, maybe right in the middle of his meeting, lol. Then again my parents went to Florida a couple of weeks back, and then there was the blizzard, and then my brother had a business trip to Albany earlier this week and she still didn't come so...

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  • @claireloSC yeah I'm not sure what wakes me up. Could be cramps or contractions, but then the anxiety of waiting keeps me up. And now of course I feel fine (besides the pressure down low when I'm walking around and some belly tightness). Hope you're feeling ok!

    I would love to have some bad cramps and get this thing going!
  • @ByeByeSpotts @claireloSC Every time I get crampy, I get excited...but it always ends up just being that I have to poop, no contractions, lol. 

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  • @CaraBoonie hahaha, same. I did have really bad cramps after going poop on Tuesday. I couldn't stand up for a solid minute so I keep hoping that happens again, ha #39wProbz
  • I have contractions all the time but they aren't productive since my LO's head isn't engaged. I'm beginning to think her head is too big or my pelvis is a weird shape. Everyone in my family had c-sections so I'm feeling so discouraged and like I'm heading that way. How late will your doctors let you go, @CaraBoonie @ByeByeSpotts? I really hope we all have our babies this weekend!
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  •  I hope we all have our babies by this weekend too!! Our doctor hasn't talked about how far she'd let us go. She was optimistic we'd have the baby by this weekend. Let's hope she didn't jinx us @CaraBoonie@claireloSC
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