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  • 38+1 here. Everything for baby is done. Car seat installed, clothes washed, nursery done and bags packed. Cooking freezer meals today. Steam cleaning carpets and deep cleaning house this week. I also have to go to the DMV to get new plates, which aren't due till the end of the month but would rather have it done before.

    I was 0 dialated at my last check on Friday and haven't had any signs of labor. Time is going by slow but only 2-3 weeks left. Just keep telling myself it's not that long. I'm overall still comfortable minus the peeing every hour.
  • 37+5 EDD 11/17, going in on the 10th for a c-section.
    Everything is ready for babe's to arrive.
    Have had a few complications in the last week, but nothing drastic.
    The last few days I have had minor to mild contractions, they come and go and are not "intense" enough for anything to be done about it yet. I go in for a NST tomorrow and possibly get to go in to have her sooner than the 10th.. we shall see..
  • Due 11/24 getting so close!! My daughter and I had a girls day and went to get the last few thing on our baby list yesterday. Hoping to get the nursery finished up today(at least put together!!) and all our bags packed. I was early with my other babies, so just want to be prepared. I am having a baby this  month!!! Good luck mamas!!
  • 37+2 according to new due date. Although I think older one was more accurate.
    The last week has hit me hard. I'm so swollen, peeing all the time, sore, have had a few crampy days, and a pain in my right hip. My upper back hurts all day now, too.
    I've lost a lot of motivation but hope I get another spurt of energy! Time flies by quicker that way.
    Most everything is done, aside from a little extra laundry and car seat. I should also pack my hospital bag.
    I'm mostly tired of everyone and want to be around my dogs and my man only.
    So excited for this little thing to get here!!! I am so incredibly antsy!
  • 39 weeks today!! Everything is ready and we can't wait to meet our sweet boy! I have an appointment on Tuesday and if he hasn't decided to come on his own before then we will schedule to induce. No contractions or any signs of labor so far.. It's hard to believe the time is finally here! Hoping this is our last weekend as a family of 2
  • 37+3 here.. I'd like for LO to stay put a little longer, but only if this false labor crap hits the road! I've had minimal swelling through the entire pregnancy, up until oh, yesterday when I blew up like a balloon! My favorite flats don't even fit anymore. Can't wait to see everyone's little ones!
  • I'm 38+6 today. Scheduled C-section for Tuesday morning November 3. I think we have everything ready. Procrastinating getting our hospital bag packed but everything else is done. Sleep pretty much isn't happening anymore as I cannot get comfortable. Feet are swollen like balloons by the end of the day and the pubic bone pain the past few weeks I'm beyond over. Other than those few things pregnancy has been honestly good and I've been blessed and I'm gonna miss my big ol bump.

    Cannot wait to meet our squishy and get some kisses and snuggles finally!!!
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  • 37+0. Doing well, but.. I'm ready to meet this little boy! I'm resting at home with my feet up bc I had enough Braxton's this morning at the grocery store to be concerned. Which takes me to.. I want to meet him, and we're ready if he comes now, but I'd like him to incubate a bit longer!
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  • 39wks tmrw, just ready for him to be out. Was having contractions in week 37 but died down the last few days. I would like them to start back up and get baby out! Everything is ready for him, brothers can't wait to meet him. He is settled pretty low so I waddle everywhere!! Just playing the waiting game now.
  • 36w1day and feel okay for the most part. Over did it yesterday by walking 3 miles with DS while trick or treating. Paid for that last night with major pressure and cramping. Bassinet went up today and washing LOs clothes. Officially on maternity leave now so can't wait to get everything done like the nursery. Yay, November is finally here!
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    10 days until EDD! Mentally, we are as ready as possible, and house is too, I think. She is positioned to go, I'm about 70%effaced and an out 1cm. Physically mostly just pelvic / ligament pains like crazy.

    Work is the only place where I'm not ready. I just got my binder going for my sub at school... the candidates are interviewing tues, which I am looking forward to.

    I am guessing our daughter won't be early, but I am working on my patience, as well as staying a tune to my body... as a FTM, I am just hoping for the Uber obvious "it's go time" signals!

    Welcome to November, folks!!! :D
    Edit. Estimating at 79 % made me laugh at missing the 0.
  • 37+2 today. Have had some contractions here and there. Had trouble sleeping some nights but slept great last night. No energy, emotional and just want this to be over but I have 2 weeks til my scheduled repeat C on the 16th.

    Everything is done, just need to put a decal up in the room. I might make some freezer meals, might not. Haven't decided. Guess it depends on my energy.

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  • Almost 36 weeks (EDD 12/2) but midwife is guessing she'll likely come early like DD. Feel very behind most of you but so excited to meet LO. I'm feeling pretty good, staying active but my energy is definitely lagging. We have everything done (so much less to prep with baby #2), still need to put the car seat in and I'm sewing LO a baby blanket, otherwise just enjoying our last month with DD as an only child!
  • Exactly 40 weeks today. Ready but not ready all at the same time. I'm actually looking forward to the labor and delivery process. I know my H will be incredibly supportive and I cannot wait to see him with our LO.
  • 38+6w have some false labor since Friday night, also having some other signs of labor, mostly slowed down today. I still have to finish the nursery and finish packing my bag. I am 4cm and 30% efaced from last office visit, when I called the OB Friday they said if I went in the would just induce so I have been waiting it out at home.
  • 36+2. Getting very anxious BC I want to meet little man so badly. I am a last minute type person so we don't have the car seat or his sleeping arrangements ready yet. Maybe I will start all of that this week.
  • 38+1. Been out of energy past week, a lot of lower pressure and back/pelvic pains (stretching out?).
    DH is getting anxious, and I'm so ready for this LO to come. Just need to buy disposable diapers to start with but waiting until after LO gets here because I was a huge baby, wanting to make sure I get the right size. Same with LO's basic clothes.
    Will be ordering cloth diapers this or next week. Other than these, everything's ready. Got car base installed Friday, crib mattress and sheets yesterday thanks to my in-laws.

    DH and I are so ready to see this LO's face and decide on the name, we have a short list of what we like.
  • 36+4 doing well but the heartburn is real! Looking forward to 38 weeks when the Hubs gets to be home for 4 weeks. Ready to meet the little guy, but I can wait until 39+ I'd like to keep him cooking for a while longer.
  • 38+1 today! Feeling alright...having some sciatic & nerve pains but overall not too bad! So ready to meet our little guy! Pretty sure we're all set & as ready as we'll ever be!!! :x
  • 36 weeks 4 days. Physically and mentally drained due to lack of sleep because of severe heart burn
  • 37+2! Feeling like he could come any day on some days, and other days i just feel awkward. Haha we cant wait to meet him! Only a few more weeks!
  • 36+5, mentally and physically I am so ready for my little girl to be here. In terms of preparation, I have pretty much everything with the exception of a few odds and ends; I'm so ready to meet my daughter, these last few weeks are going to be a test of my patience.
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    39w3d, no little one yet! We are all packed and ready to go. BH are consistent and last night, intensified and became more frequent for about an hour then died down and this morning, all was back to normal. We are due Nov 6th but if LO is not here by Nov 17, she is being evicted by induction. Please keep us in your prayers that it won't come to that and she will grace us with her presence on her own in the next 2 weeks. My comfort is not going passed 41w4d and my midwifes is 41w6d. Good luck to all of you Mommas and Congrats to all of those who have already welcomed their LO's! I'm super jealous you are enjoying baby snuggles already! 

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  • 10 days until my due date, I'm packed and crib is set up. We have everything but a swing which we ll have to prob but last minute. Getting a new dresser delivered so we can put away all of his clothes and blankets and things. Overall I feel more prepared than with #1 knowing I've stocked up on the essentials and haven't lost my mind over things that we re never going to use. I'd say I'm ready for him to come by the end of this week. :)
  • 38+2 here. My due date was originally the 30th, but got bumped to the 14th. I still don't think he will come until around Thanksgiving. I'm still sleeping well, no hip pain or any sort of complaints. Some heartburn, nothing terrible. I've had a pretty easy pregnancy.
    As far as being ready goes, I finished my last day of work last week (becoming a stay at home mom) and I need to get my butt in gear and get stuff done. Our bags are mostly packed, nursery is completely done except I need to order a mattress off amazon. I need to do freezer meals, get carpets cleaned, and just deep clean a few things around the house.
    Good luck mamas!
  • Had a false alarm this morning. Had Braxtons while grocery shopped yesterday (like 8 in an hr). They slowed down considerably when I got home and put my feet up, enough so to have some 'quality' time with DH. Had more Braxtons, went to bed. Woke up with actual painful contractions, which lasted for almost an hr, then faded back into Braxtons again. I'm still around 8 an hr, so I'm kicking my feet up and requesting a check at my appt this afternoon. We'll see what happens!
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  • @alyssaleighw Congrats on being a SAHM!!!! It is hard work at times but it is SO worth it!!!
  • Hi ladies! 36+2 here, FTM, feeling pretty good other than the standard late-pregnancy symptoms like swollen hands and feet, as well as uncomfortable/limited sleep, but other than that, I really cannot complain. My pregnancy has been relatively easy. There will always be to-dos on the list, but everything is pretty much ready, just a few finishing touches for his nursery, hospital bag is packed and his car seat is installed. I am a bit sad that the pregnancy will be over soon, since it went by incredibly quickly, but I'm also so excited to meet our son.
  • I am 36+2 today and feeling pretty good overall, though having lots of heartburn and sleep interruptions. I am starting my maternity leave this week, so hoping to finish some of my TODOs. Still need to buy a few things, do baby laundry, pack hospital bag, and make freezer meals.

    Not entirely sure I am ready for this baby mentally yet, kind of dreading the changes to come (e.g. no sleep), but also looking forward to holding him in my arms. I hope he'll be timely, but not too early.
  • 38 weeks today!! I've been feeling lots of pressure for the past month but more so this past week with some pains down low. After almost 7 months on modified bed rest, you'd think our LO would be ready to finally meet everyone.. nope she's just comfy and has decided to finally stay put for a little longer ;) I'm so excited its finally November and we all are in our home stretch!!!! Not much longer :) 
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  • I'm 37 weeks and 4 days.
    I feel like I could go at any moment. I've been drinking raspberry leaf tea and having sex...

    Alot of Braxton hicks contractions some painful one but they never stick around. I have no energy to do anything anymore. I was to sleep Bc I can't sleep at night.
  • 39+2 here. Was hoping to hear more progress at my appointment this morning but nope, little girl is still cozy in there. Everything is ready for her arrival aside from putting hospital bag in the car. I feel really good for the most part. I still have energy, still working, still doing things as normal. Trying to rest but that's easier said than done for me. No contractions to speak of, just cramping occasionally and lower back pain.

    I'm hoping my activity level will give little one a boost to pop on out of there because I really don't want induction to be a discussion.

  • 39+1 today. Last day of work is tomorrow, massage Wednesday night. I'm so ready to meet him! I'm tired and have been having a lot of BH, body is getting ready for baby for sure. What the heck do I do now? There is literally nothing to do but wait... I'm going to go crazy with how anxious I am.
  • Looks like baby is going to keep incubating for a bit (I'm happy, I'm 37+1, although the midwife said they would be fine with it if he came at this point). I'm 1cm and -1 station today, and obviously we have no idea how long that will last for.

    My bp was high when I first got there, which is concerning with the amount of swelling I've had in the past 5w, but it went down again about 20min later. Today was scary and exciting, and now.. I'm ready to binge watch back episodes of Blacklist and Walking Dead!
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  • 36+1 over here. This feels like it's going to be the longest month ever. Getting married on Saturday, and trying to get all my assignment for school done before they're due in case he shows up early. Feeling mostly ok. Mentally, I'm both super impatient and excited to see him and also terrified of labor. Physically, just really achy and digestive system is completely out of whack. But, I'm also constantly hungry. Nursery is ready ( though my in laws have a few things to bring us that they've bought). DH (it's only a few days away so I can call him that now) seems way too nonchalant about the whole thing but I think he's quietly panicking. Just wish he knew how to cook cause G-d knows I certainly won't be cooking once the baby is here.
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    36+4 and getting induced Thursday (37w) for preeclampsia. We're still unpacking our tiny apartment and have baby's essentials ready... Excited and a little nervous FTM here.

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