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  • 4w4d - constipated, bloating, hungry, some gagging issues but if I eat it goes away which leads to me eating all the time, and tired (but that could come from battling a cold, working ft, and chasing a toddler around)

  • I'm pretty much a miserable mess the past couple days. I'm 7 weeks today and I haven't stopped feeling constantly nauseous for going on two days now. I can barely keep any liquids down... Food couldn't sound less appealing. I'm exhausted, depressed... Feel fat and ugly and the worst part is, I know it's all just beginning. :( ugh. I need to get off my pitty party box. I'm in a total funk today.
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  • Holy tired and zero energy. Don't think I had these symptoms so early for my first. Today I feel hungry all the time but just gave DS cheese and the smell made me heave!

    I was thinking the same thing!  I know I didn't have any symptoms this soon with my son.  I just found out yesterday and I've been nauseous since last week!  I'm pretty sure I could fall asleep at my desk AND I might have just outed my pregnancy by the amount of food I ate at a work lunch!  There was one point where I that thought  "I'll just tell everyone in 12 weeks - hey, remember that lunch where I embarrassed myself?  It's okay, I'm just pregnant! "

  • 5w4d... sore boobs, tired, hungry, cold, & irritable! I teach middle school & lost my cool with 8th grade! They're driving me up the wall (more than usual)! I tell my husband that "I don't feel pregnant" since I haven't had any of the harsher symptoms. Really looking forward to our first Dr visit in 2 weeks!
  • 5w2d- Apparently this is the day when becoming a human garbage disposable kicks in :-S
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  • 6w today and major bloating. I also have more waves of nausea but haven't actually gotten sick yet. It mostly hits after I eat or in the evenings. I'm also pretty exhausted by 4pm every day. So far the symptoms have been pretty similar to my pregnancy w/ DS.
  • 6 Weeks. Super thirst, super hunger! I wake up in the middle of the night with hunger pains and I just eat everything. I have gas....yeah. Yep. Sore boobs, and big bursts of energy that hit at random times. I also feel filled with this...I don't know how to explain it really, but this attitude! I feel FEISTY! Filled with confidence and power, like if anyone stepped out of line towards me it wouldn't be pretty. (I am normally a very calm and peaceful person.) 

    And the best possible symptom for me: I suffer from a chronic disease called Interstitial Cystitis. (IC.) It feels like I have a UTI at all times unless I'm super strict about my diet. Since I conceived, essentially....the pain has disappeared! Just gone! Some women with IC go into remission during pregnancy, some get worse, so I was really hoping I'd be the former. I think that's why I feel all this energy! 

    Cravings...nothing out of the ordinary, except sweets don't sound too good. I threw out an ice cream cone after a few licks, the wedding cake this weekend tasted gross (way to sweet) there were some really good pastries at work the other day and I had no interest. This is so strange because I am normally a cake FIEND!
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    It's been a long road- Let's just say that! 
  • I'm 7w4d and I'm nauseated and too exhausted to function. My house is a disaster and it's making me crazy, but I can only work for about 15-20 minutes at a time before I need to sit down. I so wish we could afford to hire a housekeeper!
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  • It's official. At 5w2d, the Vomit Fairy has struck. I convinced myself I ate something bad all night and will contract some horrible disease, and my MS decided to play along and sent me to hang out at the toilet. This is going to be a long pregnancy.

  • 5w2d, (FTM!) Exhaustion, nausea, sore breasts and round ligament pain once in a while. New today and yesterday is pretty constant hunger! Feel more sick when I haven't eaten. Want all the cheese!! DH got me a bunch of (high fiber) snacks. Current favourite things are cheese strings, Special K, goldfish crackers, Netflix and naps.

    So nice reading these forums and realizing I'm not alone and not crazy!

  • 7w today. Still tired, but it seems to be improving. Still very little MS and no vomiting. Started eating smaller meals more often and that seems to be helping with the gas and bloating, I'm way less bloated than I was on Thursday. Super nose, but now I have a cold so I can't smell anything. Boobs sore on and off. First OB appointment is Thursday, I can't believe it. But it's just blood work, pee test, history, etc. none of the exciting stuff yet.
  • 6W1D- I've been fortunate.  No MS and no noticeable nausea, my lovely ladies humps seem fuller, but not too sore.  Mild cramping, thirsty and hella head cold that started yesterday morning- sore throat, sinus pressure... oh boy!  My DH seems to think I'm snapping at him more- I think he's just sensitive ;o)

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  • 6W - I've been exhausted with sore boobs since just before I found out I was pregnant. My nausea just kicked in over the past couple of days - and it's constant.

  • 5w3d - exhaustion, headache (caffeine withdrawal doesn't help), vomit, all day hunger, sore boobs, and oh the mood swings. Feeling worse way earlier than I did with DD so kind of wondering if I'm further along than I initially thought. Also, after having a feeling this might be a boy I'm second guessing because I've been really wanting all the fruity things.
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    4 weeks,1 day today, feeling tired and it's hard to get out of the bed in the morning! I don't want to do anything but sleep, especially going to work. :-S
    I have been a little nauseated here and there, no vomiting or anything yet. I am ohhhhhh so bloated and gassy!!!!!! Pants that fit me perfectly two weeks ago won't even button comfortably. Wanna just wear yoga pants and a tank all the time! Thinking I want some maternity clothes already but I keep telling myself it's too soon for that. Feeling really fat. Anyone else having this problem???? :(
    BUT, in the grand scheme of things, I am SOOOO SUPER HAPPY TO HAVE A BABY IN MY TUMMY!!!!!! :x
  • 7 weeks and 3 days. No MS yet. I'm hungry about every two hours and I mean stomach growling and everything! Boobs super sore. No more cramping thank goodness. But I've had some terrible dreams this week and I mean terrible!
  • Anyone else have dizzy spells? I've never fainted in my life but feel really dizzy lately, especially at night.

  • @susiec923 glad I'm not the only one finding my class super annoying! To be fair they didn't listen to a thing I said yday so I did lose my cool - hopefully they'll be better today....
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    7w1d - Still feeling that ''hungover'' type feeling most of the day. It varies in intensity but is happening from about 6am til about 6pm. Everyday which is terrible. Boobs hurting much worse than they had been. Still continuing to eat a ton. Also having a lot of overactive internal emotions. I had a very devastating loss a year and a half ago (my best friend disowned me and blocked me with absolutely no warning or explanation or clear reason, still no response to this day) and I have been extremely upset about it again. Enough to tell the hubby, which I almost never do. Ugh! I know this is all for the best, and i want this baby more than anything in the whole world, but this is definitely rough right now.
  • 6 weeks and 6 days and I'm nauseous everyday :( It's pretty hard to deal with.  I've only been physically sick twice though.  I'm also starving... like seriously ravenous and have to eat every hour or so.  Also, I seem to want simple carbs which is doing my head in as I usually stick to a healthy whole foods diet!! Very sore boobs and cramps happen every other day but only last 20-30 minutes.  I'm also, like most of you, incredibly tired.  This is my first pregnancy and I've just joined The Bump so 'hello' to all the June 2016 Mum's to be  =;
  • mkemommy said:

    Anyone else have dizzy spells? I've never fainted in my life but feel really dizzy lately, especially at night.

    @mkemommy yes! I've had this too. I'm guessing it's partly because I don't want to eat/drink anything! But, very annoying although normal. Hoping this phase passes soon.

  • Been non stop throwing up and diarrhea for three days. Called the OB and the nurse said it sounds more like a bug that's being extra horrid to me because I'm pregnant lol. Hoping it stops soon because I'm dehydrated, tired, dizzy, achy and exhausted!!!! Lol
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  • 4 weeks today and the cramps have subsided a little bit. Bloat is still in full force and I'm wondering what the hell I'm going to wear to work for the next nine months (business casual). Boobs aren't sore but they're definitely getting bigger and I'm not going to lie but I'm pretty excited about that lol

  • 7w6d I feel like death. I am a nurse working in a ltc care home on nights right now. I am nauseated all day and night. My boobs are getting huge and so sore plus they are taking on weird shapes. The bloat my god is aweful I can't fit into anything at this point.
  • 7 weeks today. FTM here. So far, pregnancy has been good for me. Most common symptoms have been mild cramping, ongoing hunger, extra tired by the time I get home, thirst and sore boobs. I haven had any MS yet but I'm knocking on wood as I say that.

    And I ate a half a bag of marshmallows yesterday, so there's that, too. Lol.

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  • I'm nauseous randomly throughout the day... Certain smells make me gag. Haven't puked (yet). Super gassy and bloated. Sore boobs. I need a bigger bra. Some days I'm constipated. Other days I have diarrhea. Oh and super tired. Doesn't pregnancy sound so glamorous ??
  • 4 weeks. I woke up feeling like i had an awful hang over. Head ache, nauseous, and sore. Tired and my boobs are getting huge. Also dizzy. But i am happy i have symptoms! But this headache is for real awful

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  • 4w5d - my body seems to be rejecting everything I eat. Within 10 minutes of eating anything I get nausea followed by stomach pains and then a clearing of bowels and then I feel better. Repeat with every meal. Add in excessive SBD gas in between repititions and you've got a recipe for a delightful day.

  • My bladder and I have never been on the best of terms, but holy bejeebus, we're about to have a break up this week. I have to pee every hour, and when I do pee, I don't feel like I'm able to empty it fully anymore. The area around my right kidney was bugging me overnight, so my mind went to UTI. My workplace has an onsite wellness center with doctors and whatnot, so I dropped in and got tested. Nope, just my stupid hormones messing with me apparently. They're running a culture anyway to be sure.
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  • The lower back pain is real. I actually woke up out of a dead sleep last night to pace the room for awhile because laying down was far too painful. I absolutely could not get comfortable no matter which position I tried. Finally after some pacing, some Tylenol and a pillow behind my back for support I was finally able to get back to sleep.

    The fatigue struggle is real also. I finished cooking dinner for myself last night and sat down to eat.... annnnnd fell asleep. Woke up 2 hours later a little confused, put my plate in the sink, brushed my teeth and went to bed. Ugh.
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  • 6w- first pregnancy and wow. Day 5 straight of ALL DAY nausea. Still no vomiting but there are times when I almost wish I would just vomit already hoping that would make me feel just a tad bit better. The thought of food is dreadful so I haven't been eating much besides crackers and apple sauce. I'm probably in bed at night for close to 10 hours but that's not to say I'm sleeping that entire time! Constantly waking up to lower back pain and cramps. I started using a heating pad on my back and that has helped a bit at night. I still find myself exhausted during the day. I just ordered Pregnancy Pops to hopefully help with the nausea. Anyone use them yet?  
    We also haven't told many people so it's becoming increasingly harder to keep it hidden at work. I've used a lot of sick time already so I'm liking the idea of just taking a little bit of vacation time.

    Pretty pumped about that boob growth already though hahah

  • 7w today. Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now. Pee, that is. All. Day. All. Night.
    It's serious. I thought about peeing in a foam cup while in the car line to pick up kids from school on Monday (I didn't, of course). Aside from that, I've been very tired and somewhat moody. Now leave me alone. I gotta run to the bathroom and go to bed.
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