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  • What not to read late at night unless you want to piss yourself black eyed kids... Ughhhh creepy!
  • Trying out gripe water for the first time tonight. We normally give her gas drops but thought we'd see how the gripe water worked, since she's been a little fussy the last few days. She's been awake since around 7 I think and at 9 she started screaming which she never does. It's currently 10:48 and Hubby and I have been taking turns trying to calm her, feed her, burp her, and give another dose of gripe water. Wondering if we should have stuck with the gas drops :/
  • Yep! Same here @Miz_Liz. I still am amazed I signed up for this.
    And I'm still soooo tired ....

  • Any of your babies doing this yet? :-/
  • We are up... not for a motnbut because l.o. cannot decide what he wants. Neither of us napped today because MIL was here and everytime he fell asleep she'd wake him up. My hubby is now in the process of calling her to wake her up as pay back. Babies that dont nap dont "sleep better at night" so the new parents are calling for more of her amazing parenting advice. :-) petty but i feel better

    Lmao :D omg this was entertaining! The pay back part, not the part where you couldn't sleep!
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