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Two month shots

Holy hell...

LO handled the shots like a champ and was somewhat pleasant after. Two hours later he was screaming his head off. Straight up wailing. I have never seen him like that. Ever! I wanted to weep right along with him. I tried all the 5 S's and nothing worked. I gave him baby Tylenol and thankfully it settled him. I wanted to give it to him right after the shots but the pediatrician told me to wait in case he was
fine after. I get his reasoning but I wish I just trusted my gut and gave it to him anyway. He was good for about 6/7 hours but started up again so we gave him another dose.

Today just about killed me. Please tell me he will wake up happy tomorrow? I hate seeing him so upset!

Re: Two month shots

  • One thing that does help, is to make sure they get a warm bath and exercise the legs and rub them. I always give Tylenol after shots. When they can have ibuprofen, I'll switch off between the two!
  • Mine just got his this week too! Ped said to give Tylenol every 6 hrs for 24hrs after. I also gave him a nice warm bath that night. The tetanus shot makes their leg hurt just like when we get it. Your LO could be a little more fussy for up to three days.
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  • Ugh. I'm dreading these shots next week. I cried when she got her HepB & foot pricked at 1 month. It was the first time I heard her pain cry.

    How many shots did your pedi give? The list has a few things, but I wasn't sure what they combined.

  • LO was fine within 24 hours. But..she was not a happy camper for those 24 hours.
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  • Mine just got his yesterday too and my day sounds like it went exactly as yours did. Was fine initially then I think the soreness kicked in. It was heartbreaking hearing him cry. He's been better once I have him Tylenol. He got a bit of a fever too so I'm still giving it to him every 4-6 hours. I'm hoping he is back to his normal self tomorrow (today technically).
  • My girls bounced back super quickly from the shots. They slept the whole car ride home, woke up wailing (pain wailing) so I fed them and they went back to sleep. We didn't use Tylenol at all, my pedi actually said not to give it until at least 4hrs after the shots because it could mess with the effectiveness of the vaccine. Not sure if anyone else was told that, but that's what we were told
  • My baby boy had a slight temp and some pain after. But with some Tylenol and massage and lots of cuddles he was good within 24 hours.

    Hang in there mama! I know it's hard to see your LO in pain!
  • LO slept a lot afterwards that day and then was fussy during the night. Seemed to be back on track the next day.
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    I am pretty sure it was shot day at our pediatrician's office. My son was great at the office. He stopped crying the second I picked him up and then fell asleep. Then two hours later he woke up screaming in pain. He slept the whole day bc he was in so much pain. The next day, he woke up is old happy self. Thankfully DH is taking LO to get his 4 month shots.
  • Ugh. The 2 hours after pain cry. Just gave Tylenol. Please kick in. This is pitiful.
    We had an awesome nurse who was really quick.

  • LO pooped a lot for the day following shots. Like 8 times. She usually only goes 1-2 and it smelled terrible.
  • @hswan26 I thought hers was a weird consistency and smelled weird too
  • Oof! She slept for 4 hours after the appt, but then woke up and realized what had happened... Red faced screaming ensued. She did not want to unclench her one leg at all... And her thigh seemed puffy. Called doc and did a warm bath and then a cold compress plus a dose of Tylenol, and then she calmed down. Poor baby!
  • This thread is making me want to cancel my appointment in 2 weeks :( poor babies
  • Had our 2 month shots a couple of days ago. Screamed a bit when shot was given but calmed down. I gave tylonol afterwards and again later that day. Poor little girl looked miserable all that day. She slept the majority of it only woke to eat. While awake she would burst into tears every few minutes. But no fever, sweeping, or brusing.
  • paige0704 said:

    This thread is making me want to cancel my appointment in 2 weeks :( poor babies

    Have baby Tylenol on hand and at the first onset of screams give it to him/her! We aren't talking about whimpers or a little tears. These are full on screams. I recommend an early appointment so it doesn't leak into the evening. It only lasted a day though. Perhaps it won't be bad for your LO. I pray it's ok for you. Let us know!
  • LO cried immediately after the shots but calmed down pretty quickly when I fed him. That evening he had a few hours when he was really upset, which isn't like him. DH was great, cuddled him and walked him around until he settled and then let him sleep on his chest. After that he was fine, slept like his usual self overnight and everything. We didn't give him paracetamol (Tylenol for the U.S. Bumpers) but I had it ready just in case, if he had been upset for any longer then I would have used it. Seeing your baby so upset really sucks, but I'm glad that he's got some protection now, especially with whooping cough (pertussis) seeming to be on the rise.
  • paige0704 said:

    This thread is making me want to cancel my appointment in 2 weeks :( poor babies

    This baby's not two months yet, but my other two kids have gotten all of their shots, and only once did I even have to give Tylenol after. Usually they'd cry for the actual injection then be fine once I picked them up. So it's not all screaming horror stories.
  • ^^ I hope not I'm getting worried reading all these comments lol
  • Ugh we have ours Monday im terrified
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    You all are really freaking me out. Our appointment is next Monday at 11AM. Now I'm scared it's not early enough. I also made sure DH would be with us. I have SUCH a hard time seeing her in pain and sometimes he has to step in as a calming presence. I have to keep reminding myself that she really needs these vaccines and they're routine. :-S
  • I'm sorry I scared you! I really didn't mean to. It will be fine. Your LO's may not even have a strong reaction. I truly hope they don't! Let us know.
  • So baby girl took a 3 hour nap after her shots and now she's on nap 2 and it's already lasted 2 hours. I hope to god she still sleeps tonight
  • @henrytviii that makes me feel a lot better!
  • We had our appointment today. LO cried a little bit by the time I did up his jumpsuit he had stopped. He has more or less slept all day, hopefully he'll sleep tonight.
  • We had shots today. Slept & nursed like no big deal...woke up four hours after the shots screaming in pain. Nothing I was doing was working so I gave Tylenol. He's asleep on my chest now. Poor baby. I feel horrible.
  • I'm sorry mama! It will be ok. Baby Tylenol is magic! He will seriously wake up tomorrow completely fine!
  • Forgot to add that I fed LO afterwards and then she spit up a ton. So I suspect the rotavirus oral dose did not take. Nurse didn't seem to think it was a problem... She was like, oh well, she gets another dose in a few months...(?)
  • hoodoll82 said:

    Forgot to add that I fed LO afterwards and then she spit up a ton. So I suspect the rotavirus oral dose did not take. Nurse didn't seem to think it was a problem... She was like, oh well, she gets another dose in a few months...(?)

    Mine spit up a ton too, but it was a while after the vaccine. Didn't even think about that...

    @btm013 thank you and I hope so! Those wails broke my heart. I was hoping to avoid Tylenol, I'm not sure why, but it definitely helped him.
  • Had shots this morning around 10:40.. Took a 45 min nap and a 1 hr nap since and had been fighting sleep and eating every hour! Aren't shots supposed to make her more tired?? She usually has no problem tKing 2 good naps and a cat nap around 5ish..
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    Poor baby! Had shots early afternoon. She's acting fussy and a bit uncomfortable so we decided to try giving her the Tylenol dosage her Ped recommended but she keeps spitting it out! Stressful - any tips?

    ETA - @caitlincunn Ours is fighting sleep too!

    Also, she just spit up. Ugh. She seems a hot mess all of the sudden. Poor babies!
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