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  • My guy had his shots on Monday and is acting normal, but still has a noticeable knot in one thigh. It also happens to be the leg that bled much more than the other. Not a lot, but the other leg a little drop welled up and wiped away and no more, this side actually bled enough to come out from under the bandaid and get on his onesie. Thankfully it doesn't seem to bother him unless I press really hard trying to massage it away, but did anyone else have a residual knot at the injection site? (What's more is this was the side he only got one shot, not the side that got two)
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  • @slynnn768 our LO got shots last Friday and he was fine Saturday and Sunday, but Monday he was terribly fussy and gassy, I wonder if it was from the rotovirus vaccine.

    @mellymar I haven't noticed any knots, but the nurse did tell us that laying a washcloth soaked in warm water on any knots cant help.
  • @mellymar I would try a warm bath followed by a cold compress on the leg... We didn't have a knot but did have some swelling and that plus Tylenol resolved it!
  • LO got hers on Monday and I swear since the. She has been extra fussy and only wanting me ALL the time it's cute but exhausting and note to girl last night sharted out a mustard colored gelatinous ball and then did it again in the middle of the night. I thought it was allergy related but bc it ended up Happening 3 times I brought her in today to doctor and brought diaper to show this mucus ball and he said it is from body defending itself from rotavirus vaccine!! I was relieved it wasn't something else but also weirded if you see this mucus don't be alarmed unless bloody!!
  • Thanks for sharing all your experiences. My little guy goes tomorrow. Making DH go with me because I don't think I can do it alone. & plus I planned it on his three day weekend so he can be home to help with the fuss.
  • My girl had hers today and she was so sad and miserable afterwards. Broke my heart cause she's usually so happy. She didn't sleep immediately after, in fact she missed her late afternoon nap entirely. So we gave her a bath and fed her and put her to bed a little early.when she still fussed we gave her Tylenol. And she calmed down and eventually settled down. It's been 3 hours and so far it's quiet. Hope she gets her usual amount of sleep and wakes up not in pain. Didn't realize how sad I'd get for this poor girl :(
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