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Daily symptoms, Friday 5/29


Re: Daily symptoms, Friday 5/29

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  • Cannot sleep once again!
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  • hswan26hswan26 member
    devyns2nd said:

    hswan26 said:

    I didn't sleep well, bc of my boys. One had a nightmare about Captain America???? And the other was just being ornery.

    Still have this rash that I'm pretty sure is shingles. I have an appt at 11:30 with my GP.

    I had shingles with my first pregnancy. it was early on though and made me high risk for the rest of it. After the first tri I think the concern is growth restriction. It was painful and made the rest of pregnancy a pain in the ass. And even to this day my DD is a peanut.
    What?!?! My Dr said I was fine, no big deal.
    I was 14 weeks when I had it so LO hadn't really done any growing yet.
  • klkonwiklkonwi member
    No one gets a medal for birth ..... It's downright bullshit. Lol :)
  • hoodoll82 said:

    Oh PS we now need a new middle name though .... It was gonna be Pearl or June based on a June birthdate. We discussed it the whole hour drive to the hospital and still got nothing...

    I absolutely LOVE her name and that you used Ramona! It was a name I found on here (forget who posted it originally), and I think it's fantastic. Congratulations!!!! So happy for you, and wishing you a smooth recovery from what sounds like a particularly intense day.
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