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Daily symptoms, Friday 5/29

what's up today, ladies?

Re: Daily symptoms, Friday 5/29

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  • hswan26hswan26 member
    I'm weepy today. And I have a headache. I sleep like crap and am up at 5 am like clock work every morning, mind you bedtime has gone from like 9 to midnight so 5 am is no bueno.
  • Good luck @hoodoll82 ! T&P for an easy delivery! Happy anniversary @amark11 ! I don't really have any bad pregnancy symptoms today but DD is sick and throwing up so its doctor trips for her and DH isn't feeling well so today at almost 39 wks I get to be caretaker :| I have a feeling that I'm going to be really tired tonight!!
  • so. i was up at 5 am. im gonna be hella grumpy today between that and.. other things.. hopefully i fall back asleep soon. but im gonna be pissy regardless cause someone deserves it. also feeling that acid reflux already. oh joy. :-L
  • I didn't sleep well, bc of my boys. One had a nightmare about Captain America???? And the other was just being ornery.

    Still have this rash that I'm pretty sure is shingles. I have an appt at 11:30 with my GP.
  • Whoo hoo @hoodoll82! How exciting! Looking forward to reading your announcement when it comes out!

    Congrats on your anniversary @amark11!
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  • I'm in so much pain I've been having contractions since Friday night. Yet I'm only dilated to a 3. Went to hospital yesterday and was treated for the beginning stages of a uti. I can't wait til it's all over
  • Congrats on your anniversary @amark11 and yay @hoodoll82 so happy to hear that !

    For me...lightning crotch is still going. I like to describe the feeling as if someone took a baseball bat and just hit me at full swing. Swelling. Hands going numb in my sleep. And I'm sure there's more.
    I'm still extremely anxious since having my membrane sweep and now I'm just regretting doing it because I'm a bit disappointed nothing has changed. Buttttt oh well....baby will come when she comes !
  • My feet have swollen now so I officially can't wear flats/slip on shoes anymore. And I had a similar experience with the hospital and UTIs last night, went there cause I had some cramps and spotting and wanted to check on baby, and they gave me a prescription for amoxicillin for the start of an infection. Baby is good, just a precautionary thing.
  • R87R87 member
    Had 12 hours of contractions last night and then they just stopped : ( they are starting up again but they are all over the place.
  • klkonwiklkonwi member
    @laurendutch I'm nervous about your shingles!!!! :(.
  • @Addelie  Same exact thing here with the BH!  So crazy looking and feeling......I would say closer to 50% of the time I am having them!
  • aj1327aj1327 member

    Happy anniversary @amark11
    Good luck @hoodoll82

    38 weeks today! Just plain ass uncomfortable...all.the.time! I think I'm so exhausted and sleep deprived my body is shutting down at night, or I can finally sleep a little!

    Not a symptom, but thoroughly annoyed that I have to attend a last minute baby shower for us at my DH work. Not to sound ungrateful, but I really don't want to go b/c it will be awkward! I barely know these people, it's at his work HQ, and he works for a huge Fortune 500 company. I just feel weird accepting and opening gifts from all these people that I don't know. Ey-yi-yi

    I feel annoyed that I have our family baby shower tomorrow. I also don't want to seem ungrateful, but I'm big, tired, and uncomfortable. I feel your pain and I know everyone that will be there.
  • thay33thay33 member
    edited May 2015
    Having bad menstrual cramps, leg cramps, back pains you name it! I can't wait for this to be over... My doctor told me her goal is to get me to 41 weeks because my baby is small ugh! Due date is Tuesday but I guess we will just have to wait!

    ETA: I've also been put on strict bed rest... Told not even to wash the dishes %-( :-q
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