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How long had you been trying?

I'd been trying since December 2012 and I finally got my positive on New Year's Day. Two whole years. I even saw a fertility specialist in December who ruled out anything obvious and wanted to do a HSG test. My ovaries were like "$1500 test? Hell no!" Anyway, this is my first pregnancy and I'm super pumped.
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Re: How long had you been trying?

  • Congrats!! with my first it took 9 months which is a drop in the bucket compared to two years! This time after I got clearance from dr had some precancerous cervical issue it was only two months, and I kept saying to DH it won't happen right away boy I was wrong!
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  • Congratulations!

    We've been trying since March 2013 (so started 3 or so months after you), but we got pregnant quickly we just haven't been able to get any to stick.

    FX for a happy healthy 9 months!
    BFP May 2013 - MMC at 8 weeks
    BFP September 2013 - MMC at 12 weeks
    BFP February 2014 - early loss/CP at 4.5 weeks
    BFP May 2014 - MMC/ complete molar pregnancy at 11 weeks
    BFP December 2015 - DD born 8/18/2015
    BFP November 2016 - pending...

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  • Thanks! @yellow1daisy‌ I really hope you can get one to stick.
  • We tried for 8 months. We had some testing done back in October due to my history of endometriosis. I had an HSG and all came back clear, but my husband's SA wasn't as great as we wanted it to be. We were going to be referred to an RE after my cycle was over in December, but I ended up with a positive pregnancy test instead! We are thrilled! :)
    TTC #1 Since April 2014
    Me: 27 | DH: 31
    08/2006 - Laparoscopy/Stage 1 Endo
    10/2014 - Bloodwork normal, HSG all clear
    10/2014 - DH's SA 15mil/mL, 35% motility, 6% morphology
    BFP #1: 12/29/14 | EDD: 9/9/15


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  • We actually weren't "trying." I don't like the idea of using hormonal birth control, so I track using a simple app that I thought was working well for us; I guess not.

    We planned to TTC this Summer so we could have at least 2 year age gap, but now our 2nd and 3rd child will only be 20 months apart. Still trying to process that age gap.

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  • We started trying in August of 2013 and got pregnant in sept 13 and m/c at 5w5d then was unsuccessful until dec of '14 and m/c again at 5w and got pregnant immediately following and I found out January 10th :) currently at 4w1d and put on progesterone suppositories. GL to everyone!!
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    [Deleted User]Shundiec
  • We weren't. Lol I was on the pill and got the flu. I was on antibiotics and some other meds and well here I am. But my partner and I had discussed having a child (my daughter is 12) but that is as far as it went. He and I are both ecstatic though.
  • Over four years. During my infertility testing they found that I had polyps and needed a DNC to remove. Big mistake as I developed ashermans syndrome (inter uterine scaring) that took three surgeries to correct and I am still only about 75 percent.
  • It took me 9months for my first, and 3 months this time.


  • It took us 8 months & 4 medicated IUIs to get here. We're so excited! I have PCOS & we saw an RE for our girls, too.

    [Deleted User]trinay05
  • This time around it took 6 months... the first 4 we tried naturally, the last 2 I have been on hormone therapy.  I have PCOS, and needed the hormone therapy to conceive my DD who was born in 2012, so we decided to go for it right away instead of waiting...

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  • We had been trying for 8 months, which felt like an eternity--but thats nothing compared to the amount of time it took many of you. I won't complain about how long it took now. :)
  • We use Creighton... I got pregnant the first month we started trying. Our plan was to try for 2 months, then if we didn't get pregnant to wait to start trying again in May, but it didn't take long. We feel really blessed.
    TTC: Dec. 2014    -     BFP: Jan. 3rd, 2015    -     EDD: Sept. 15th, 2015   
  • I feel so blessed that it only took 4 cycles for us. Congrats to all of you that had to wait so long! My SO told me how quickly he and his ex conceived both of their boys and we were definitely trying much more actively than she would allow when they were trying so of course my existing fears of not being able to have my own children made me feel like a failure after the 2nd cycle. Round 3 we both ended up sick and missed my O. I was so horribly upset when I found out that he would have out of town training right about when I should have ovulated on cycle 4 but luckily he was only gone for 1 night. All my worrying was for nothing as I'm now 5w1d! Still a little in shock and having a hard time believing that I'm not going to wake up from this and find out it's all a dream. Again, congrats to everyone! So happy we can all be here together!!!
  • Congrats! We tried one time. My DS1 will be 6 in June so I decided why not give it a try! Couldn't believe it worked!
  • I had a friend tell me about her difficult experience...2.5 years trying! I'm not going to lie, it terrified my DH and I! Last month he said lets do this, I said yay buddy..and here we are!! I'm kind of in shock over how quick it happened but very grateful, praying everything turns out okay. 6w tomorrow.

    A little piece of my heart brakes on here when I hear of a loss.
    19gem87Texascat trinay05
  • First month trying. I'm nervous because I felt like it was too easy. I'm aware of the struggle some couples go through. Just consider us blessed for now.
  • Took almost a year (+1 miscarriage) with my first. Was trying but was breast feeding the first year (had 2 miscarriages after that) ... So 1.5 years total with this one. Hope it sticks!
  • My husband just stated a new job this summer, so we did not want to have a baby until September when he can take his time off.  I wasn't into the idea of being home with a 2 year old and a new born without any help. Turns out the first time we could get pregnant, we did. Eeks, I feel like were cutting it close!


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  • Congratulations!  We tried for 5 months this time to get pregnant.
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  • Congratulations. We tried for almost 3 years with #1 & #3. This time, we weren't trying. Which completely and utter blows my mind with all the issues we had to get and stay pregnant.
  • March 2014 is when I went off oral BC pills. My first go around with my DS, it happened right away (literally the next month!) so it was frusterating the second time around.
    Married: 04-13-12 

    SS: 12-13-02 | SD: 12-13-02

    DS: 6-8-13 | Sept 15' #2


  • I got my first BFP the first cycle of trying. I know it's not common to happen, but it worked for us. I'm hoping the baby sticks.
    together since '03 / married since '14 / started TTC Dec '14 / Holy shit! BFP 12/28/14!
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  • Talk about perfect timing, congrats!
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    Married: 10/4/2013
    TTC Since September 2014
    BFP 11/30/2014 ~ EDD 8/13/2015 ~ CP 12/5/2014
    BFP #2 12/30/2014 ~ EDD 9/13/2015 Stick bean stick!
  • sdfonz619 said:
    Talk about perfect timing, congrats!
    Tell me about it!

    I abruptly left the TTC board because I didn't want to be like, "Hey, I know I just joined 10 days ago, but I have my BFP already! Bai!" I joined TB and first posted on the TTC board on 12/16 and apparently my conception date was 12/17. I got my BFP on 12/28. I just snuck out instead of saying anything, as to not be a huge twat about it.
    together since '03 / married since '14 / started TTC Dec '14 / Holy shit! BFP 12/28/14!
    Sept '15 Siggy Challenge - Happy Dance!
  • We tried for 12 months, with 3 cycles of clomid, and decided to take a break in December, when it suddenly happened.  This will be our second, our daughter is over the moon, and so are we!
  • We started TTC September 2012 and just got our very first BFP 28 months later to the day.  We did 5 months of treatment with the RE and then we had to take a break for a month and I O'd on my own so we decided to see what my cycles would do on their own and I have cycled every month since then and that was in May 2014 now we are 4 weeks pregnant with our first little miracle. 
  • DorkyMama said:

    sdfonz619 said:

    Talk about perfect timing, congrats!


    Tell me about it!

    I abruptly left the TTC board because I didn't want to be like, "Hey, I know I just joined 10 days ago, but I have my BFP already! Bai!" I joined TB and first posted on the TTC board on 12/16 and apparently my conception date was 12/17. I got my BFP on 12/28. I just snuck out instead of saying anything, as to not be a huge twat about it.

    Yeah this is us too. Between the day we started trying and the day I got my BFP was like 10 days. We were super lucky

  • First cycle for both kids. I swear, my uterus is like a Venus fly trap for my husband's swimmers.

    On a related note, I'm so happy for all of the other women on here who got their BFPs! Here's hoping for some sticky babies!
    I'm being featured in a new pregnancy/motherhood blog during the month of October, so if you ever wanted to know more about my pregnancy, birth, and motherhood experiences than anyone ever should, check out my posts in the link below! :)

  • We decided to go off BC for one month just to see if it would happen... And less than 4 weeks later we had multiple BFPs. I couldn't believe it!!!
  • Started TTC in September and got a BFP at the end of December. Was really sick at the beginning of November so it was probably better that way!
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  • We have been extremely blessed. Our oldest 3 months, our twins one month and this time first month as well.
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  • We have 2 dds 3&5 and started trying for #3 last year. Got a BFP in Sept and list the baby. d&c the end of October and now expecting a Sept 15 baby our first cycle trying after our loss. Still amazed at that
  • It only took my and my husband one month. The doc told me it would take awhile so I was super shocked when it happen to so fast. I think God everyday for this little blessing!! I'm around 6 weeks now we have our first ultrasound on the 26.
  • It took us 7months. But we were unofficially trying the first 3. So only 4activly trying. My first only took 2months so I was getting frustrated this time around. But I'm grateful it happened and didn't take longer.
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