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Is it Friday yet?
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  • embear22 said:

    I don't get the hype about 1Direction. I don't like any of their songs and I don't find any of them attractive. Probably because they look 12. This is probably blasphemous on the parenting board.

    I also just posted one in the RTT- my dogs used to be my everything, but now I can't wait until they move on to their rainbow bridge. I'm just over cleaning up their hair and the constant pacing around.
    Re: your dogs. I've been feeling the same way about my cats.

    Also, I've been hearing the term "rainbow bridge" a lot lately. Did I miss some cultural reference or something?
  • ambarnett1ambarnett1 member
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    thomas930 said:

    @avidkeo at this point I only have one bra that I can wear :\"> so that is a semi regular occurrence.

    I'm not BF and my boobs have gone back down, but I still wear the same bra a few days in a row. Although they are swelling again, so I guess that can be my excuse. Maybe?

    Eta- Spelling

  • Roufi said:

    In reference to the baby names thread where I talked about how Quebecois pronounce Seamus wrong all the time: back when Harry Potter came out I actually thought it was pronounced Seem-iss as well for pretty much all of my teens.
    So I totally knew what I was signing my kid up for. Just really like the name now that I know how to say it.

    @Roufi‌ - How is it supposed to be pronounced? I must have missed it.
  • Acers said:

    On that note. I confess I've been considering reading some steamy romance novels just so I feel in the mood again. Ugh, the no libido thing is getting old real fast.

    I feel ya ...
    [Deleted User]ladygali
  • Another reason why we are one and done. I adore my boy, and have no sentiments pulling at the heart strings of "someday it would be nice to have a little girl!"
    UnofficiallyLO[Deleted User]edoliesmomladygali
  • snowbound said:

    LO pooped and puked in his crib the other day. Instead of changing the sheets for his mid-morning nap (I forgot), I covered it with a receiving blanket and laid him down.

    This makes me think of Big Daddy and the newspaper everywhere!!!
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    [Deleted User]snowboundmichaelad3kwolslager
  • Another one: I'm skipping work this morning so I can drop Isla off at daycare and come home and craft. And I'm sooooo excited about it I can't stand it. I'm ready to drop her off and she isn't even awake yet.

    And another (like I said, I'm waiting here, ready to go). We bed share due to pure laziness. She sleeps in her crib just fine. She would probably sleep in there after she wakes just fine... But she gets up at 4am and I would rather bring her in bed, feed her and go right back to sleep than get myself up and take her back to the nursery.
  • Our next door neighbor finally moved down for season and I'm so bummed! Now I'll have to start putting a shirt on when I let the dog out back and probably move my workout routine inside aka shaking my ass to rap music.

    I'm also thankful we had a boy. I don't think I have enough estrogen or empathy to have a girl and I was a boy crazy, school skipping, body piercing, smoking, drinking teenager. Sorry Mom!
  • embear22 said:
    I dont get the appeal of camping out and waiting in line for hours for an iphone. I think its a little ridiculous.
    It's absurd!  I walked by the line downtown near my work yesterday and just shook my head.

    Now, my coworker waited in line at 5AM (actually took the day off work) waiting for a new Cabela's to open the other day.  The dude lives for fishing so it was pretty endearing to hear him tell about how awesome the new store was. 

  • On the subject of bitchy girls, a girl from high school also had a baby in April. She was the beautiful popular cheerleader and I was awkward, ugly, and struggling with an eating disorder. She's a Facebook friend and when she posts photos I compare myself to her and get a sick satisfaction that my baby is cuter and I've lost more pregnancy weight. Then I feel like a total monster because she's actually very sweet and she's never done anything to me other than just being better looking. X_X
    I just can't get out of the habit of comparing myself to her! It's very important to me to raise my daughter to be a better person than I am. I don't want her to be a 34 year old with the insecurity of a 15 year old girl.

    I think we have the same life, same situation here!
    Ashleypixie[Deleted User]
  • When I found out LO was a girl (my second) I actually stressed out at first thinking - two! Two girls?! Basically for the same reasons everyone has mentioned. I kept thinking that its going to be my job to teach them everything they need to know to navigate the waters out there and it scares the crap out of me! I don't want them to be as insecure and vulnerable as I felt when I was a teen. I felt like maybe with one we'd get lucky and escape some of the big pitfalls - body image issues, bullying... But with two..forget it... At least one of them is bound to be a hormonal mess...
  • The only reason I'm excited about the iPhone 6 is I'm hoping the 5 will now be a free upgrade instead of $199. 2 years later and I'm suppose to feel like I'm getting a deal?! Psh.
    [Deleted User]MommaY4814eireyesSoulTermination
  • I got caught up in the hype and ordered the iphone 6 today. I wasn't going to since I didn't want to pay $200. Then they sent me the trade in offer fro $200. Fell for it. I'm so weak.

    I am eligible for an upgrade a month. I am so excited to get one :)
  • Girls can be little demons. A lot of my body image issues are a result of teasing. Starting at probably 8?

    My confession is: My husband and I have not EVER had cable/satellite since we have been married! (Going on 3 years). My mom has had to tell me the World news up to now. :| that's ridiculous to me. Lol

    Satellite is being installed next week ;)
  • In regards to the girl thing: I always wanted boys for this reason. I was homeschooled from 3rd until high school, so I have no idea what going through junior high is like. It sounds awful from the way everyone describes it. I'm terrified Edolie will come home with issues, and I'll have no idea how to help her. :(
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  • I've held out on having cable over satelite because I hate looking at the satelite dishes... I think I may finally give in because I *think* we could potentially save $100 a month... 

    FFFC - I'm a stubborn idiot.
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  • But you went to public high school. It's the same shit.

    Truth. Junior high is just a shock to the system because it's the first encounter with pubescent monsters who were at one time fairly nice kids.
    Well that makes me feel better? :-S I went to a big school and was really shy and quiet so no one messed with me. Hopefully she'll be the same way, but I feel like I missed out on a lot because of that. So I don't know!
    February Siggy Challenge: Favorite TV couple ~ Jim & Pam <3

     Edolie Mae ~ April 21, 2014 <3
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