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33 weeks & just moved.. NEED recommendations

As stated above I just moved to the Denver area .I am 33.5 weeks with my Second.  I am in desperate need of suggestions for an Ob/gyn and hospital. We have been going back and forth between Sky Ridge and Swedish Med Center. Unfortunately, I have not been able to see either facility as we just moved here a week ago. :/ 

Re: 33 weeks & just moved.. NEED recommendations

  • Both hospitals are good. Go tour both to get a feel. If it were me I would go to Swedish. I know more about them than skyridge.
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  • I delivered at Skyridge and loved it. 




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  • Skyridge has a ridiculous C-section rate. Like over 40%. I know one person of many friends/ acquaintances that delivered there that actually had a vaginal birth.
  • I think it depends on what part of Denver you live in or live near. I know convenience and proximity to the hospital are sometimes really important. I'm delivering our babe at Lutheran Hospital which is in Wheat Ridge. I live in northwest Denver so it's super close (only about 8-10 minutes away). I've been seeing a group of midwives there and they have a lovely birth center in the hospital. 

  • I just delivered (early at 33 weeks) at St. Joseph's. They were fantastic. My doctor is with Rocky Mountain Women's Care, and attends at St. Joe's as well. I came in pre-eclamptic and was all sorts of messed up, and they were so caring and wonderful. My son is still in the NICU there and I'm utterly confident in their skills.
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