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  • 1) He can read my mind by looking into my eyes. Then he says what I'm thinking out loud before i have the chance
    2) He's from Naples Fl. But we meet in Cape Coral an hour away.
    3) He told me he'd rather me give birth to a dog when i told him this baby was a girl.
    Now I'm going to attempt to post a pic on my cell

  • Stace0616 said:

    1. He refuses to drink any hot beverages (found that out on our first date at a coffee shop lol) 

    Crazy!  Why??  Will he eat/drink Soup?  I am so curious about him now, lol.

    He has a "thing" about food/drink temperatures. Hot food must be piping hot (like so hot you'd burn your tongue) and cold food and all drinks must be very very cold. I once caught him about to microwave my mother's fine china with gold trim at Christmas because he needed his second helpings to be way hotter than my family serves them.

    I don't get it. Maybe I'm weird but lukewarm food tastes fine to me. But yeah, he doesn't do hot chocolate, coffee or tea--ordered a smoothie on our first date. I guess I like them a little odd ;)
  • My husband is a gentle giant and one of the best people I know.

    1. he is 6'7"

    2. he's one of the quietest, easy going people I've ever known. I've seen him angry enough to raise his voice 3 times in the 7+ years I've known him.

    3. he is no handy man. He has no tools of his own, and no desire to have any. I'm the one that owns a power drill, not him. Plus side of this is I don't have to worry about him hiding away for hours at home depot and coming home with thousands of dollars in tools :)

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  • 1) I met DH at work, and we still work at the same company, instant messaging all day every day.

    2) DH will be 34 or 35 when LO arrives, depending on when it pops on out, lol.

    3) DH is more feminine than I, in the way that he'd rather shop and dress up. I'd much prefer to stay home on NYE and watch the ball drop in my yoga pants, lol.. He wants to always go out to a fancy party.


    And my DH hates tomato too! He loves spaghetti, tho... weird guy.

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  • 1) He has a degree in English, but he has been in computer programming/software development his whole career. We went to the same university, but four years apart and never met.

    2) He does not like mushrooms unless they're on pizza.

    3) He went to school in Italy for six months as a teenager after reading A Room with a View and falling in love with the idea.

  • 1.  He's the shortest guy I have ever dated (5'7") and nothing like the person that I thought I would marry (but couldn't be happier)

    2.  He's Puerto Rican but only knows moderate conversational Spanish.  In fact, when his best friend's wife met him, she swore he was Italian :|

    3.  He can BS with anyone about anything

  • AprilMay9 said:
    1. He is obsessed with sports. 2. He is the most generous and kind person I know. To a fault - he worries about everyone's happiness. 3. He is super hot.
    Love the #3 lol - I think the same about my own.
  • 1. He doesn't like cheese on hot food unless it's Mexican food. He loses his mind if you put cheese on a burger. Also, he does not eat cold cuts or condiments of any kind.

    2. He is a licensed X-Ray Technician, but decided to join the NYPD at 30 years old after 9/11. He's also gearing up to go to EMT school.

    3. He is obsessed with fantasy football and baseball and is embarrassingly competitive with it.
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  • 1. He's #4 of 7 children
    2. He graduated with honors from college the year our 3rd was born.
    3. He can bake cookies like a master.
  • 1: he says he's not a picky eater, but he has a lot of weird food texture issues.... ie: no nuts in things, I can't "sneak" veggies into things or he'll pick them out, but he'll eat them plain!

    2: he was 35 when we got married and 40 when our DD was born. He'll be 43 when this LO comes.

    3: he loves almost anything with a motor and could tinker with them all day: cars, trucks, trains, model trains, toy helicopters.... You name it!

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  • @LaurenCourtney- I was over 10lbs at birth too (closer to 11). DD was 9lb10oz, and born with about 30 min of pushing. Big babies are great. Don't be scared.
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  • 1. He used to be a clown
    2. He can fix anything
    3. He's a red head (who is currently bald with a very red beard)

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  • 1. He's 9 years older than me.
    2. He's the funniest person I've ever met.
    3. This is his first biological child.
  • 1. We've been best friends for 4 years and dating for 18 months. He came out of an awful relationship with someone who didn't care to include him on her decision to get pregnant and thought that would save their relationship. She told him a month after they broke up she was pregnant and he tried to make it work but wasn't able to. We started dating 3 months after his daughter was born and I consider her mine as well we have 50/50 custody and no drama:)
    2. He races asphalt modified cars. He loves it. I love watching him do something he loves but it makes me so nervous. I am by far the girliest person at the track besides our DD who wears pink "don't cha wish your daddy could race like mine" shirt
    3. He's the sweetest, kindest, most generous person I know. We worked together for 2 years before we dated and every day he would do something to shock me. I'm very lucky:)

    This picture was obviously pre pregnancy;)
  • SLSchuerg, I am the same way as you!  It is so nice to have someone able to compliment that side of you so well. 

    Stace0616, mine is the same way with his food and drinks, either piping hot or freezing cold.  I am fine with room temp anything.  I still think it is funny how your man doesn't like hot drinks though!
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  • 1. He was a character performer at Walt Disney World and would move back there in a heartbeat if I'd say yes. 2. He has two associates degrees but is working on his bachelors in secondary education to teach high school biology, with the eventual plan to get his masters and possibly teach post secondary classes. 3. He also hates tomatoes, and most vegetables. He also hates melted cheese, which I think is the strangest thing in the world.
    does that mean pizza is out?! that would have been a deal breaker lol
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  • Can I add 3 more. My first three were crap. My brain wasn't working.. Lol.

    1. He's 21 and I'm 20. He's the oldest of 7 and I'm the youngest of 6. His mom is around the same age as my oldest brother and his grandma is around the same age as my mom. His youngest brother will be about 6 months old when Aiden is born.
    2. He has one tattoo. He got it because of me. I have four and he knows how much I love them. I talked him into it a couple weeks after we met, but he loves it. We both plan on getting more after Aiden is born.
    3. He tries to act like he's a hard-ass, but he watches Pretty Little Liars with me every Tuesday and we watch Will & Grace almost every night even though I give him the remote and always give him the option to turn the channel or I tell him I'll go in the living room for PLL. He's the sweetest person I know. He wouldn't hurt a fly.
  • Sorry forgot pics...he's also only 5'6" so he is a little shorter than me and ha long hair.
    The first is him with his brother, the other are from our wedding
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  • 1. He's 10 years older at 37. 2. He's in the Army Special Forces (love a man in uniform!!) 3. Before he can eat ice cream he lets it sit out for 15-20 minutes so it gets all melty.
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