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CPW - Ever thought about vegetarianism?

My diet is about 70-80% vegetarian, but I'm thinking about taking the plunge.



Re: CPW - Ever thought about vegetarianism?

  • SS - I was a vegetarian through high school and freshman year of college, but I studied abroad in Mexico and lived with a host family. I started eating meat again a few months before my trip as to not be rude to my host family. Haven't gone back. Stick out tongue
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  • I WAS a vegetarian for 8 years, but was brought back by a plate of shrimp scampi and a x-country road trip 
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  • id sooner die...  pry it out of my cold dead hands
  • I already am a vegetarian. I gave up meat when I was 10. It certainly made things difficult for my parents when it came to making dinner!

    ETA: I'm not really a true vegetarian anymore since I started eating some shellfish about 2 years ago. I'll only eat shrimp/crab/scallops on occasion. But for the most part I stick to a vegetarian diet.

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  • I was for about a month in High School...I love steak too much.
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  • SS- I was Vegetarian for 3+ years. I ended up getting really sick and I am still anemic to this day from it. I did switch to just eating fish, eggs, and chicken for a few years until recently. I still don't eat much in the way of red meat or meat in general. I would go back too, I just can't. My system needs the extra protein.
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  • Well...I love a good salad....one that has lots of chicken in it!
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  • I was for 13 years then I fell down the stairs and banged up my knee pretty badly. When they did the x-ray my bones showed the effects of poor protein and low calcium. My Dr suggested that I either start eating meat or start eating a higher protein vegetarian diet.

    Going back to meat was just easier. I didn't have any convictions (ie Meat is wrong) it was more that I just didn't care for it. If my kids ever want to be vegetarian I have no problem with it and I have several family members who have been vegetarians for decades. I just did it the wrong way.


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  • OMG, my sister has just turned vegetarian (or is trying it for a month).  I'm sorry, but that's just not my sister.  She loves meat and if I have to hear her say "oh I love my morning star patties" one more time, I'll shove one up her rear.  YOU LOVE MEAT!!!  You just want to be a vegetarian because you saw a movie about it...

    I don't know why it upsets me so much other than because it seems like one more thing that's changing between us.  Now we can't share yummy recipes.  


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  • she asks while I am stuffing my face with a cashew chicken stir-fry that is to die for!  LOL.  I could never be a vegetarian.  I love red meat too much.  I could do without poultry and pork, but I love me a good steak now and then.
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  • I was an ovo lacto vegetarian from age 14-22. It was all for principle and such. When I lost my passion, I started eating meat again. I could totally live without it though. It's my least favorite thing on the plate.




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  • I was vegetarian (close to vegan but not 100%) for about a year and then I slowly slid back in to eating meat.  I would love to go back but my biggest struggle is having a very omnivorous hubby and a toddler - I was sometimes preparing 3 different things for dinner so that everyone was happy.  I still eat a mostly vegetarian diet but don't exclude it all the time.  


    And in re to:


    OMG, my sister has just turned vegetarian (or is trying it for a month).  I'm sorry, but that's just not my sister.  She loves meat and if I have to hear her say "oh I love my morning star patties" one more time, I'll shove one up her rear.  YOU LOVE MEAT!!!  You just want to be a vegetarian because you saw a movie about it...

    I don't know why it upsets me so much other than because it seems like one more thing that's changing between us.  Now we can't share yummy recipes.  

    You can absolutely share yummy recipes.  Do you like, say... chips and guac?  PB & J?  Scrambled eggs, homemade pizza, lentil soup, Bean burritos, fruit salad?  

    My point is that non-vegetarians enjoy "vegetarian" food all the time.  Simply because someone does eat meat, it doesn't mean that they have to eat meat at every meal and are perfectly capable of (and often do) eat foods that don't contain meat and are technically "vegetarian".

    When I went veg there was nothing worse than my family members who I am close with, who were so unsupportive of MY personal eating choice.  My aunt that I am really close with once made a comment saying, "I hope you're not feeding Tyler that vegetarian crap!"   I was like, "Um, don't you eat a peanut butter sandwich and an apple for lunch every single day?  Because technically that's 'vegetarian'. "   

    Anyway it was very discouraging that I got flack for it from her and others and I still harvest a bit of resentment for their feelings regarding what I chose to eat & not to eat.

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  • I don't like enough vegetables to do this. My boss became vegan about a year ago and has lost nearly 100 lbs and says he has never felt better in his life (and he is 60). I can understand the appeal, but I am not willing to give up my tasty meats for stuff that makes me gag!
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  • SS - I was a vegetarian when I was a kid. I refused to eat meat after my Aunt & Uncle, who owned a farm, slaughtered their cow. I thought it was a pet and was devastated when they hosted their big family BBQ. I started eating it again when I was in my late teens, but now I only really eat chicken, fish and the occassional hamburger. I haven't eaten a steak in over 20 years.

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  • I've been a vegetarian for about 16 years. It was harder at first because of lack of options. Now, there are so many alternatives, that it's not a struggle at all. It helps that DH is a vegetarian too.  I don't ever see us going back. 

    There are tons of options for protein - beans, soy, nuts, cheese, greek yogurt, etc.

    Also, you can definitely share recipies - some just might need some tweaking. There's lots of substitute products out there - fake ground beef, fake chicken fillets, etc.  I still often trade recipies with my non-veggie friends.  I have a killer sloppy joe recipe that can be made either way!

  • I've been a vegetarian for the last 15 years. For me it wasn't difficult to give up meat and I don't miss it. I would go vegan but the thought of giving up cheese bring tears to my eyes.

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  • I've recently started to get into the whole holistic health movement and ethical eating etc... I've not made the leap yet but am seriously considering going vegetarian.  My only reservation is that DH is totally not on board so it would make meal planning a much bigger challenge than it already is.  But I'm almost there!
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