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Hello. Lurker here. I'm on 10mg Lexapro. I haven't really had an appetite since my babies were born, so I was hoping the meds would help. Unfortunately my appetite is still nonexistent. I'm eating about one meal a day and I usually have to force myself to eat. Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Re: Lexapro

  • I'm on Remeron, which is given to eating disorder patients to increase their appetite. It really kicked my appetite into gear, and has helped with my anxiety. Beware, you may eat like you are stoned and if you have trouble controlling cravings it could lead to increased weight gain.
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  • I didn't have any appetite, but once I got on 10mg of Lexapro it helped.  I wasn't eating normally, but enough to get by and not be malnourished.  Does it help if you have your favorite foods around?
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  • i am on 10mg of lexapro too and it hasn't affected my appetite at all one way or the other.
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