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Anniversary Gift (NTTGPR)

Our 1st year wedding anniversary will be on the 10th so I took boudoir photos for DH. Unfortunately, the album won't be ready until after our anniversary. The studio was nice enough to send me a couple of the photos so I can print them and at least have something to give him.

 I want to do something creative, but not sure what, any ideas? Should I just simply print them out and wrap them up, and let him know that its just a preview of what's to come?

 TIA for your input!



Re: Anniversary Gift (NTTGPR)

  • The first year is paper, so I would just wrap them up and present them to him over a nice home cooked dinner.
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  • You can put that in a clothing gift box and just wrap a red ribbon around it. Or Michaels has really nice gift/storage type boxes. I almost used one of those for my boudoir pics but ended up having time to do the book. GL! He will love them!

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  • Thanks! I thought keeping it simple would be best. I just wasn't sure if I should frame them, or make a card out of them and have some prints inside, or what.
  • Aawww, a nice gift box would be cool. Thanks!
  • Love this gift idea for DH! I think the cute gift box or card sounds nice. He will be so excited!
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