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Thanks girls - i did it!

I kept my cool, showed zero emotion, was respectful, and stated the facts.  I told him to seperate our family life from our professional one.  Indicated that i felt that i was at a dead end regarding this company.  After a ton of excuses, he admitted full responsibility. 

Started talking about DH (he works here too) - and I promptly put a stop to it saying that I do not speak for DH on a professional level and he would need to speak to him privately.  Also indicated that he should not hinge the future progression of the company based on my marriage b/c it wasn't fair.  (he probably now thinks that DH and I are on the outs.)

In the end, we'll see if he actually follows thru on all of his promises.  They've been empty in the past, so I don't hold much hope.  But I said what I needed to say, and i feel empowered.

Thank you girls for hearing me out thru all of this.  Thank you for standing behind me, supporting me and encouraging me.  Big hugs to each of you.  You are such wonderful friends!

Re: Thanks girls - i did it!

  • Good for you!! I know it must feel good to have gotten all of that off your chest. I hope that his promises are not empty and that you actually see a change.
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  • Just got caught up on your posts - congrats!  I think it's great that you got everything out you wanted to, and here's hoping he follows through with some positive changes.
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  • Good for you! I'm glad you feel good about it. I hope the promises are not empty.?
  • Way to go Kerrin!  I'm proud of you for speaking your mind and holding your ground.  Good for you!!  I hope your dad steps up this time and sticks to his promises.
  • Good for you! I bet that felt great. I hope he follows through and that things improve.
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  • You rock girl! Time to draw the line in the sand.  Any chance of a board still?  I hope it all works out. 
  • Good job--hope he follows through and you are happy with the results!
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  • Good for you!!! Hope you see some changes out of this.  I am impressed with your strength and restraint.
  • Way to stick to your guns!  That had to feel really good.  I hope your father does stick to his word now and makes things better for you.
  • Kerrin, I am sure you were up all night worrying about your meeting today, and cannot imagine how difficult that was for you. We are all so proud of you and I hope you are proud of yourself too. I am not sure what kind of promises your father made but I hope for the well being of his family he follows through. Maybe I missed something and I apologize if I did but what has your mom said through all of this? Do you have any other siblings working there? Not trying to pry but curious if they are treated the same way you and your sister are? Anyhow kudos to you girl.
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