Recreational time question.

What do you plan for recreational time? I have heard some states have allowed homeschooled children to be on school sports teams or band. Does your state? If not, what else do you have planned?
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Re: Recreational time question.

  • Our state allows homeschoolers to join school sports teams. There are also several all homeschool sports teams that travel and compete just like public schools. Or there is always the option to go with private clubs for different activities. Gymnastics,
  • Our state (NC) does not currently allow homeschoolers to participate in school sponsored sports, but there is legislation in the house to allow it. I am not holding my breath, though. In our area, homeschooling is VERY popular so there are many options

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  • There are so many opportunities where I live, but unfortunately most of them occur during my younger kids' naps.  :(

    My first option is Homeschool day at the YMCA.  They have one day a week that is open to homeschoolers.  They play

  • I believe the states that allow equal access to public school extra curriculars are  Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Other states vary district to district.

    My state allows hom

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  • I was allowed to participate in school teams etc when I was a kid. (FL) 

    I was in band in middle school and played on the soccer team in high school!

    I was also involved in Scouts, 4H, a drama club, and a club soccer team.  

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  • Our city has homeshool sports team! Also music and theater group.
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