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WWYD w/old work clothes?

I need to do some spring cleaning in my closet. When I worked, I pretty much just wore slacks and nice tops and sweaters. I've been SAH for 6 months and haven't worn slacks once. I still wear pretty much all of my work shirts, they look nice with jeans and cute flats. I have 8 pairs of relatively nice slacks [mostly from Anne Taylor and Banana Republic] and I think I could get rid of them but I'm nervous for some strange reason. If I were to go to a wedding or nice dinner with DH, I wouldn't wear slacks. I'd buy something new, most likely a dress or skirt. There's really no reason for me to keep them. Right? I need a little push to get rid of them even though I'm pretty sure I don't need them anymore. If you worked in an office before SAH, did you get rid of your work clothes??
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Re: WWYD w/old work clothes?

  • Yes!  I worked in a 'business casual' office so, like you, I had a lot of nice-ish pants, that I would wear with different blouses/sweaters.  I actually have a huge bag in our living room now of 'donate' clothes (but I think I may consign som

  • The last place I worked was alittle more business suit wear- but the day I quit that job- I cleaned out my closet- I got rid of every business suit and professional dress, and all but two pairs of dress slacks.  I kept a dark gray pair and a black

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  • imagebananabelle:
    I just recently donated my old suits to an organization that helps women do job interviews. I held onto them for
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  • I still have work pants in my closet that are a size 4 and I haven't been a size 4 in quite a few years. So I am no help.

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  • As of right now I have kept everything.  The tops I still wear regularly, dress skirts and slacks I wear on occasion.  I still have several blazers that I never wear though.

     Personally, I would keep at least 2 pairs of slacks, lik

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  • I've been a SAHM for 6 years and still have some of the pants/blazers I wore.  I got PG after I quit, so I had a long period of none of it fitting (or it did the summer I got PG w/ DD3).  I can wear them now, so it is nice to pull out a pair of
  • Yeah, I donated everything to a charity that helps women get jobs. I'm totally blanking on the name. After I had DS I sort of realized that 1. It would be a loooong time before I was *that*skinny again and 2. I had no plans to go back to work and they wer

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  • I kept one nice blazer, a pair of black slacks and pair of gray ones. I finally got rid of all the blouse type shirts because they didn't really fit in the chest after having DD and the rest of the slacks. I'm a jeans and fitted cotton tee/sweater girl no
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  • I still have most of mine, but I wear slacks to church pretty often...you could donate them to Dress for Success or an organization like it though.
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  • I just had my baby in November and decided not to return to work in February.  I am very new to the SAHM role but have decided to start clearing out my closet as there are no plans for returning to work in many years, if that.  I have listed som
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