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Clover Clementyne Watson

I'm not sure if this was already covered on here or not but...

Barry Watson (7th Heaven) and Natasha Gregson Wagner had a baby girl on May 30th and named her Clover Clementyne.

Clover was inspired by Inside Daisy Clover, a film starring Wagner's late mother, Natalie Wood. 

What do you think?

 Clover has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.  I don't mind the middle name but I'd like it more if it were spelled Clementine instead of Clementyne.

Re: Clover Clementyne Watson

  • It's a bit of a mouthful to me but not awful. I agree about the spelling of Clementine, that Y is so unnecessary!

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    Clover is cute, not one I would use but it's okay. Same thing with Clementine...wonder why they put a y in there...
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  • I kind of love it, mostly due to Clover's personal meaning. The "y" seems unnecessary, but heck, that's what mn's are for.


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  • I like Clover for the meaning behind it, like the name Clementine (but despise their spelling of it), but do not like the names together.  Way too much of a mouthful.
  • I like Clover and love Clementine. Not sure I would have put the two together in the same combo. It seems like a quintessential Hipster name. I don't mind it, though I wish Clementyne was spelled with an 'i'.


  • That name is hard to say!

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  • image Laurakat81:
    It's a bit of a mouthful to me but not awful. I agree about the spelling of Clementine, that Y is so unnecessary!

    "Mouthful" was exactly the word I was going to use. It isn't bad it's just a little much for my taste.

  • MN spelling is diff, but I love the name Clover. My favorite crochet designer Vickie Howell's daughter is named Clover.
  • We have a dog named Clover - I can't imagine it on a human. I like quite a few nature/hippie names, but Clover is over-the-top, IMO
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  • Not a fan of either name.
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  • I think Clover is really freaking cute!
    I am with you, don't love the random y in Clemintine, but I think it's a good name.
  • I knew of way too many farm animals named Clover... so no.

    I was kind of hoping they'd go with Natalie somewhere, but I guess that's too normal for Hollywood people.  They all have to one-up each other in the odd name department.


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  • Although I don't like the name Clover, I love the meaning behind it! Clementine is ok, but only if it's spelled right. And putting the two together kind of gives it a 'Sally sells seashells...' kinda feel to me.
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  • It's kind of crazy but kind of charming. It's the weird spelling of Clementine that really puts it over the top.
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  • I subbed for a girl named Clover this year.  She went by Chloe.

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  • I like the name Clover and I like the name Clementine (spelled normally without the random y) but I don't really like them together.  Then again, I don't really like names that have the same letter more than once.

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  • Agreed about the youneek spelling.

    Clover + Clementine together = trying too hard.  Although I like them both independently. 

    I kind of scare myself just looking my own sig now!
  • Interesting, DS1 took a tumbling class with sisters named Clementine and Clover.

    Hate the Y!

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