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Intro -- Hi Ladies

Hi there!  I am beyond excited to be joining you all here...I do recognize some of you from TTC35+ (from waaaay back).  After years of TTTC - we turned to adoption to grow our family and are truly blessed (aren't we all!) with our beautiful baby girl.

She was born 01-02-12 and was a little peanut at 5lbs 7ozs. The birth mother was from CA, so we flew to meet her and ended meeting our daughter a day later -- her EDD was 01-15-12.  Funny, but LONG story.  Maybe another time.  LOL!

I'm not sure how often I'll post...because I'm still getting used to being a mommy and running around like a chicken with no head.  HAHAHA  Oh, and I returned to work a couple of weeks ago - so I'm a working mama.

Have a great day!  Rach


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Re: Intro -- Hi Ladies

  • Congratulations and welcome :) 
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  • Rach!!!!  I'm soooo happy to see you over here!  Congratulations on your baby girl and welcome to motherhood!  The first few months are definitely a whirlwind, but do try to post when you can!
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  • Welcome and congrats! This is a slow board but everyone is really nice :)
  • Hi Rach!!!
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  • That's fantastic!! Congrats on your baby girl! Welcome to the board :)
    Me: 44 DH: 42. DS born healthy at 40 weeks 8/24/09. TTC since then with no luck or ART. Surprise BFP 8/6/14... MMC @ 8 weeks 4 days... Miss you everyday sweet baby angel.
  • Congrats and good luck.....enjoy the time with DD
  • Yay Rach!!!  Congrats on your beautiful baby girl I am so happy to see you over here! Now that my other little one is here, I don't post as much I used too either. Don't we all run around like chickens with no heads?  LOL!!


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  • *lurking*

    Hey there Big Smile  i came on looking for you....and yay i got ya!!!  Oh hun im so so so so happy for you all, glad to hear all is wonderful even going round without a head hehe thats the way i will be i just know it!!!  Oh hun again so happy and excited for you.   Again wishing you all every happiness with your beautiful little girl, take care (((BIG HUGS)))

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