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question about hospital stay

if i go in for a c-section on a thursday morning, assuming no complications, would i be leaving saturday or sunday?
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Re: question about hospital stay

  • Depends on your hospital. Standard stay for a c/s at mine is four nights, so you wouldn't be leaving until Monday. You can ask your OB. 
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  • I think it depends on your hospital and your preference. I left just after 48 hours but could've stayed the extra day if I wanted. I just wanted to get the heck out!!
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  • Just like pps said...depends on your hospital and if there are any complications.  I had DD on Friday and left Monday.
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  • I had LO Monday night and left Thursday afternoon. I could have stayed until Friday, but wanted to leave.
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  • 3 nights was standard at the hospitals where I had my first two.  With DD they said I could go home after 2 if I really wanted to, but I stayed.  IMO, when you've got another kid at home, take all the time you can (if insurance allows!)  There was no more laying in bed having food brought to me after I went home.  ;)
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  • not at my hospital
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  • 2 nights is standard at my hospital. I'll go in on tues. am and should go home thurs. my last 2 CS were 2 night stays and I was fine.

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  • It also depends on your insurance. My insurance gives 4 days. I had my first c/s at 1120pm on Sunday night and got Tuesday but I could have stayed until Wednesday. With ds2 I had my c/s at 8am Thursday and got out Sunday. I wanted to stay the extra day. 
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  • You should ask your hospital.  I went in on a Thursday (but it was an ER csection) and left on a Monday.
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  • Ask your OB. Every hospital has different standards. Ours is two nights for a two nights for a vaginal delivery and three nights for a c-section. That said, I had no complications, and was there from Mon-Fri.
  • Nope. At my hospital it is a 72 hour stay, minimum of 48 hours but need to be cleared for the 48 hours. Also, the day you have the section doesn't count. The first full day post op is day one. I had my c/s at 2:55am on Saturday but day 1 wasn't until Sunday.
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  • I had a scheduled c-section on a Tuesday at 7 am and was discharged Thursday at about noon.  I could have easily stayed another night if I wanted to but I was anxious to be home by then.  I missed my older child who was at home with my mom.  I was ready to sleep in my own bed and use my own shower, ect.  I do not regret leaving when I did.


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  • 48 hours for me.

  • We had him 8 am on a monday, left weds at 7 pm.  The hospital was great but by Weds am I was climbing the walls to get out......and I walked around a lot so that I could get out of there.
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  • Where I am, 4 nights is standard. I had him on Sunday and left Thursday.

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