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36 weeks with pre e being induced

when i went to my ob at 35 weeks everything was great. Then this past monday at 36 weeks i went back and all of a sudden i have pre e! So my doctor is inducing me tuesday on the 6th of september! i am a first time mom so i am really freaked out by this. I have alot of worries about my LOs health being born 3 weeks early and i have no idea what to expect from being induced or being in labor period. Also i plan to breastfeed and am worried that her being early will ause problems with it.
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Re: 36 weeks with pre e being induced

  • Don't stress too much. I'm sure if your LO was in any harm your doctor would not be inducing you this early.  By then you'll be 37 weeks which is considered full term.  Baby will be in great hands and so will you.  Induction is not all that bad.  Although I haven't experienced it myself (Yet anyways!) my sister, SIL, and best friend all went thru it. Just know that they will do what's best for mom and baby at all times.  And once your water breaks or is broken, things go fast! Good Luck and like i said DON'T STRESS! Your LO will be here soon!! Big Smile
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  • DS was born at exactly 37 weeks (which is considered full term)...Baby should be fine Smile
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  • I was induced at 37 weeks with DS due to pre-e and all went well. You are full term so get excited about meeting baby. Also google Brewer Diet to help you in the mean time.

  • I wouldn't worry too much about LO being "early"... you will be 37 weeks which is considered full term, not premature at all. Also, just keep in mind that it is a healthier option than keeping LO inside, or else your Dr. wouldn't suggest it!

    That being said, I would probably be kind of freaked out.. lol I am kind of banking on the fact that FTM tend to go overdue, so that I have time to finish all my preparations :)

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  • thanks everyone.. this really helped comfort me.. everyone i know has been tellin me horrible things about pre e and i got me really freaked out..
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