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Beta is falling sllllooooooowwwwly

Got my blood drawn again today and now my beta is down to 51, from 127, 8 days ago.  I'm relieved that it is dropping but discouraged it is so slow.  At this rate it will be October before I ovulate again.
After more than a year, 1 IUI, 1 m/c, then acupuncture/TCM = natural cycle BFP on 12/5/11!

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Re: Beta is falling sllllooooooowwwwly

  • I'm sorry :(  That is so frustrating.  I had the same problem after an ectopic in early May.  Hang in there, at least its heading in the right direction. 
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  • Ugh that must be annoying.  Like the pp said, at least it is going down...and btw, thank you for always answering my posts with such kind words of encouragment--it really helps!
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  • Ugh, so frustrating!  I'm so glad it's headed in the right direction.  Are you getting weekly draws till it's less than 5?
  • Ugh, that has to be so frustrating!  :-( 
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  • When did you have your m/c.  I had mine on July 5th and mine dropped fast... I was just curious if you do not want to share I understand.
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  • itsybitsybaby--I'm not sure if I will keep getting the weekly draws until it's below 5.  I still have to check with my PCP who is ordering these tests.  I would like to if she agrees because I think it will give me peace of mind.

    DSU--Mine was around the same time as yours.  I found out the heart had stopped on 7/1 and my D&C was on 7/8.  So it's been almost 2 months, I didn't think it would take this long. 

    After more than a year, 1 IUI, 1 m/c, then acupuncture/TCM = natural cycle BFP on 12/5/11!

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  • I am sorry...I know how frustrating it is to wait for the beta to drop....I hope it starts to drop quicker for you soon.
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