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The big potty

So, Nora is doing great with using the little Baby Bjorn potty. She has been without diapers during the daytime for a few weeks without too many accidents (fingers crossed), but she WILL NOT use the big potty. This is not an issue at home, but it puts a serious damper on going out! I can usually work around her "schedule" and go somewhere right after she pees, but I really need to get her comfortable with using the big potty when we're out and about. She (usually) won't even use the toddler potties at preschool! She just holds it until we get home, which makes her super-cranky, and it can't be healthy.

I mean, I get it... the little potty just fits her better. Her feet don't dangle and she feels more comfortable. But what can I do? The pedi just told us to heap praise on her for anything having to do with the big potty, which we are doing... but does anyone have any other creative solutions?

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