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First Vaccination Question

DD got her first round of vac's today and she is wheezing a lot and seems to not be able to catch her breath sometimes since we left doctor's office.  I gave her some Infant Tylenol and she is sleeping a lot, and is fine when asleep,  but when awake, she is scaring us to death.  Is this normal or should we call the doctor?
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Re: First Vaccination Question

  • I'd give a call too.
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  • Call the doc.  Most babies are a little fussy or super tired.  Wheezing doesn't sound normal to me.
  • Did she have the oral vaccine? That happened with DS when he was 4 months. Instead of swallowing the entire thing, he inhaled part of it. He was pretty wheezy for a few days afterward.

    But I would definitely call. It is always better to be sure.


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  • Any hives? Wheezing can be a sign of an allergy. I'd call ASAP!
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