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bouncer/activity center, legs too short?

I just bought my LO the Baby Einstein Musical Jumperoo.  The box said 4 months up to 25lbs.  Friends have raved about how much their children loved being in a bouncer so I thought I'd give it a try.  My LO is 4 months old and in the 95 Percentile for his height but his little feet are inches off the ground even when I have it in the lowest setting.

Anyone else with this problem?

Does your little one use one of these?  how old are they?

Re: bouncer/activity center, legs too short?

  • I put a box and a computer under mine when DD first started using the jumperoo. We are now down to just the box. 


  • Same problem, different bouncer. We used my dad's old college Shakespeare book for a couple weeks. Now we have a smaller book with a rug on it so he's not slipping & sliding. 

    My aunt used a baking pan's box for my cousin. Haha :)

    Good luck :)

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  • We fold up a thick blanket and stick it under DS's feet.
  • Just bought Baby Einstein's jumparoo today.  We tried it out at BRU and his feet do seem touch at tippee toes at lowest setting.  He's just shy of 5 months and was measured 26" a few weeks ago. 

    Books seem like a good idea and he'll grow into it. 

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  • Have a wii fit board? Works wonderfully for DD.

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  • We put a box underneath him.  He's really tall, so I don't understand why he can't touch, though!

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  • He may just have a long torso and shorter legs, which would explain why he's tall but his legs don't reach.

    DS is 28"+ now and can touch fine but two weeks ago we still had to use the tray from his highchair under him (worked perfectly).

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  • imageChalaine09:

    We used my dad's old college Shakespeare book for a couple weeks.

    That's funny... Ahh, the many uses for Shakespeare?!?!

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