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Hey...just wanted to let you know that you've got nothing to worry about with the Glucose test.  Are you doing it early in the AM or in the afternoon?

I did mine in the morning. I fasted only because I wanted too..however, at my doctors office, they just told me to stay away from OJ or any other fruit juice.  The night before I even had ice cream....lol...

I was worried that I wasn't going to pass it either, but everything turned out fine. It there a reason why you think you wont pass?

The drink that they gave me was orange flavor...and really COLD..so that helped me drink it easier.  Tasted like flat, very sweet sunkist

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  • that is so great to hear! My doctor told me the same thing about fasting but I plan on not eating any breakfast anyways. Luckily my appt is at 9 am.

    No real reason why I wouldn't pass I guess. I'm not really sure what makes you have GD but I'm just worried since I have been craving sweets the entire pregnancy and I have not really denied myself any. Hopefully, everything turns out good. Thanks for sharing your experience. It's very comforting to hear!

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  • Same with me...I love sweets and love them even more now that I'm pregnant and haven't had to worry about it.

    After this test...your weeks are going to FLY by...I still can't believe that I have about 6 weeks left (more or less)


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  • omg! 6 weeks! How exciting!!!
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