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Those who have already done their baby's baptism come in!!!

Hi girls, I'm trying to figure out what to give as the recordatorios for my son's baptism. I don't know whether to go with the old-school little folded card or like a bookmark or what. Please help me out! What did you give out and where did you get them. Thanks!!


Re: Those who have already done their baby's baptism come in!!!

  • My SIL did a bookmark and a wallet sized picture. I think my MIL made those chocolate lollipops too. HTH
  • I didn't do anything. We had a luncheon after the fact and thought that was a suitable "thank you" to our friends and family for coming.
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  • My cousin gave little rosaries as a recordatorio and I thought it was an awesome idea. I believe she bought them online in bulk. They were scented ones, made out of wood or some sort of cork. not real stones so it was cheaper. I have mine hanging in my car still.

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  • Angel frames with his picture... you can see the pic on

     I got the frames online.


  • I just put Nadia's Baptism pics on facebook. I had little mint tins as favors and my sister made cookies that I also used to decorate the tables. You can see pics of both on fb.
  • For Gaby we gave little tiny rosary's and for Alejandro I didn't give anything. I have come to the point where I know no one (myself included) don't keep favors so instead of tossing away money I just do something that you can eat or nothing at all.
  • we had a couple for madys baptism (they were all donated to us by dayreen's mom)  

    little tiny rose jewelry boxes with a tiny rosary in each one

    a glass soap dish with a homemade rose soap and gold cross on top of the dish

    favor box with almonds in each one and closed with a rose and a wallet size pic of mady's baptism

    a friend of mine also did chocolate crosses to lay out on the tables


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  • We did nothing.  Simple!
  • I gave out mini-rosaries and a frame with his baptism pic inside.
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  • we gave out the traditional recordatorios that had the godparent's names and where she was baptized.  my grandmother wanted to gift this to us, so it's why we did it over a bookmark!

    i also made little pink chocolate butterflies and put them in little plastic bags with pink ribbons and made tags on my computer that said "abby's baptism" and the date

  • Oh, and Jackie, we got ours done at Nunez Printing- it's on Flagler and 67th.  Ada Nunez is the owner and she's really sweet and accomodating.  It wasn't too expensive, either (kvwerne got hers done there, as well, i think.) 
  • We gave little sheer organza bags with a blue rosary inside....Everybody loved them :)
  • We actually held Eli's baptism with his first birthday.  We gave decorated baby jars filled with M&Ms and sent Thank you photo cards afterwards.
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