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Parenting after a Loss

now we really need good thoughts

the hospital called to tell us hadley's blood work came back and shows signs of a blood infection. they made us bring her back and they are admitting her now. we're beside ourselves. she seemed so much better today. i feel like the worst mom on the planet. i couldn't keep her safe inside of me and i can't do it on the outside either. i just want to crawl into a hole. please keep my sweet little girl in your thoughts and pray this can be kicked with the next 2 rounds of antibiotics they have ordered. and definitely pass that worst mom award. it is permanently mine.

Re: now we really need good thoughts

  • repeat after me...

    "I am a good mom, who loves her baby and is doing all the right things to take care of her."

    I am thinking of you guys, and hope that the antibiotics do the trick.  ((hugs)) 

  • You so are not getting that award....You get Mom of the Day for having to deal with all this. 

    I hope she gets better soon and I will be thinking about you guys tonight.  Please update us as soon as you hear something. 

    Big Hugs to you and Hadley!!!

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  • oh goodness you guys have already been through so much, I will be thinking of you guys and please listen to nova you are a great mom!
  • I hope she gets better soon! You are a great mom!!! 
  • Oh May, You are a great mom, you are doing EVERYTHING you can for your little girl. Sending lot of prayers your way.
  • Oh May!  I've not been on lately and didn't know there was something up with Hadley..I'm so sorry to hear this! Poor thing...and you must be so worried.

    I don't know much about blood infections but I do know that this is NOT your fault. Don't do that to yourself! Hadley will be ok and will soon be home with you happy and loved. You are a GREAT mom.

  • Aw, sweetie, you are an awesome mom.  Huge hugs to you and Hadley and Mr. Soup.  Get well soon, little Hadley!
  • HUGE hugs!!! I hope Hadley is better thoughts and prayers are with you both.
  • Keeping Hadley in my thoughts and prayers!  Praying those antibiotics kick some serious infection butt!
  • Aww may, this isn't your fault.  You are a wonderful mom, just look at how much you love that little girl!  I hope they can figure things out and she starts to feel better soon.  ((hugs))
  • May - I'm so sorry that Hadley is having such a rough time and I know you and Mr. Soup must be so scared.  I really hope she gets better fast.

    And please....STOP saying you are the worst mom.  There is NOTHING you could have done to prevent this and this is in NO WAY any reflection on your mommy skills.  Hadley is so lucky to have you, a loving mom who cares for her so much and is getting the best possible care for her. 




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  • Oh, sweetie. ?Thinking of you. ?None of this is your fault and your little girl is in my thoughts.
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  • Prayers... Hope all gets better soon.
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  • my heart goes out to you guys- I hope she feels better soon. Please don't blame yourself- it could happen to anyone:(
  • Keeping you guys in my thoughts, I hope Hadley is fully recovered asap.

    Ditto the others, you are a wonderful mom!!!

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  • You are a great mom and will be there for Hadley whenever she needs you.  I'm wishing for the strongest antibiotics her little body can handle so she can get healthy and happy again.  Take care of all of you!
  • I hope the hospital gets Hadley all better super fast!  Hang in there, honey.  None of this is your fault - you are a great mother.
  • You are a great mom May! You and Hadley are in my thoughts. I hope she gets better soon!
  • Don't be so hard on yourself!  You are a great mom who is doing EVERYTHING in her power to take care of her little girl. 

    (((HUGS)))  Lots of good thoughts and prayers for you and Hadley.

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  • Oh May, don't be so hard on yourself.  Hadley is so lucky to have you as a mom.  You are doing all you can.  I hope the antibiotics work and your little girl is better soon.  (hugs)
  • I'm So sorry your sweet Hadley is going through so much!  Just know that you are an excellent mother, and we'll keep praying for things to get better for you guys.
  • jen3jen3 member
    You guys will definitely be in our thoughts.  And you are a great mom because you are doing everything you can to make her better! 
  • You are in my thoughts and prayers!  Poor Hadley, and poor Mom and Dad for having to go through this.  I am praying that the antibiotics do the trick and she is better soon!!!!
  • Oh sweetie - You did nothing wrong! You're a great mom that you cared so much to get her into the dr's to someone who can help her get better!?

    ((hugs)) good thoughts, and prayers for all of you!?

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  • Oh honey. Had you known how to prevent this I know you would have stopped at nothing to do so. Don't beat yourself up! Kids get sick. Good parents recognize there is a problem and get them to the Dr. So I'd say you're a darn good mom!

    ((HUGS)) and prayers!

  • I'll be thinking of you guys.  I hope Hadley gets better ASAP.  And you're a great mom--this isn't your fault. 
  • You are a wonderful mother. A bad mother wouldn't care to take her dd to the dr, much less the hosp.?

    I hope she feels better soon. ?

  • Thoughts and prayers that she gets well quickly! 

    you are definitely not a bad mom!

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  • I will be keeping you guys in my thoughts, I do hope that get this taken care of quicky and little ms. hadley feels better real soon!  ((HUGS))) to the Soup Family...
  • None of this is your fault.  Or any reflection on you at all.  Hadley knows you love her and that you are a great mom. 

    Holding you both in my thoughts.  ((hugs))

  • May, you are a fantastic mom and you didn't make this happen to Hadley. I'm sending you al my prayers and hugs. I hope the antibiotics work. I'm just so sorry you guys are having to go through this.
  • I'm thinking of you guys and little miss Hadley.  I hope she's better soon!
  • we will definitely be thinking of you.. and you are the BEST mom.. and have had terrible runs of luck. It is not fair that you have to deal with this!
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  • You are being way too hard on yourself May! ?You're a great Mom because you created Hadley and you care!! ?Thinking of you all! ?Keep us updated on everything. ?((((big hug))))
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  • I'm so sorry May.  I can't imagine how frightened and stressed you must be.  I believe Hadley will be ok (I know it sounds trite, but I just have a feeling).  Take care of yourself. 
  • May, in NO WAY is this your fault! Kids get sick. Don't even think about blaming yourself. Just focus on keeping sane while you help Hadley get better.

    I'm thinking of you both and hope we hear a happy update soon.

  • ((super big hugs))
  • You are not a bad mom. I am so sorry you are going through all of this. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Big Hugs.

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  • I hope Hadley recovers quickly.  Big HUGS! 
  • Best of luck!  I hope she gets better soon!
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