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Baby Names Thread

We can use this thread to bounce around ideas! 

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Re: Baby Names Thread

  • Ughhhhhh. Not excited for naming. 

    I’m confident it’s a third boy and I got nothing. 

    And then our beloved girl name - well my sister in law had a baby 3 days after my 2nd miscarriage and her name is one letter different than what our girl name was. So now I’m pretty sure I don’t even want to use it. 

    So. I got nothing. 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • @wanderlustsoul also not super excited about it! We need two names, one Chinese and one English... luckily in China they give you a month after birth to come up with a name. Apparently we have to see a fortune teller to help with the Chinese name after the baby is born!

    We've planned on preparing maybe 3-5 gender neutral English names (since we can't know the gender before birth). Then maybe letting the baby pick? I saw some videos of people doing this and I feel like it relieves me needing to make a decision on one haha I'll post a picture of how I saw it done. You basically put their hand on the papers and then they'll grab one because of their grasping reflex.
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  • litzi-2litzi-2 member
    We're having another boy this time. We have a long list of beautiful girl names (that i'm honestly sad we'll never get to use), but boy names are so hard. We ended up with Jack for our first. We're kinda ok with Eli (some version of), Shane and Jamie. Will keep the search going. DH and I just don't agree on most boy names, which makes it even harder.
  • Boy names are so hard! I feel like they’re either super common, or really obscure. It’s easier to find unique girl names IMO. We were surprised with our daughter in 2019, and I’m 99.99999% we’re good to use our same boy name - just need to work through girl names at some point. 

    We have a weirdly spelled last name, so I’m also focused on first names that are not commonly mispronounced or misspelled. And, that have a nickname… even though not many people use our daughter’s nickname. 
  • We’re team green. My husband is adamant on James for a boy. It’s a family name. I’m not crazy about it but I’m sure I’ll learn to love it. Our DD#1 is Navy Marie. DD#2 is Cora Kacey. So far the girl names we agree on are Amber, Marley and Natalie. Middle name Joyce. I love Piper but he doesn’t. It’s hard to agree on names. We’re really hoping for our boy this time. If I got to choose the boy name it would be Jack. 


  • @wanderlustsoul Thank you for making this thread! I’ve been really looking forward to it! I’m hoping you will get lots of ideas, because I can imagine that people will be much more willing to share names that they’re considering here than they would in real life, since we don’t know each other! (Of course I’m sure there will still be a few who will want their baby to be the only one in the world with their name, and that’s totally fine!) 

    @mokamonster That is so interesting, that a fortune teller will help you choose Baby’s Chinese name! And I adore the idea of letting Baby choose their own name, as long as you can find several options that you’d be equally fine with! I’m sure you’ve thought of this, but you could also make two separate lists of boy names and girl names, then wait until the baby is born and write out only the names that match the gender on the little papers.

    @anniemarie887 I love that you’re looking for names that have built-in nicknames! I personally LOVE longer names that have several different choices for nicknames (for example Elizabeth could go by Ellie or Beth or Liza, etc), to give the baby a choice when they get older. They may want to go by their formal name, or they may prefer a nickname! Either way, it never hurts to give them the option! It is true, boy names are much harder for most people! There are simply not as many boy names out there, as there are girl names! 

    @jennaverhaeghe  I absolutely love Natalie Joyce! Do you have a middle name for James? Maybe your husband could compromise a bit more on the middle name, since the baby is getting his family names for his first and, I’m assuming, his last. Of course, James Jack doesn’t sound good, but at least he could try to agree on another name that you love for that middle spot! 

    As for me, I’ve always been really interested in the history and meaning of names! I’ve kept a running list of my favorites for nearly two decades (it has definitely evolved over time). With my last pregnancy, I named my baby girl (Adelaide Opal, nicknamed Ada) before I was even 8 weeks pregnant! I ordered custom Christmas ornaments with her name on them and gave them to family members to announce my pregnancy on Christmas (that was in 2019), and I was the first one in my BMB to announce my baby’s name! Once I had my miscarriage (discovered at 11 weeks), I was very glad that I had named her while she was still alive, so I got to spend time with her while knowing her by her name. 
    But this time since I’m so terrified of miscarrying again, I decided not to even look at my name list again until I make it through my first trimester. Otherwise I would’ve put too much pressure on myself to name her quickly before she passed away, and I may have chosen the wrong name because of that pressure. This time I want to take my time and make sure I get it right. (Side note: She will be named at some point, even if I do miscarry.) 
  • This is always one of my favorite threads! I’m such a name nerd. 

    @mokamonster That is so interesting about the fortune teller! I can’t wait to hear more about your experience. 

    My two boys both have family names (Arrington and Hartland, we call them AJ and Hart). We’ve run out of good family names lol, so this time we’re just using a first name we like: Quinn Frederick. Frederick is for my grandpa who passed recently, as well as my FIL. If it were a girl we would have used Juliet Catherine (Juliet I just like, and Catherine after myself).
  • @starlight8323 James’ middle name will be Albert. My husbands middle name and also a family name of his lol. I like it, as I do like James but I just don’t like Jim or Jimmy. I will never call him Jim or Jimmy but I can’t stop others from doing so. 


  • @jennaverhaeghe James Albert sounds absolutely perfect together! I bet you won’t get many people calling him Jim or Jimmy these days, since it sounds a bit outdated. But James is timeless! 💙 I also forgot to say before that Cora is one of my favorite names! 💖 
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    I have soooo many names that I love that my husband doesn’t love so happy to shoot that long list here for anyone 😂

    Otherwise, we’ve been TTC for a looong time and have two boy names ready to go, and one girl name. We did the early Sneak Peek test - and our first is a boy!

    His name will be Jude Kristoff 🤍
  • We are those weirdos who won’t share our names with anyone, even strangers on the internet, until baby is here. 🙈🙈 I’m a fan of classic names, that could be either for a 90 year old or newborn without anyone batting an eye at either. We also tend to have a hard time agreeing (though doing this a 5th time, I think we’ve realized the kinds of names we both like), and will usually go into delivery with a top 2 first or middle names.

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  • I have two girl names picked out and I've been out voted oddly. I love Adeline and Kennedie but I've been saying Kennie-bean (cause we call the baby a jellybean) and everyone else likes Adeline better. Also, our son that passed was the only K so I'd like a second K name. 

    Boy names I'm stumped. I dislike searching for boy names. I have Kallahan and Kaspian so far. But both are little out there even for me. Doesn't have to be a K but I'd like the name to end in -an since both my boys do already. 

  • starlight8323starlight8323 member
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    @andrawrmeda2 I love Callahan and Caspian! I know you said you wanted a K name to honor your son, and that is a beautiful thought. 😊 Here are a few off the top of my head. 


    ETA: I just now re-read your post and remembered that if it’s a boy you want it to end with -an! Sorry! 😅

    I absolutely love Adeline! Adeline Kennedy would flow nicely for first and middle, and that way you could still call her Kennie Bean when you wish 🤗
    Here are a few more K options:
  • @andrawrmeda2 my sister named her son Killian! I think that fits the criteria you’re going for

    Love the other ones you’re considering
  • The only name me and my husband agree on is Cairo. We’d use it for a boy or girl. Whatever name we land on we’re holding it tight until birth (with people we know).

    Others we disagree on include Jade, Shiloh, and Harper. 
  • @litzi-2 Eli was the only boy name DH and I agreed on before we found out we were having a girl last time, so will probably be on the list if this one is a boy.

    Otherwise I have no idea what we will name this one. DH and I both have common names that can be spelled several ways and neither of ours are the most common spelling, so we like names with one way or one common way of spelling to avoid their name being constantly misspelled.
  • Same! I adore names and putting them together 😍

  • andrawrmeda2andrawrmeda2 member
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    I adore the name Kieran or Kiernan. My husband isn't a fan though. Our last name is Irish and funky. A k isn't a dead set but I like the idea. This list is awesome though thank you 🥰 

    Some names I've tossed around 
    Kallahan, Griffin, Brigan (book character but I love this name) Kieran, Kaspian and Kassian. My husband's name is 3 letter and an E and my name is long and obnoxious and starts with an A. I'd love to keep a pattern to our initials but I don't mind the idea of switching it up. 

    I should mention, Killian is our baby boys name, we absolutely fell in love with it💚 we have Declan, Delanie and Killian to match with. I should also warn my friend has been yelling at me about being too picky over names, so apparently I'm picky 🤣

  • Hi All! We just found out we’re having a girl and can’t decide between two names. Would love your opinions!! 

    -Autumn (baby will be born at the start of the season)

  • @jennycota I love Autumn. It’s on my list. 


  • starlight8323starlight8323 member
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    @jennycota Oooh, I love Autumn, even for a non-autumn baby! It fits right in with all the nature names that are really rising in popularity right now! (Ivy, River, Sage, etc.)
    Teagan is losing popularity, currently at #254 after peaking at #150 in 2016, but maybe you’d prefer a less trendy name like that! 🙂

    ETA: Have you thought about middle names? That may help you decide, based on which one flows best with the middle name you choose! 
  • Thank you!! And great point! I think both sounds good with the middle names we’re considering :)
  • I love it!!
  • @jennycota Both names are pretty, but I’m another vote for Autumn

    I know I’ve shared already, but now that we’ve found out baby is actually a girl she’s officially Juliet Catherine
  • @cammie0526 Oh my gosh, I love Juliet Catherine! Classically beautiful, easily spelled and pronounced, and cute nickname possibilities! Great job, and congrats on having that decision done! 
  • We have had a hard time with boy names too. We are narrowed down to Harvey or Malcolm. Middle names Stephen, Frank, or Robert. 

    We were firm on a girls name but our embryos are male. (WLW IVF)
  • @elizabetha27 I love Harvey Robert and Malcom Stephen! Are Francis or Franklin an option for the middle name? If so, I like Harvey Franklin or Malcom Francis the best! 
  • I’ve thrown out Chiara/Kiara to my husband as a potential girl name. It would fit with my boys and it fits my parameters (easy to pronounce, not too popular, and can work in Canada or the Netherlands). 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • I'm having name dilemma now. I'm starting to think it would be cute to have one name that can be said in both English and Chinese but my husband hates the idea. My friend's son is Fay in English and Fei in Chinese (same pronunciation) and I thought it was cute. My husband said he wants our kid to have both though because it's not easy to find names like that and he really wants our child to have a normal English name so they aren't discriminated against in any ways back in the US. What do you all think? Just the two seperate names or try to find a name like Fay?
  • @wanderlustsoul Chiara/Kiara is cute, my best friend from childhood was names Kiara and she is a wonderful person! So I have good associations with the name already haha
  • @wanderlustsoul I named my cat Chiara (That was about 20 years ago.) At the time I thought I made it up, but later learned it’s a real name, at some point being in the Top 10 for girls in Italy and Switzerland! The Kiara spelling has been used more often in both the Netherlands and Canada!

    @mokamonster I think if your husband feels strongly about it, it may be because of his past experiences growing up and even as an adult being part of both cultures. For me personally I love names, and there are so many beautiful ones out there, so I wouldn’t want to box myself in to that criteria. But if I were you and I loved the idea of using the same name for both cultures, then I would probably try to come up with a couple names that could work in both languages, run them by your husband, and see if he becomes more receptive to the idea. If he doesn’t, then I wouldn’t spend your remaining time trying to find any more of those types of names, just use it to focus on finding two (or four) separate names that you can both agree on! 
  • Hello! Help choosing a girl name! Can not choose! Your suggestions.
  • We are having a boy and his name is Kanan (pronounced Kay-nen)!
    We were really hoping for a girl, but funny enough we already had a boy named picked out. Middle name is Lachlann because my husband is Filipino and traditionally, the mother's maiden name becomes the middle name of the kids.
  • @starlight8323 that's really good advice. I'll try that if I can find a few more names. I liked the name Eli recently but I'm not sure if it works for both a boy and girl. I'll have to see what DH thinks about it and if he still doesn't like it, we'll pick out multiple names
  • @mokamonster could be Eli for a boy or Ellie for a girl?

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • @mokamonster a month to choose the name is great! We have 3 days after birth to register the birth. 😅

    @litzi-2 we also liked Eli when pregnant last time. Went with Elliott intending to use the nickname Eli but I just love Elliott so much so he goes by that or ello. 😆

    @cammie0526 I love Juliet Catherine. How beautiful! 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • @wanderlustsoul being a teacher ruins so many names. I've taught a few Ellies and one was especially naughty
  • We are being surprised on sex for the second time… so MH’s dream is curious! He dreamt we had another girl, and we picked out a great name we both loved… but he can’t remember WHAT the name is. 😂
  • @anniemarie887 haha! At least he has the excuse of it being a dream! MH picked out 4-5 Chinese names that he actually spent time and energy finding. When I asked him about them a few days he ago, he literally told me that he never did that. I FOUND THE PAPER WHERE HE WROTE DOWN THE NAMES! And he still can't remember doing it
  • ok @mokamonster you win, that's pretty funny. 
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