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  • Any S+TMs just feel much smaller with subsequent pregnancies? I felt progressively larger with each pregnancy until this one. If I suck in, I could still pass for being just bloated. Still can't feel a definitive hard outline of my uterus. It's freaking me out. (I'm almost 19 weeks, so behind most of you guys)
  • @BourbonBiscuits I’m on my 3rd baby that’s made it past the 1st trimester. You can’t tell I’m even having a baby. I just want to flaunt a baby bump. But measurements are fine. I’m 21w3d my pants are a little tight but not really bothersome. I tried to do a size bigger and maternity pants but they just fall, it’s annoying having to hike up pants every few seconds. Each pregnancy can be different as long as baby is measuring appropriately nothing to worry. My friends say consider yourself lucky 🤷🏼‍♀️ it’s hard but try to stay positive with it. 
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  • @jeep4x4mom this is my 5th pregnancy (4th to make it this far) so I feel like I should know what to expect? Every baby reminds me that, although I'm not a first time mom, I *am* a first time mom to this child. UGH. I just wish I could go back to being blissfully unaware that things could go wrong like I was before my mc
  • @BourbonBiscuits I like that- I am a first time mom to this child. I am still in my regular pants and am still losing weight, which my doctor says is fine because I was big before, and I’m eating healthier than ever because of the diabetes. I try to remember it’s fine as long as she’s growing, which she is. 
  • @BourbonBiscuits yes, TTM, and I feel way smaller. Granted, I have also been trying to hide it up until now, so that may be why. But I felt huge with both previous pregnancies.
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    I'm not sure if I missed a pregnancy product thread and this was on it; but has anyone used the Babybub pregnancy pillow? It's pricey (to me haha), $50 but it was a targeted ad. I wonder if it'll be better than what I have which is 4 years old and I am having major back pain waking up every morning.

    Bub's Maternity Pillow™ – babybub | Maternity & Beyond

    ETA I have it in my cart and found a 10% coupon WELCOME10 for the code if anyone is interested. It'll probably sit in the cart for days haha
  • Does anyone else take the NatureMade Prenatal vitamins? I’ve had them all pregnancy so far and just had to buy a new bottle because I ran out. The problem is this bottle smells so strong! And the taste.. ew lol. I don’t remember them being like this before and it’s really off putting. If anyone else takes them, did you have the same experience? I don’t know if I just forget how bad it was in the beginning and the strength dissipates over time or if something is different with this bottle.
  • @sunflower028 Yes and I agree: EW! They were not nearly this strong smelling when I had my daughter back in 2019. I can taste them a little while after I take them, too.
  • @sunflower028 try taking them at night instead. I’ve been taking them for years while TTC, this pregnancy I had to switch to taking it at night. 
  • @sunflower028 yup, and they were awful. SO fishy. I found that taking them with juice helped me get them down. I was so glad to be done with the bottle and switch to gummies. The smell would even stick to my fingers after I took one. Never again!
  • Okay I’m glad it’s not just me!! The smell lingers on my fingers too! There’s no way I would have tolerated this first trimester lol. Still I might try taking them at night and see if it bothers me less. I suck at returning things and anyway don’t want to return them now that I’ve opened them. Maybe I’ll do it like we do for dogs and hide the pill in something more appealing 😂
  • @cait32 I got these and like them. It's fun with the animals! Although they do leave little animal shaped imprints on your legs haha
  • I’m having severe pain in my right buttcheek whenever I move to certain positions (bending over, turning). It hurts really, really bad! I don’t think this is muscle-based since stretching doesn’t activate it. Is baby on a nerve? Is anyone else experiencing anything like this?
  • @acamomma18 could be siactic nerve. If you see a chiropractor or get a referral for one that deals with pregnant women they can help with that pain. I have one on Wednesday after my ultrasound checkup and I can’t wait. It’s been hard for me to walk around. I’ve visited our chiropractor during both of my full term pregnancies and I plan to continue hoping our schedules workout. Hope you find some relief, our ever growing bodies change and bring on some uncomfortable side effects. 
  • @jeep4x4mom I suspected it was sciatic nerve after googling “sore butt cheek in pregnancy.” 😆 I see a PT for pelvic floor stuff and will bring it up there on Wednesday to start. Hoping your chiro brings some immediate relief (it really really sucks!).
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