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WTF Wednesday (3/2)

What’s making you say WTF this week? Vent away! 

Re: WTF Wednesday (3/2)

  • This is sad and embarrassing - yesterday was my daughter’s cake smash and I spent a significant amount of time squatting down at her level and chasing after her. Today my quads are super sore!! Wtf, why am I so out out of shape?! 
  • @twizzleraddict1 I decided to a pregnancy approved work out yesterday for 20 mins and not only did I struggle through the entire thing but today I've been walking around feeling so sore and stiff. A few months ago I could have easily done that workout... now I'm just out of shape and it sucks. 
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  • @darkrose88 ugh I’m sorry that you’re struggling too but it makes me feel a little bit better than I’m not alone! My Pilates instructor told me today that I “look more pregnant today than last week” !! Oh well, thank you 🙄
  • @twizzleraddict1 @darkrose88 I can sympathize on soreness and feeling out of shape. I could not work out first trimester and I’m trying to get back into it - I did a 20 min prenatal strength workout on Monday and my legs have been sore. It’s kind of nice to be sore again but the workout seemed so easy that it’s a little embarrassing 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • @mangoandguava bahahaha that made me smile. 😁
  • I relate to not having been able to work out in the first trimester. I’m going try to start that now! I just gotta self motivate..
  • My wtf is to myself… I freaking left my water bottle sitting in my driveway when I was loading everyone in the car for swim lessons. Now I’m thirsty and no water for like another hour and a half 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
  • @mangoandguava 😂😂😂 he definitely could have gotten away with saying that was his cousin though! Way better of a story though. 

    @mdfarmchick ughh, sorry! No vending machines or water fountains? I know the latter are usually off limits because of Covid though. 
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  • @dimeadozen MH did make it super late and brought me some water. And my water bottle was still in the driveway when I got home 😝
  • @starkette that sounds like my DH. 🙄
  • @darkrose88 phew! I'm going to remember that one for mantras. I have been able to continue working out through pregnancy-so far, but for like 25min vs an hour (before pregnancy). I really can't get a lot done but I feel it helps to at least keep a routine.
     Some days I am super slow and others are so productive! Just going with my body's flow.
  • @meagan822 getting motivated is definitely the hardest part! 

    @bre2022 I know exactly what you mean about not being able to get a lot done. Pre-pregnancy I was in decent shape and physically able to do things... now everything just feels harder. 
  • WTF my face. 
    My face is normally red if I’m not wearing make up but this pregnancy has just taken over my face with redness and bumps. I started two new products to help it two days ago but now I look like I have blotchy chicken pox. It’s straight embarrassing because my foundation doesn’t mesh with my skin anymore since I got pregnant. 
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  • @dimeadozen GIRL!!! My face is struggling. I went into DD’s room after my shower the other night and she was very concerned for me and said “WHAT is on your FACE!?” 😑
  • @darkrose88 @meagan822 Ugh. I know I just entered the second trimester, but so far nothing has really changed. Still very sick and it seems to have gotten worse? I'm so hoping I can workout soon... from 30-60 minutes everyday to nothing at all is killing me. I'm praying this nausea goes away and my energy comes back! 

    @dimeadozen @tmartin014 Yes to all of this. I cannot get this acne to leave no matter what I do. We're mask optional now in schools, but not only am I wearing it to hopefully keep myself from getting COVID from kids literally coughing and sneezing in my face, but to also cover this heinous face. Feeling SUPER not confident about any part of this body currently. :( 
  • @tmartin014 kids are so honest 😭 let me know if you figure anything out! 
    A few weeks ago I took off my shirt in front of DD and she said, “ohhhhhhhh, mommy. Your poor belly.” 🙃 thanks
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  • @brittanynmorris so sorry you’re not feeling confident in your body right now. So many different aspects of pregnancy are hard, but we’re strong for going through all this! I’m glad the mask gives you just a tiny bit of comfort 
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  • @dimeadozen Just hard experiencing all the changes, but I hope it gets better! And you're right, we are strong!
  • @brittanynmorris I'm almost 18 weeks... I'll say that I started feeling better (no more morning sickness) around 12 weeks but everyone has a different experience. Within maybe the last two or three weeks the pregnancy acne (which was SO BAD all of first tri) started to clear. I too was glad to be wearing masks just to hide the acne. So I'm keeping my FX that over the next few weeks things improve on both fronts for you. 
  • @darkrose88 Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
  • +1 for terrible skin and acne! It was the benefit of the mask, I didn't have to do my whole face in make up. My nose is ALWAYS red now because I've had a post-nasal drip since like 6 weeks and I'm constantly wiping it. Some days I just wear a mask because I feel so self-conscious about my red blotchy bumpy skin.
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