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**TW** Bleeding/Spotting/Threatened Loss Support Thread


Re: **TW** Bleeding/Spotting/Threatened Loss Support Thread

  • @kat_vegan87 That's hugely comforting to hear. I hoped it was just the full bladder doing that.

    I think 24 weeks is considered viable, and earliest surviving preemie was 21 weeks I believe. I'll be 24 weeks on Wednesday.
  • @krthouse hope you are feeling well today!  I understand the nerves and anxiety, hope your midwives can help talk you through everything you are experiencing.  We are all here if you need support.
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  • tpecitpeci member
    If it's useful info for anyone I've had Braxton Hicks since 5-6 weeks. Apparently they're always there but we're just less likely to feel them before 16-20 weeks. I was surprised since first time around I had started feeling them at 20 weeks but every pregnancy is different.
  • My OB gave me my delivery pre-registration and I just told her it's awfully presumptuous to assume I'm actually going to make it. I can't get my head into this. It's near constant fear of losing him. 
  • @krysnicole1022 I feel you. Every day I have to wake up and say, in this moment I’m pregnant. And in those moments I’m able to do stuff like pre register, and wash clothes and other things. Other times, I can’t do anything because I’m scared. 
  • @jilliboo I think once I clean out the baby's room and have the work done I need that and can start painting/decorating then I'll be in better shape. I've bought baby clothes but I can't do much until we get someone to add a door to the room. I also need to rip out carpet because it's nasty. 🤢 Our roof was falling apart so that became priority one and second is getting a car that we can fit the baby in. It's a lot and every step I take I feel like I am going to be more devastated if something goes wrong. 
  • bows22bows22 member
    @krthouse how have you been feeling? I need to catch up on other threads but have been thinking about you ❤️

    I think everything is fine, I am just putting this here because I don’t really know where else to post, but I was in a minor-ish car accident on my way home from work. I talked to my OB who said that I could go to the ER to get checked but that they would probably have trouble keeping the monitor on the baby the whole time for an NST so if I’m going for peace of mind I might not get it. So I’m going to see how things go, she told me what to look out for. But it was definitely really scary and am just feeling so thankful that it wasn’t worse. 
  • @bows22 That's so scary and I'm so glad that you didn't have any major injuries. If you find yourself getting really anxious and want peace of mind ask for an ultrasound or even just a doppler.
    Also, thanks for checking in 💕 I haven't had any of that painful cramping since so I think it must've been my full bladder while hustling. Braxton Hicks still a regular occurrence but since those don't feel like painful period cramps I know those are normal. Baby girl has been extremely active so I'm not as worried as I was.
  • bows22bows22 member
    @krthouse my OB said that someone would call me tomorrow to check in and I’m going to ask about an ultrasound then. I didn’t feel him for about 2 hours after so I almost changed my mind but now he is bopping around so I think he’s okay. I’m glad your baby is also on the move, definitely makes things less stressful 

  • @sandy5693 So glad you were able to get that reassurance that you and baby are okay 💕
  • @bows22 I’m so sorry about the accident and hope you’re feeling better! Good to hear that baby has been moving around for you, too. 
    @sandy5693 ugh, what a way to spend Father’s Day. 🤦‍♀️ I’m so glad you made the call and got reassurance. 
  • @sandy5693 that’s how we spent our Father’s Day as well. Glad all is okay with you and baby. We are doing fine as well. I started getting sick over the weekend and went to an urgent care thinking I had a sinus infection. Which I do plus a double ear infection. But my blood pressure was super high for me. My blood pressure is always perfect, so this was a little alarming. My heart rate was also consistently in the 120s-130s while I was sitting down. So they did a few tests and told me to keep an eye on my blood pressure and sent me home. So I went home and took a nap on my left side and rechecked my blood pressure when I got up and it was still pretty high. So I called L&D and they wanted me to come in just to be safe. Of course when I got there the first couple times my blood pressure was a little high and then by the third time it was completely back to normal. Baby girl sounded great and my blood pressure is staying normal now. 
  • @mackenziep98 so happy everything is okay. Hope you’re feeling better from your sinus and ear infections too!
  • Spotting after straining to poop. Why do we have to have such tender cervix???? 😭😭😭
  • @jilliboo I don't know but it's bull crap.
  • And back to bleeding. I don’t know if I should go in, or call in the morning. I hate this unsure feeling of not knowing what to do. 
  • bows22bows22 member
    @jilliboo oh geez. Did you end up going in? Do they have an after hours line you can call? I would hate that feeling too. I hope you are doing okay. 
  • @bows22 didn’t go in. Turned brown quickly. Will message nurse to let her know though. 
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    33 weeks tomorrow... this is the first time I've ever had any bleeding during pregnancy (4th baby). This morning I went to the bathroom and had a spot a couple inches in diameter in my underwear, and dark pink mucous when I wiped. I put on a pantyliner and checked half an hour later- none on the liner, but some more of the dark pinkish/brownish mucous when I wiped, like a glob... I paged the midwife to let her know and get her advice, she said let's take it easy for a few hours and see if it resolves, but if there's any cramping, pain, or any increase in bleeding, to page her again and she'll order a stat ultrasound. Baby's moving, and I feel completely normal otherwise
  • Please keep us updated!
  • @momof_t_k_e_baby4 oh gosh I’m sorry for the worry. Fingers crossed it stops ASAP. Glad to hear that movement is continuing like normal. 
  • krthousekrthouse member
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    @momof_t_k_e_baby4 Great that baby is moving normally! I wonder if you're dilating a bit and losing some of your mucus plug in the process? Could be a potential sign of preterm labour so it's good that you're monitoring and in touch with your midwife about it. Keep us updated when you can 💕
  • Update: no cramping or pain or anything else out of the ordinary throughout the day. I really did ignore the vacuuming, garden watering, and shelf sanding I needed to do and took a nap. The spotting has been getting lighter and lighter each time I checked, and baby has been moving nonstop all day like normal. I'm not feeling worried at this point; fingers crossed it's just a weird fluke, and maybe I should just take it as a sign from my body I need to slow down a bit and stop with the heavy lifting and nonstop renovation work! (Well, thankfully we actually finished our basement reno yeaterday, now it's just cleaning, organization, and finishing furniture. Someone else will have to do the carrying of the furniture to the basement!)
  • @momof_t_k_e_baby4 i went in to pre term labor around 34/35 weeks with my daughter- the night before i had contractions and was unaware i was experiencing actual contractions and the next day i had spotting but no pain- went to the dr and they told me i was experiencing labor and i was dilated . They sent me home and had me slow
    down/rest and everything calm down until my water broke at 39 weeks. So I would for sure take it super easy but if you are nervous definitely asked to be checked. 
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