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**TW** Bleeding/Spotting/Threatened Loss Support Thread


Re: **TW** Bleeding/Spotting/Threatened Loss Support Thread

  • @ctsa That's so scary and hard. Lean on us if that helps you, and I'll be keeping you in my heart as you navigate what's happening.
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  • @ctsa sending all my love to you and your family 💜💜💜
  • @ctsa sending love and strength to you and your family. 
  • @ctsa I'm so sorry. 
  • @ctsa I am so sorry. Sending love and comfort to you and your family <3 
  • Having spotting after going off progesterone like dr said. 14 wks. Only a little red, more brown. Hb on baby was great, nothing on ultrasound looked concerning. So stressful. Previous miscarriage. 
  • @jilliboo I stopped the progesterone at 12 weeks. I've been a nervous wreck. I haven't had an appointment since I went off it and it's causing some anxiety after so many previous miscarriages. My appointment is in a week and it can't come soon enough. 
  • @cfranx oh my gosh what? I’m so incredibly sorry that you are going through this. I’ll be thinking about you, take care of yourself ❤️❤️
  • @cfranx I am so so sorry - sending all my love! <3
  • @cfranx I'm so sorry. There are no words that exist that can provide comfort. 
  • Oh @cfranx I’m so, so very sorry for your loss. Sending you hugs. Be gentle with yourself, and I really hope to see you in a future BMB when you’re ready. 
  • And I’m back. Had red spotting and tiny bit of mucus after pooping. Nurse said normal after constipation. Going in tomorrow just to be safe. I just want a normal pregnancy. Pgal is so hard. I’m doubting my body and having a really hard time. 
  • @jilliboo I had the same thing happen a couple of weeks ago. The cervix bleeds so easily for some of us. Please keep us updated and good luck!
  • thanks @krysnicole1022. This has been super rough. And immediately after I felt gross and achy. I just went home and laid on the couch. 
  • bows22bows22 member
    @jilliboo that happened to me too. I’m glad they are letting you come in though just so you can get some peace of mind. ❤️
  • @bows22 what happened if you don’t mind me asking. Was everything ok?
  • mia80mia80 member
    @jilliboo sorry if this is completely stupid to ask, but could the bleeding be from hemmeroids? You mentioned constipation and I know hemerroids are pretty common in pregnancy, and can be worse with constipation, which made me think of that? 
  • @jilliboo thinking of you and hope everything goes well tomorrow <3 That is so stressful so take care of yourself.
  • @mia80 yes. I’m positive. The way I wipe, I wipe the front, look to see since I have had pretty consistent spotting until 2nd tri, then wipe the back. And the blood was definitely from vagina region. 
  • bows22bows22 member
    @jilliboo oh yes everything was fine! I was having trouble going and was straining too much, and the next time I went to the bathroom just to pee I had some spotting when I wiped. It was gone by the next time so I never called, but I can feel the baby moving most days so I assume all was well.  
  • mia80mia80 member
    @jilliboo I'm sorry, I figured I was grasping at straws, but maybe? I completely understand always checking for blood, I do the same, and I don't think the anxiety ends until you get to hold your baby. Fingers crossed you get some relief at your appointment tomorrow. 
  • @jilliboo I hope you have a great, reassuring appointment! Thinking of you and sorry you’re going through this worry. 
  • And we are back to spotting/bleeding. 20/4 and called the triage line. Pink spotting turned brown the last 2 days, and red today. If it turns into a period, I was told to go to ER. Gonna call for an appointment to check baby today. I’m so sick of this. Why did I have to be a 1/200 who has a fucked up uterus??? 
  • @jilliboo please keep us updated! I'm sure everything with the baby is okay. 20% of women bleed throughout their entire pregnancy for unknown reasons. I'm sure your fucked up uterus is just messing with you and that baby is doing great.
  • Thanks @krysnicole1022. It has stopped so we are just monitoring at home. No cramping or pain, I just hate this. 
  • @jilliboo it sucks! It's hard for your brain not to "go there". 
  • @jilliboo arrgghh I’m so sorry about this roller coaster. Very happy to hear the bleeding stopped though. 
  • bows22bows22 member
    @jilliboo I’m sorry!! I wish they would have you come in anyway just for your peace of mind, although it sounds like everything is fine. I’m glad the bleeding stopped!
  • Thanks ladies. Unfortunately it’s super normal for my condition. And I’ve been super constipated. I have an appointment next week since they couldn’t see the heart during the 20 week ultrasound. 
  • Well. We are being seen later today for more weird discharge and peace of mind. 
  • Good! Please update us!
  • krthousekrthouse member
    edited June 2022
    Not really sure where to put this, since technically baby is viable this week, but would be extremely preemie and high risk because of that. Had a scare on my way to work this morning when I suddenly started getting consistent low cramping for a good 15 minutes. I was walking fast and had a full bladder, so I decided I would wait until I got to work and could pee before paging my midwife. Luckily the cramps eased up after that so I didn't page her, but it was definitely a wakeup call. I'm going to reach out to her during regular business hours anyway just to let her know so that if it does happen again she has the history. Have also been getting Braxton Hicks all day, but those haven't been painful and she already told me during our last virtual that those are normal now. Feeling a bit on edge.
  • I usually get Braxton Hicks starting around 22 weeks. I'm incredibly nervous about it so I understand how you're feeling.
  • krthousekrthouse member
    edited June 2022
    @krysnicole1022 I mean the Braxton Hicks are definitely like a "oh crap we're going to be having a baby" moment, but this morning was period-like cramps nearly stopping me in my tracks. They didn't feel the same as full labour contractions in that it felt that a smaller part of my body cramping than that, but they were quite different from the feeling of Braxton Hicks. I'm just so glad they stopped!
  • @krthouse - when I was pregnant with DS, I told my doctor almost the exact same thing because I was, well… freaking out. She gave me the sweetest smile and said that when your bladder is full and your walking around, it can definitely feel like intense contractions! It made me feel better knowing that it was normal. 

    I’ll be 23 weeks tomorrow, is the baby viable?! I always count down to when the baby is viable just in case if something were to happen.
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