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  • Hi Everyone!!

    Due date? June 29, 2022

    How’d you find out?   Missed period and took two tests

    Other children/pets?  One dog named Frankie!

    Job? Human Resources

    Things you like to do?  Hiking, Camping, Travelling, Spending time with family

    Spouse/partner? Married my husband September 4 2021, been together for 5 years

    First appointment? November 18 (around 8 weeks)

    Any symptoms? Sore breasts and fatigue 
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  • Sorry I’m so late to this!

    Due date? June 16

    How did you find out? Home test. I had a miscarriage the cycle before and only thought to test because I had a positive ovulation test two weeks prior 

    Other children/pets? 19 month old son <3

    Job? RN turned SAHM

    Things you like to do: hiking when the weather is nice!

    Spouse/partner? Husband and I have been together for 7 years and married for 2.5 years

    First appointment: had an early ultrasound last week and next appointment is November 9th

    Any symptoms? Nausea and tons of fatigue.
    some dizziness. Anxiety lol. 

  • Due date? June 24, 2022

    How’d you find out? Tender breasts and a BFP the day before missed period

    Other children/pets? 5 yo daughter and one puppy

    Job? Work for the State

    Things you like to do? Spend time with my family, outdoors, sleeping! Haha

    Spouse/partner? Married to my husband for 3 years, high school sweetheart been together off and on for about 20

    First appointment? 10-18-21 blood work. Ultrasound Next monday the 8th!

    Any symptoms? Breasts that hurt to even look at, slight nausea, frequent urination.
  • Due date? 06/21/2022

    How’d you find out? Monthly was late, got a very faint positive.... Two days later, was no doubt

    Other children/pets? I have a 20 yo daughter, and we (SO) have a cat

    Job? Direct Support

    Things you like to do? Make new friends, listen to music, laugh at videos on Tik Tok

    Spouse/partner? SO-Amazing💜 He has no children, so this will be his first

    First appointment? 11/06

    Any symptoms: Nausea, food cravings and aversions, gas like no other, emotions seem okay most of the time

    I'm 39, never thought I would be on this journey again. We miscarried in February of this year, praying this one is a happy and healthy pregnancy. 

    Nice to meet y'all!

  • Due date? June 15

    How’d you find out? I could feel implantation (my lower abdomen got really hot and I felt pricking sensations) happening. Two days later (while on a camping trip!) I missed my period and it stayed gone. It was surreal hiking through beautiful forests knowing that exciting things were happening inside.

    Other children/pets? No children, one cat

    Job? Biology Professor

    Things you like to do? Hike, birdwatch, cook, and listen to podcasts

    Spouse/partner? Supportive husband

    First appointment? November 2; first ultrasound scheduled for Nov 9!

    Any symptoms? Intense nausea that starts around 3:00 am and subsides around noon. My boobs are on fire! They hurt constantly. Some fatigue, but I sleep about 11.5 hours every night now, so I'm fairly awake during the day.
  • @knottie Also 39!  Glad there's someone else here who is "geriatric" haha 
  • @knottiee0e1c508c2ba6394 I'm also in HR :) 

    @KFrob @knottie7ff3ef4cfad1d011 going to join you ladies in the geriatric club...about to turn 38 here.
    ***History & TW in Spoiler***

    ***bfp & child warning***
    TTC - since 2014
    7 rounds of Clomid - BFN
    IUI #1 - October 2015 - BFN
    IUI #2 - November 2015 - BFN
    IUI #3 - December 2015 - BFN
    IVF #1 - March 2016
    Retrieval #1 - April 2016
    FET #1 - May 2016 - BFP!!! DS - Born January 2017
    Trying for baby #2...
    FET #2 - January 2018 - BFN  
    No more embryos left; switched to a new RE
    IVF/Retrieval #2 - January 2019
    IVF/Retrieval #3 - March 2019
    FET #3 - April 2019 - BFP!!! - DD: Born December 2019
    Trying for baby #3...
    FET #4 - October 2021 - BFP!!! - Due June 2022

  • Due date? June 25

    How’d you find out? In retrospect, bizarre implantation cramping that felt like my uterus was being squeezed by a rubber band. ALL DAY. I then came down with both a UTI and shingles later that week so I convinced myself the UTI must've been related to the "bladder" pain I had been experiencing earlier in the week. When I didn't get my period after light spotting for a day, I took a test (well 3 actually) and it was positive! 

    Other children/pets? One amazingly sweet 13 yo Yorkie.

    Job? Health Psychologist 

    Things you like to do? Volunteer/advise a chapter of my sorority, cook/bake and perfect low carb ice cream recipes... Do nothing when I have a chance to sit still. 

    Spouse/partner? Married 11 years, together 14. 

    First appointment? Was 11/1. Everything looked good for early 6 weeks, we go back for a higher res US to hopefully see the a heartbeat on 11/9. 

    Any symptoms? Shingles apparently was the first sign my body was freaking out. Now that that's resolved, it's mostly exhaustion that occasionally comes in waves in the afternoon, some car sickness if I'm hungry, some food aversions (my husband is now forbidden from eating peanut butter when I'm home), sore boobs, and I stopped losing hair in the shower! 
  • Due date? June 4th !

    How’d you find out? My husband suspected it first so we went out and bought a bunch of tests

    Other children/pets? 2 cats ! Louis & Dot

    Job? Preschool Teacher / Caretaker

    Things you like to do? Bake, go to the beach & TikTok lol

    Spouse/partner? My husband and I are highschool sweethearts been together for 6 years married for 3

    First appointment? November 4th

    Any symptoms? Just heart burn at night
  • Hello other June 2022 moms.  My names is Elizabeth and here are my introduction answers

    Due Date: June 23rd, 2022

    How’d you find out?   So, I was actually having quite a few symptoms but chalked them up to period and other womanly issues.  I missed my period and my Flo app told me to take a test.  So I took 4.

    Other children/pets?  Two dogs, one 3-year-old Staffordshire terrier mix and one 9-month-old chocolate lab.

    Job? Cardiac Telemetry Nurse at an acute care facility

    Things you like to do?  Hiking, Camping, Traveling, Spending time with family, get my hair done, get a massage.

    Spouse/partner? Married my husband October 24th,2020, been together for 14 years (since sophomore year)

    First appointment? November 12th (8-9 weeks)

    Any symptoms? Sore breasts, nausea, extreme fatigue, mood swings, bloating, food aversions and cravings.
  • Hi everyone! 

    Due date? Looking like June 28th, will get an exact due date at my appointment this week!

    How’d you find out? I tried for four years with my daughter and two with my son, complete with fertility treatments. It's been 6 years and DH and I had ONE wild night... 4 weeks later I was at work and felt overwhelming exhaustion. Came home, took a test, and there it was, two blindingly pink lines.

    Other children/pets? We have 2 children; Hailey Jo (10) and Colton (6) as well as two dogs (Rocky and Abby) and one cat (Stella).

    Job? I am a RN in the hospital cardiac Cath lab. 

    Things you like to do? I love listening to true crime podcasts, cheering my son on at his baseball games, and taking nightly walks with my daughter. 

    Spouse/partner? My husband and I have been married for 15 years.

    First appointment? I had an appointment on November 3rd and my next appointment is this Wednesday the 17th!

    Any symptoms? SO MUCH NAUSEA, which I never experienced with the other two!

    Look forward to getting to know all of you!
  • @shaunah21 I like watching true crime shows. Haven't listened fo any podcasts yet. Have you see that show, " Only Murders in the Building?"
  • @romeoandjuliet146 I haven’t heard of that one! I’ll have to look for it! Best podcasts are Morbid, Crime Junkie, and Up and Vanished!
  • Due date? June 18th

    How’d you find out? We have been trying for ten years so we tested at 12dpo and it was +

    Other children/pets? A great dane and 2 cats

    Job? Nurse

    Things you like to do? Crime podcasts, read, paint, knit, movies, hike, enjoy the outdoors 

    Spouse/partner? Husband of ten years

    First appointment? Went great and had an early ultrasound due to a previous ectopic and baby is where it should be and has a good strong heartbeat 

    Any symptoms? Smell aversion, nausea, gagging, bloated 
  • Due Date? June 15

    How’d you find out? Home test

    Other children/pets? Three boys, 5, 3, and 1

    Job? SATM with little side jobs

    Things you like to do? Hiking, running, right now sleeping sleeping sleeping when i find a moment

    Spouse/partner? Husband. Very happily married.

    First appointment? Nov 12

    Any symptoms? Exhaustion, some nausea, but it's been worse
  • @sunshinelovely82 @KFrob @Tulips29 I just turned 40 so seems like I'm the oldest of the bunch :)  I'm a FTM and I'm really excited.  Sometimes I'm worried I'm too old - like I don't have enough energy for this lol.  But I don't feel old, just trying to walk a lot and do some light arm weights so I can be fit.
  • kstxskstxs member
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    Due date?: June 18th, 2022

    How’d you find out?: I'm very regular. So after 3 days of being "late" I took a test, and the results were positive! 
    Other children/pets?: No children. 3 spoiled dogs, and a bunch of various farm animals.
    Job?: Agriculture Inspector 
    Things you like to do?: Spending time with my Husband, hiking with our pups, cooking, painting, fishing, and riding horses! 
    Spouse/partner?: Married to my husband for 1 year, and have been together for a total of 6 years.
    First appointment?: October 28th, 2021.
    Any symptoms?: Breast tenderness, slight nausea, frequent urination, and food adversities.
  • Hello all!! I am quite behind the eight ball as I have been in the July bump group for the past several weeks with a July 1st due date. Well, I had my dating US this morning and my new due date is June 26th!

    Due date? June 26th! I'm 11+3

    How’d you find out? My husband and I had been trying for a couple months and I took a test on 10DPO and lo and behold, an extremely faint line. I then texted about twenty more times lol

    Other children/pets? 3 year old son and two cats

    Job? I work in clinical research for the local hospital

    Things you like to do? Bake and spend time with my kiddo and DH

    Spouse/partner? DH and I have been married for 4.5 years. He's a project manager with a local manufacturing company.

    First appointment? Today, 12/8! Baby is doing really well! Kicking and bouncing up a storm!

    Any symptoms? All the symptoms. Mostly nausea and headaches lately. Almost through that first trimester though! 

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  • Hello, I’m a bit late here!

    Due date? June 9,2022

    How’d you find out? I kind of sensed something different, and once I missed my period, I tested a few days later. 

    Other children/pets? 15 year old daughter, 1 dog

    Job? Guest Relations 

    Things you like to do? Bake, nature walks, cozying up on the couch with my kid or hubby and watching movies. 

    Spouse/partner? Married for 5 years, been together for 16 years. 

    First appointment? Dec 2, 2021

    Any symptoms? Not as much anymore. Just mainly tired. 
  • Hi everyone, FTM here:

    Due date? June 11th 

    How’d you find out? Home test, it was a bit of a surprise because I was cramping like my period was coming but never did. Had a fair amount of cramping the first couple weeks after that, might have to do with my endo.

    Other children/pets? We have 2 cats, Ben and Jerry, as well as a dog, Bailey.

    Job? I'm a municipal engineer 

    Things you like to do? I love reading, hiking with my dog, baking and gardening.

    Spouse/partner? My husband and I have been married for 4 years, together for 10 years.

    First appointment? I had an appointment on November 29th and my next appointment is this December 29th.

    Any symptoms? Very sick but also hungry all the time...finally past being exhausted all the time though so that is a plus

    Look forward to getting to know all of you!
  • @leigh1050 welcome. Love the cat names. Did you get them at the same time? 
  • Thanks, I can't take credit for the names, the SPCA had already named them but they are brothers and were bonded when we got them! 
  • edited December 2021
    Hello mommies
    So glad to have found this group. Didn’t have an iPhone or any apps 8 years ago when I had my youngest.
    This is an “oops baby” with my children currently 11 & 8. So it’s like starting over for me & I’m 35. 

    Due date? …. June 29

    How’d you find out? …. constant sore boobs & no period & home test

    Other children/pets? …. Just 2 boys 

    Job? …. DoorDash 

    Things you like to do? …. Organize, craft, walk & right now nap 😴

    Spouse/partner? .. Yes husband of 13 years

    First appointment? Yes … just labs so far 

    Any symptoms? … very sore boobs, nausea, some vomiting, fatigue, food aversions, cramping, bloating 
  • Due date? Originally May 30, but after first ultrasound pushed back to June 11

    How’d you find out? Kept getting yeast infections and a UTI, so I took a test 

    Other children/pets? 6.5 DS, almost 5 DD, 15 mths DS and 2 year old dog 

    Job? Education 

    Things you like to do? Sleep and eat 

    Spouse/partner? Married 8 years tomorrow 

    First appointment? Confirmed pregnancy day before thanksgiving. Was almost 12 weeks along 

    Any symptoms? Extreme nausea and vomiting 
  • Due date? June 7

    How’d you find out? Blood test at Dr.

    Other children/pets? 1 pupper and 2 cats

    Job? Librarian

    Things you like to do? Read, play with the fam, watch kdramas

    Spouse/partner? IT guy who gets to WFH, married 6 years (time flies) together 10. Super supportive and been totally amazing as I go bonkers from hormones. 

    First appointment? Many months ago, lol. We have been trying for 4 years and went through fertility treatments. So so so happy it finally worked out for us! We knew 2 weeks post IUI, but didn't have our first ultrasound till 6 weeks. 

    Any symptoms? Massive nausea and vomiting. At least the exhaustion is over, but currently on medicine to help with the excessive sickness.
  • Hello!

    Due date? June 8, 2022

    How’d you find out? Missed period and 3 positive home tests

    Other children/pets? 9 year old boy, and 2 labradoodles

    Job? Was working for a plastic surgeon, now a SAHM

    Things you like to do? Exercise, read, hang out with my family

    Spouse/partner? We have been together for over 3 years :)

    First appointment? It was sometime in October!

    Any symptoms? Fatigue, heartburn, gas, sore boobs. No nausea or vomiting!
  • Due date? Hi everyone! My due date is June 24th

    How’d you find out? I found at at 9 DPO after trying for our second for 2.5 years. I had a round of letrozole after months of ovulation tracking, and it worked. My official Pregnant stick was on my birthday

    Other children/pets? I have a 6 year old daughter. She’s been wanting a sibling for years. 

    Job? I work as an admissions counselor at a university here in the city 

    Things you like to do? I love hanging out with my daughter and husband. They’re my best friends, especially after these last two wild years. To keep fit I so jump rope, it changed my life. I like reading and online shopping. 

    Spouse/partner? DH, together for 10 years

    First appointment? This was back in November and I was so nervous since I *TW* had an ectopic back in 2019. 

    Any symptoms? Now at 14 weeks I’m still feeling quite tired but super excited to finally be going through this journey again. 
  • Hello!

    I am due with #3 on 6/13.

    I found out/figured out when I threw up bridging my teeth one morning.  😬

    I've been queasy and have heartburn all of the time. 
    Married 8/29/09
    MC: 9/14
    Goober #1 born: 8/17/15
    MC: 9/16
    Goober # 2 EDD: 6/27/17
  • Hi I’m “new” to the group myself & me too!!! 
    Mom of soon to be 3 & I gag/ dry heave & occasionally throw up when I brush my teeth. 
    But that started right after I found out. 

    Do you still endure that? Ugh. It’s such a chore now to brush my teeth in the mornings. I dread it. 
  • Due date? June 16th

     How’d you find out? I took a pregnancy test because I was a day late. 

     Other children/pets? 2 human girls, 3 dog boys, 1 lizard, and 2 cats

     Job? Support coordinator for organ donation

    Things you like to do? Cook, crochet, 

     Spouse/partner? Just got engaged 12/6

     First appointment? 12/27

     Any symptoms? Fatigue and neasua

     Great to meet you all!
  • frenchtoast22frenchtoast22 member
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    We have the same due date ☺️@rachelinspain
  • Hello Everyone !
    I just discovered the discussion boards on this app and I've had it since the begining 😅
    I have really enjoyed reading your comments on the thread thus far

    Due date? June 22, 2022

    How’d you find out? I was 12 days post ovulation and I thought I had food poisoning. In the end it certainly wasn't. (I hope this is not my body's way of telling le I'm prégnant for any future pregnancies 😬) I was feeling nausea still 16h after being ill but thought it was too early to test. Used a digital at home test and was supprised to see the results! I was experiencing hormone imbalances and cysts at the begining of 2021 that led to not having périods for a few months. Doctors told us that concieving would be difficult so we were both shocked that we had concieved on our second month of trying !

    Other children/pets? None

    Job? I am a Head Hunter in the engineering and national defense & énergy sector in France.

    Things you like to do? Yoga, hiking, wine tastings (now only in my dreams), travel, diy

    Spouse/partner? My fiancé and I have been together almost 6 years. He is French, I am American.
    We met 6 months into my solo backpacking trip. The intention of this trip was not at all to find love, but when you meet a good one, you can't let them go !

    First appointment? I was so lost with the whole appointement processes and what to do when. I think I've got it now, and finally have a midwife. Our second trimester ultrasound is february 22 when we will find out the sex. The anticipation is too much !
    Will any of you find out the gender or will you wait until the birth ?

    Any symptoms? I had nausea and vomiting during my first trimester. I was put on médication because it was hard to function puking 6+ times per day. I am 16 weeks (from the date of my last period) not on médication anymore but still have vomiting once per day à few days per week. I really hope that will stop soon.
    I had awful fatigue as well during my first trimester. Had to get minimum 10 hours sleep.

    Second trimester, I pee every 30-60 mins lol it's crazy, I have lower back pain, and My sex drive in through the roof.

    When did/have you start(ed) to feel baby move ?
    Have you bought à pregnancy pillow to sleep ?
  • Welcome @frenchtoast22 and congratulations! I’m a FTM (first time mom) as well with a due date just a few days behind you. Take a look at the “Read this first!” post to get a feel of how we try to semi-structure the board and let me know if you have any questions - it can be a little confusing if you haven’t been on a The Bump board before. A number of us are talking about finding out the sex in “The big sex mega thread” and movements in “First movements” so I’ll let you check those out there. Feel free to jump right in! No pregnancy pillow for me - I have an adjustable bed and am hoping that’ll mean I don’t need one. On Mondays we have a weekly check in post (you don’t have to respond to it right on Monday and feel free to respond to the one from the this week if you’d like) and us a spot to ask questions. Welcome aboard!
  • Sorry I'm late to the group!

    Due date: June 21, 2022

    How'd you find out? We had been trying for a while so I peed on a stick!

    Other children/pets? Nope

    Job? Medical resident

    Things you like to do? Read, eat, sleep, spend time with my sisters

    Spouse/partner? Common law partner of 12 years

    First appointment? Nov 2021, everything went well!

    Any symptoms? After living off carbs and cheese for the first trimester I'm finally able to eat vegetables again without feeling nauseous, it's great!

    Hope everyone's doing well!
  • ash00141ash00141 member
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    I’m super late to the club! Lol

    Due date: June 14, 2022

    How'd you find out? I was feeling strange and tested the first day of my missed period!

    Other children/pets? 2 kitties

    Job? Art and drama teacher

    Things you like to do? Draw, read, watch movies!

    Spouse/partner? Been with my hubby for 8 years, married for 4.

    First appointment? Oct 2021

    Any symptoms? After going through HG in the first trimester, I’m only dealing with headaches and exhaustion now.
  • Hello!(:
    due date: June 21
    I’m super excited because my bday is June 9 and my fiancé’s is June 29, we’re hoping for a June 19 baby! 

    How’s I find out? I slept for three days straight and knew something was up plus I was a few days late so I decided as I pulled into my driveway to turn around and go buy a test. 
    Children/pets? I have one kitty and we adopted my youngest sister who is now 16! 

    Job? Currently in Uni for Education, and I’m a waitress though I’m looking for a new job now since it’s too hard on my body

    Things I like to do: honestly just lounging around is my favourite pastime 

    Spouse/Partner: I have a fiancé who is the sweetest human and so excited for this tiny human, he’s a 5th grade teach and may I add he’s an excellent cook (score!) haha

    First appt? Oct 29

    Any symptoms? In my second tri, it’s mostly headaches, bellybutton pain, ligament pain, and super bad back pain especially scatica I think it’s called? I originally had a bad back so now it’s just so bad!

  • Due date?
    June 5th I think. I know it's early June but I've never known anyone in my family to deliver too close to the due date so it's accuracy isn't all that important to me. The doc knows and I suppose that's all that matters. 

    How’d you find out? 
    Late for my period and took the pee on a stick test. 

    Other children/pets? 
    An English Bulldog named Hugo, grumpy old lady cat named Lilly and a new sibling pair of black-ish cats named Luna and Lupin. 

    On the traffic team for a marketing agency. They got me doing lots of tasks and jobs as well as assigning tasks. Kinda feels like spinning plates while putting out fires sometimes. 

    Things you like to do? 
    Knit, spin fiber, read, window shop, movies and TV, exercise and try out new recipes. 

    My poor husband's name is Gery. We bought a house that needs a lot of work about when we found out that I was pregnant. Been nonstop work since then and he is very protective of me and baby, so I couldn't even help move. 

    First appointment? 
    Wasn't till I was almost done with my first trimester. I had just started a new job right before getting pregnant and my benefits didn't kick in till my 90 days. 

    Any symptoms?
    I had all day sickness the second two months of my pregnancy. No actual sticking up, just not feeling good ALL THE TIME. 
  • I've been craving sushi now that I can't have it. 
  • Due date? Hi everyone! My due date is June 8th

    How’d you find out? Missed my period and tested at home. Found out around my birthday.

    Other children/pets? None

    Job? I am a Research Scientist at the University

    Things you like to do? I love to paint, read, watch tons of shows, and talk to my friends.

    Spouse/partner? Husband, together for 5y.

    First appointment? Mid October 2021

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