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  • Due Date? June 6th (according to the doctor’s office when I called)

    How’d you find out? I took a test the day after my missed period

    Other children/pets? This is our 1st!

    Job? Teacher

    Things you like to do? Going to concerts, cooking, and traveling

    Spouse/partner? My husband and I have been married for almost a year, together for almost 5

    First appointment? November 1st

    Any symptoms? Slight cramping but otherwise I haven’t really had any so far
  • @knottie2e970c40210aa722 YES, to the tuna thing. After reading that we're not supposed to have deli meats, I'm just craving a big cold deli sandwich!
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  • Due date: June 8 (based on when I think I ovulated)

    How did you find out: took a test late at night on 8dpo and saw the faintest line. By the next morning, I got a positive digital reading! We were on vacation in Disney World so it was a fun week to get a positive!

    Other children/pets: this is my first baby, but I have a dog and two cats who are treated like our children

    Job: Mechanical Engineer with a design firm

    Things you like to do: hangout with my husband, friends, and family, play with my sweet animals, craft

    Spouse/Partner: Married my husband this past April

    First appointment: scheduled for Monday Oct 11. I should only be 5 weeks 5 days at that point, but I am going early because it will be a high risk pregnancy

    Any symptoms: SO MUCH FATIGUE! I’m still having cramping, I am peeing every 30 minutes., and my boobs are so sore. Also having so much anxiety which I’m hoping is the result of hormones.
  • Due date? June 19

    How’d you find out? I took a test an 9 DPO & it came back positive.

    Other children/pets? I have an almost 5 year old son.

    Job? Insurance

    Things you like to do? I like gardening and shopping.

    Spouse/partner? My partner & I have been together for the past 4-4 1/2 years. We got together when my son was about 6 months old & he has been the perfect dad.

    First appointment? Not scheduled yet as my doctor has no availability so have to go out of town🙃

    Any symptoms? Tender breasts, and cramping.
  • Due date? June 10th according to LMP

    How’d you find out?  Beta HCG bloodwork last Friday (after an IUI on 9/20)

    Other children/pets?  One daughter who will be 5 in January; 2 dogs, 2 cats & 3 chickens

    Job?  Accountant and Dance Teacher

    Things you like to do?  Dance, spend time with family, read, play D&D 

    Spouse/partner?  Married to my husband for 10 years

    First appointment?  I have an ultrasound scheduled for 10/21 with fertility.

    Any symptoms?  My breasts are so sore and I feel like I need a forklift to hold them up! LOL!!  Some nausea here and there, and my sense of smell is very sensitive.

    BFP: 1/31/15; MMC: 3/31/15
    BFP: 4/26/16; Baby Girl Born: 1/3/17
    BFP: 10/1/21; EDD: 6/10/22
  • luxstarsluxstars member
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    Due date? I believe about June 9th. 

     How’d you find out? I took a pregnancy test on a whim to see just in case (I had a negative a couple weeks before) and saw a faint line! Several tests and a few days later, they’re all positive and getting darker. 

     Other children/pets? A one year old Siberian Husky. 

     Job? Server, but got a new job as an assistant video editor the same day as my BFP(!) 

    Things you like to do? Read, watch documentaries, take my dog to the park, go out to eat and more! 

     Spouse/partner? Yes, my husband and I got married in a tiny ceremony on 12/20/20. We have a bigger ceremony/reception just around the corner (11/14/21). 

     First appointment? 11/22, although I may ask to go in sooner. 

     Any symptoms? Excessively sweaty pits, some digestion issues, and most recently, brief waves of nausea. 

     Great to meet you all!
  • @mrsbaker89 I’m a police officer too! I’m already struggling with trying to figure out how to navigate my first pregnancy and still working the road. We should chat some time! 
  • @mfd2022 @mrsbaker89 my husband is too! He has not been pregnant so he probably wouldn’t have much to add 🤣
  • @mrsbaker89 @mfd2022 *lurking from April* Me three! Please tell me what I am supposed to do with my duty belt. I am now at the loosest possible setting and even if I get a bigger size I'm not quite sure where it's supposed to go from here.
  • @mfd2022 @dinomeetsjedi So it just depends on what your department will allow. Some see it as a liability to have pregnant officers on the street. We all have our own comfort levels so I say work it until you that point and then go light duty. The second trimester i’m going light duty with a desk job.
  • Due date? June 9th

    How’d you find out? IVF pregnancy, so bloodwork labs are like clockwork :)

    Other children/pets? 2 cats

    Job? Clinical psychologist

    Things you like to do? Bike, bake, crochet, being outdoors

    Spouse/partner? Together 11 years, married 3

    First appointment? 10/18 first early ultrasound with the fertility clinic

    Any symptoms? Mild nausea
  • stressopalkastressopalka member
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    Nice to meet everyone! ❤️

    Due date? June 8th!

    How’d you find out? 5 positive pregnancy tests. 😂

    Other children/pets? First child! My husband and I have 2 cats.

    Job? I’m an Assistant to a Real Estate agent in Florida. We sell condos at the beach.

    Things you like to do? Plan, hike, spend time with my husband, write.

    Spouse/partner? My husband Jared and I have been married for 10 years in April.

    First appointment? October 28th… Feels like forever away!

    Any symptoms? Insomnia 🥴, heightened sense of smell, some food aversions, anxiety, the hormones are going crazy!
  • Due date? June 22nd

    How’d you find out? 3 positive home pregnancy tests, darkest line was today on my scheduled AF date. 

    Other children/pets? Daughter (3 yrs), dog, and a cat

    Job? Supervisory MSA

    Things you like to do? Reading (I’m big into Reece’s Bookclub and book of the month), being active (hiking, walking, working out), podcasts (true crime and comedy podcasts), I also love, love, love Harry Potter!

    Spouse/partner? DH and I have been married for 8 years, and very excited about baby #2!

    First appointment? Still TBD, waiting to hear back from the OBs office. Sent them a MyChart yesterday to inform of BFP before I forgot!

    Any symptoms? Very tender breasts, they hurt so, so bad and all day nausea. 

    So excited to be here with you all!! <3
    Me: 34 DH: 33
    DD: 07/19/18
    EDD: 06/22/22
  • Hi mommas! 👋 

    Due date?
    June 13th

    How’d you find out? 
    We have been trying to conceive for a few months so I took a test 2 weeks after ovulation. Positive!

    Other children/pets? 
    A 2 year old son.

    Optical assistant

    Things you like to do? 
    Read, crochet, reflexology, spend time outdoors with my family, watch TV.

    Married to my husband for 4 years.

    First appointment? 
    October 27th

    Any symptoms?
    Complete and utter exhaustion, bad cramping, nauseous, sore boobs. The whole gambit, it feels like.
    Me: 31 │ DH: 30
    Married 05/26/17
    STM; DS 9/14/2019
    EDD 6/13/2022
  • @mgmac fellow Canadian here! From Saskatchewan. 😃 

    @kellmo due date twins! Although mine is an estimate based on my ovulation day,  so it may change once I see a DR and have an ultrasound.
    Me: 31 │ DH: 30
    Married 05/26/17
    STM; DS 9/14/2019
    EDD 6/13/2022
  • I’m a teacher too! ❤️ Hope your students take it easy on you this year! 
  • rachkruegerrachkrueger member
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    Due date? June 4th 

    How’d you find out? Several positive at home tests 10DPO

    Other children/pets? 2 dogs! Frenchie & a terrier mix rescue. 

    Job? Preschool teacher

    Things you like to do? Spend time with my husband & dogs. Read. 

    Spouse/partner? Together 13 years. Married 3. 

    First appointment? October 26! I CANNOT wait. I’m so nervous but so ready to hear officially that I’m pregnant!!

    Any symptoms? Fatigue. Some on & off nausea. Light cramping. 
  • @kaceyallan oh fun! Where in Saskatchewan? My mom’s from Wynyard 😊
  • mgmac said:
    @kaceyallan oh fun! Where in Saskatchewan? My mom’s from Wynyard 😊
    Nice! I'm from the Northeast area. Lived in Saskatoon for 10 years and recently moved back home.
    Me: 31 │ DH: 30
    Married 05/26/17
    STM; DS 9/14/2019
    EDD 6/13/2022
  • @newadventures2022 You and I have the same due date and ultrasound appointment date!
  • @romeoandjuliet146 so exciting! I’m estimating mine, but since it was IVF maybe that date will be updated. Can’t wait for ultrasound. It was going to be tomorrow, but the husband couldn’t make it. I almost just left him behind for an earlier peak, but I’m glad we will be doing it together, even if I have to wait a few extra days. Hope yours goes well on the 18th!!
  • @kaceyallan I love Saskatoon! ❤️
  • *lurking from May*

    @knottie and @ermsmcg just an FYI that you can have both tuna and deli meat. Tuna is just a limited quantity (my OB said no more than 1 can a week) and you can heat up the deli meat before eating it. It’s definitely not the same as cold cuts, but it’s better than nothing 😆
    married 10.2016
    ttc #1 11.2017
    dx: unexplained
    letrozole + trigger + ti: bfn x 2
    iui #1 9.25.2019: bfn
    iui #2 10.23.2019; bfp 11.3.2019; edd 7.17.2020
    dd 7.6.2020

  • @mgmac are you living in SK?
    Me: 31 │ DH: 30
    Married 05/26/17
    STM; DS 9/14/2019
    EDD 6/13/2022
  • @kaceyallan no we live in NS. I spent many summers in SK visiting family though 😊
  • Due date? 6/2 have a dating ultrasound next week to confirm

    How’d you find out? I was a day late on my period 

    Other children/pets? A 2.5 yr old boy and a almost 10 month old boy

    Job? Stay at home mom

    Things you like to do? I have 0 hobbies, I’m always looking for one. Currently I enjoy my alone time by taking an hour walk everyday. 

    Spouse/partner? Husband!

    First appointment? I had it today 10/13

    Any symptoms? Sore breast and moody.
  • @mgmac That's awesome. I've never been to NS, or the east coast for that matter. Would love to do a trip one day!
    Me: 31 │ DH: 30
    Married 05/26/17
    STM; DS 9/14/2019
    EDD 6/13/2022
  • Samanthabs875Samanthabs875 member
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    Hi everyone!

    Due date? June 7, 2022

    How’d you find out? Took a pregnancy test the day I was supposed to get my period

    Other children/pets? Just one pup!

    Job? Art Advisor

    Things you like to do? Knit, row, exercise, relax with the husband, walk the pup - and eat! :smile:

    Spouse/partner? Husband - we met and started dating when we were 18, got married when we were 27. Now we are both 34.

    First appointment? November 10th - feels like a lifetime away! Makes me so nervous to wait so long to be seen by a doctor!

    Any symptoms? Slight breast tenderness, some general fatigue, very slight on and off queasiness, but nothing too bad. Also this is super weird and maybe TMI but somehow I feel like my body odor smells worse! lol
  • @conni0205 An hour long walk sounds so relaxing.
  • @Samanthabs875 yes!! Last pregnancy I remember smelling my BO so bad first trimester. It got bette or I just started wearing thicker shirts ahha! Mine was bad because I started using natural deodorant that made it worse. 
  • chelsraecchelsraec member
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    Due date?

    How’d you find out? 
    Late on my period and just not feeling right. 

    Other children/pets? 
    1.5 year old
    2 dogs 
    2 cats 

    Virtual teacher 

    Things you like to do? 
    Walks with baby and the pups, mindlessly scroll phone, read

    6 years 💜

    First appointment? 

    Any symptoms?
    fatigue-not as bad as my first YET. Nausea. Insomnia. 🤪
  • caseys02caseys02 member
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    Hi All!!

    Due date? June 20th :smile:

    How’d you find out?  I had a BFP on Sunday the 10th. I didn't think it'd actually happen so I didn't test until I was late

    Other children/pets? DD Zoey would be 9 on the 17th of October, she passed from cancer when she was 5. I have her dog Juno, a weim/pit mix, who is 3 and my other pup Hitch the Great Dane who is two. 

    Job? I am a research and development test engineer for a manufacturing company. I absolutely love my job, but know I'm going to have issues once I get bigger. 
    Things you like to do?  Read, listen to records and go to concerts. I deep sea fish and hunt deer. I love to hike and be outside. Ski, but can't this season. 

    Spouse/partner? My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years. We were told by a fertility specialist that we'd never have kids without IVF because his sperm is bad, he's not Zoey's father. Well apparently it fixed itself because here I am. 

    First appointment?  Telemed visit on Monday

    Any symptoms? freaking tired, boobs hurting and just pulling/cramping 

    I MISS COFFEE but I am excited to be here. Also fighting a head cold so that makes the start of this journey epically great. 

    Me: 38 BF: 35
    TTC Journey
    TTC since 1/2020
    AMA and poor sperm motility/count/morp
    5% chance of IUI success
    10/26/2021 - MC#1

    Zoey Catherine
    10/17/2012 - 7/4/2018
    She fought DIPG (brain cancer) for 2 years

  • Samanthabs875Samanthabs875 member
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    @cheraec I'm so glad I'm not alone in that! Haha!
  • @caseys02 happy heavenly birthday to your Zoey <3
  • cas060cas060 member
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    Due date? June 23 based on lmp

    How’d you find out? +9dpo

    Other children/pets? 2.5 year old, dog, goldfish and a bird

    Job? Consulting 

    Things you like to do? Play! Garden, be outdoors

    Spouse/partner? We've been together 20 years.

    First appointment? Telemed today, got req for bloodwork anytime, ultrasound at 8weeks.

    Any symptoms? Boobs are a bit sore, heavy. Sweaty but freezing at the same time. Def stronger body sweat 😅

    Look forward to getting to know you all! 🙂
  • Due date? Based on LMP, June 22nd

    How’d you find out? Didn’t have my period start in the first day it was predicted and took a test. Retook a test to make sure I wasn’t imagining that little extra line.

    Other children/pets? I was originally first pregnant earlier this year but lost our first around 7 weeks. They would of been due next month. Keeping quiet about this positive one has been a struggle already! We do have two cats, Picklez and Zukie!

    Job? Manager and Training Manager for a NW self storage company

    Things you like to do? Haven’t had much time this last year and half being so short staffed at work. I enjoy crafts, being outside, playing Animal Crossing, collecting Pokémon cards.

    Spouse/partner? My husband and I have been married for 2.5 years and together for 7! I met him early on when I moved to WA

    First appointment? Blood work on Monday, first real appt on 11/18

    Any symptoms? I. Am. Tired. Fatigued pretty easily and sore breasts.

    Looking forward to having a group to experience and support each other with!
  • caseys02caseys02 member
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    @jamidine Thank you so much 💓 💗 
    Me: 38 BF: 35
    TTC Journey
    TTC since 1/2020
    AMA and poor sperm motility/count/morp
    5% chance of IUI success
    10/26/2021 - MC#1

    Zoey Catherine
    10/17/2012 - 7/4/2018
    She fought DIPG (brain cancer) for 2 years

  • @yooleeah I love the names of your cats!
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