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June 2022 Moms


Hi ladies! Let's use this thread to get to know each other . Feel free to add / remove bullet points. I just took ideas from other boards. 

Due date?

How’d you find out? 

Other children/pets? 


Things you like to do? 


First appointment? 

Any symptoms?

Can't wait to "meet" you all. 3 

Re: Introductions!

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  • @ournextadventure 12 chickens! It’s my dream to have chickens! Has been since I was a little kid!
  • @knottie80c505c15227da5
    welcome, if you could change your username so you are easier to tag and so that we can remember you and get to know you better that would be super helpful! :smile:  
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    Thank you for catching that! I did change my username but saw that it didn’t change it in my comment

    Edit: never mind… I thought it was fixed but I guess it isn’t yet 🤦‍♀️
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    Try logging out and back in, I think that helps

    edited to add: I don’t think it will change past comments but will fix it going forward.
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    @bender29 Thanks for your help, I signed out and signed back in and it looks like it did change now 😄
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    Hi @knottie1441493215 and @knottie37b86b7fa542a275 welcome!
    if you could change your Username to something more unique so you are easier to tag and get to know that would be great for all of us! 
    If you already have changed it, try logging out and back in, that usually helps!
  • mgmacmgmac member
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    @hgsurvivor All 9 😂😂😂 love it
  • @furmama2babymama yay due date twins! 
  • Hi everyone!  

    Estimated due date between June 4 - 10; always been hard to pin point since I have irregular cycles. I had 7 fertile days this cycle according to my OPK!

    I have four older kids!  Two boys, two girls. This will be number 5. 

    I took 2 HPTs yesterday and 1 today. The lines have been incredibly faint but obvious on all three. It still doesn’t seem real. It’s early still but I’ve never seen lines so faint so I’m going to test again on Saturday!  

    I have a wonderful husband who is ready for more chaos around the house. :D

  • Hey ladies!

    I have been in and out of this forum for the past 10 years I believe! I have an 11 year old (DD), 7 year old (DS), and 3 year old (DS).

    I just found out about this pregnancy Friday last week and am still in shock! I’ve never been able to get pregnant “on accident” lol 😂 all of my babies took years of trying, hence them each being 4 years apart in age. I got a Beta done on Monday bc I have had 2 miscarriages between my second and third boys, and I was at 618! Kinda nervous, super excited, definitely exhausted, lol I’ve been with my husband for 15 years this February and he’s excited to add what he says is another girl to our crew (he hasn’t been wrong yet).
  • Also my due date is somewhere between June 3 and 5th, my cycles are all over the place bc I have hypothyroidism. Another reason I didn’t think I could get pregnant, but here I am 5 hpts later!
  • @starkette woohoo! Another June 8 ❤️
  • Hi @kaylaseron!  I’m also expecting my fifth (although mine are much further apart than yours). I love these forums because in real life I don’t know anyone else with five kids!  
  • Hi everyone! Excited to be here! I'm formerly ginny203 on my November 2018 BMB but can't seem to figure out how to log in with that username!

    Due date? June 6

    How’d you find out? We struggle with infertility and got pregnant on our second (recent) round of IUI! I felt my telltale sign - sore boobs - and tested 3 days before my beta test at the RE and to my surprise, it was positive! 

    Other children/pets? Our daughter, Bellamy, will turn 3 in November. She is the very best thing that ever happened to me!

    Job? Finance nerd

    Things you like to do? Read, go to the beach, hang out with friends... does going to the spa count? I really like to do that, although I rarely get to go now adays :D

    Spouse/partner? We've been together for 11 years, married in 2014.

    First appointment? I've had two beta/hcg tests at the RE office and have my first ultrasound on 10/15!

    Any symptoms? Sore boobs, not much of an appetite. A little more tired but that could just be life!
  • Due date? June 3rd

    How’d you find out? HPT 10DPO

    Other children/pets? 4 daughters

    Job? SAHM

    Things you like to do? read, play video games

    Spouse/partner? I have a fiance, me and him have know each other for 13 years, have been together for 4 years, this will be our first and only child together 

    First appointment? Haven't called yet, still trying to find an OB 

    Any symptoms? heightened sense of smell, sore breasts, food eversions, so tired all the time 
  • @idreamofginny fellow November 18 bmb alum here as well! We struggled with secondary infertility for almost 2 years before this little one! I thought I recognized your name!
  • Due date? June 17 based on LMP

    How’d you find out? At home pregnancy test  and 7DPO 

    Other children/pets? DD is 2 years old.

    Job? Police Officer

    Things you like to do? Cook, eat seafood, go shooting, and shopping.

    Spouse/partner? Together for 12 years and married 5 of those years.

    First appointment? Don’t have one yet

    Any symptoms? This is weird, I don’t feel cramping but more like my bones ribbing together or repositioning. I didn’t remember this happening so early with the first pregnancy. Just a little bit of bloating. 
  • Due date? June 13th

    How’d you find out? HPT 15DPO

    Other children/pets? 2 puppers

    Job? Sales

    Things you like to do? Volleyball, Pickleball, cooking, movie nights

    Spouse/partner? Married 1 1/2 years :smile:

    First appointment? Nov 4th

    Any symptoms? Fatigue, emotional and a little bit nauseous
  • Due date? June 14

    How’d you find out?home test 

    Other children/pets? 22 month old son & 2 dogs

    Job? Teacher

    Things you like to do? Travel, bake, spend time with family

    Spouse/partner? My husband and I have been married almost 7 years

    First appointment? Don’t know yet

    Any symptoms? Exhausted and sore chest
    Me: 30 DH: 35
    Married 12/2014
    TTC#1: 4/2017

  • Due date? June 1st (guessing based on first day of last period)

    How’d you find out? Husband said I think you’re pregnant and I tested the next day and got 3 positives. Even though I thought for sure it would be too early to get one. 

    Other children/pets? Two girls 10 & 3 and a cat 

    Job? SAHM 

    Things you like to do? Reading, hiking 

    Spouse/partner? Been together 11 year and married 9

    First appointment? Oct. 29th. Seems so far 😩

    Any symptoms? Nauseous all day long. Didn’t have this with my other two and it’s the worst.

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